• Published on: 14 February 2018
  • Ellie is an 88 year old superwoman. She started skiing when she was 33 years old and at the age of 82 had to give it up because of too many injuries. Ever since, her dream has been to get back on the slopes one last time. Luckily, our friends at Wish of a Lifetime heard Ellie's story and decided they'd help her achieve that goal. We were so lucky to have taken part in this adventure and want to thank our friends at Wish of a Lifetime a million times for inviting us along on this journey.

    Please please please go check out the incredible work they do to help elders live out their last wishes and get out of isolation:

    If you wanna become involved with Wish of a Lifetime right now, here's what you can do LITERALLY tomorrow:

    Tomorrow, February 14th, Wish of a lifetime's 5th annual CupidCrew movement will impact 20 thousand lives worldwide. CupidCrew is a movement that delivers thousands of roses to our elders around the world on Valentine’s Day.

    Join us in the fight against senior isolation tomorrow by delivering a rose to an elder in your community or by donating 14 dollars to the movement - (if you want us to find out you did it just use the hashtag #CupidCrew and we'll make sure to check it out).

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  • Runtime : 10:16
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  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory   2 years ago

    If you have a grandparent that has a wish they'd wanna fulfill, let us know in the comments below! We may just do something like this again :)

  • Joey recoil
    Joey recoil   1 days ago

    I don’t know what my grandmas wish would be, she passed a few years back this made me think of her.Thanks to all the amazing grandparents out there.

  • Aravind Maram
    Aravind Maram   1 weeks ago

    This is super guys, You had done a great job. I'm literally crying at the end that too in my office people around.....Superb superb superb...

  • Peter Bedard
    Peter Bedard   1 weeks ago

    That was awesome you guys made her so happy I love the channel keep making dreams come true I just wish you guys could come closer to me I dont have the means to travel it would be great to meet you guys or even better spend a day with your crew would make my year

  • Freja Milne
    Freja Milne   1 weeks ago

    Hi my name is freja, all my nan ever wanted was to go to South America and that’s the only place she ever wanted to go. She was a primary school teacher in Adelaide SA (in Australia) and in the middle of 2017 she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and although the tried to fight her hardest and show us her grandchildren that all was ok now she can even remember us let alone her own daughters. Her whole meaning of life was to make other feel better to improve others live more then her own she would devote all her time to help other she barely had any time for herself. She is my hero

  • I am Valentine
    I am Valentine   2 weeks ago

    10:15 seconds of crying and smiling I Love Yes Theory =]

  • NcBoiDre
    NcBoiDre   2 weeks ago

    My grandma is sick she is around 70 years old and she is sick from doctors giving her wrong medicines and she’s always wanted to take me on a car trip to someone where and watch a movie

  • Sayak Mondal
    Sayak Mondal   2 weeks ago

    Matt, I feel you bro. I have tears in my eyes too. Ellie is such an inspirational human being!

  • Daisy Campos
    Daisy Campos   3 weeks ago

    Does anyone know what the last piano song is? Really loved it!

  • Maria Ragay
    Maria Ragay   3 weeks ago

    Binge watched every Yes Theory videos and this is by far my most favorite! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Julianne Conforti
    Julianne Conforti   3 weeks ago

    My grandpa, who is turning 87 in a few days, used to be in the Navy, and had traveled to a few international bases, but there is still one place he wants to go. I asked him if he could choose anywhere in the world to go where would it be? And he replied with Tahiti. I told him we would go one day, but he shook his head. Ever since he lost his leg to an infection, he hasn’t had much motivation to go anywhere. This would fulfill one of his last wishes :)) thank you guys for the opportunity to write this and thank you guys for always giving back to people!

  • Lucid Achievement
    Lucid Achievement   3 weeks ago

    make grandma's wish a segment on your channel!!! I would LOVE that!

  • Thomas Boyle
    Thomas Boyle   3 weeks ago

    I actually live at Keystone and have been skiing my whole life. This would be me! The Keystone adaptive program is fantastic! True tears here!

  • Audrey Doan
    Audrey Doan   3 weeks ago

    Yes Theory is Awesome. This video is so touching. You will never be forgotten Ellie. Keep doing what you're doing!!!

  • Luke
    Luke   4 weeks ago

    why doesn't this one have over a million views yet? It's a beautiful thing they did for her!

  • Raquel D.
    Raquel D.   4 weeks ago

    Yes Theory, You are beautiful souls, shining bright in this world!! Keep going! :) :) My grandmother is almost 102! And this touched my heart so much.

  • Chia Lara
    Chia Lara   1 months ago

    Beautiful, great job guys xx

  • WYFX
    WYFX   1 months ago

    great content

  • Rizzy Andong
    Rizzy Andong   1 months ago

    "What you make of life is truly up to you. To either decide to make it one big adventure till the very last second or you lose it bit by bit, to mundane routine." ❤️

  • Pixy Perfect
    Pixy Perfect   1 months ago

    I am 66 and within a year I will be takng to the road with my cat in a cargo van. YES!

  • Melinda Luscomb
    Melinda Luscomb   1 months ago

    This was one of the best things I've ever seen! I LOVE YOUR MESSAGE!!! Your channel inspires me and I am looking to fulfill my own bucket list!

  • Alfredo Vigo
    Alfredo Vigo   1 months ago

    All the videos I have watched from Yes Theory I have cried every time. It's like the Oprah show on Youtube! #greatfuckingcontent

  • brian forsyth
    brian forsyth   1 months ago

    I've watched loads of Yes Theory videos but this was by far the best. Giving Ellie that time back on the piste was amazing. The joy in her face..... excellent!

  • s cooper
    s cooper   1 months ago

    That old lady really reminds me of the truffle shuffle boy from goonies.

  • megan
    megan   1 months ago

    this is one of the best videos i've seen on your channel. so wonderful to watch her and hear her story and and I felt like I was there with her.

  • megan
    megan   1 months ago

    "life at 100% till the very end" <3

  • Millicent Milidzanii Dee

    no im not are!!! (continues to sob silently while watching Ellie live her dream)