Seafoam vs Marvel Mystery Oil! The Ultimate Showdown!

  • Published on: 09 May 2017
  • I test the legendary Marvel Mystery Oil and compare it to Seafoam results from previous videos. You get to decide which product is superior!
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  • Runtime : 10:
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  • Ron Hunter
    Ron Hunter   1 days ago

    Next, try dexron atf. I think you'll find it works as well. Also you might try just a very little dot 3 brake fluid. These were old school methods to decarbon the top of an engine.

  • Joe Solorzano
    Joe Solorzano   1 days ago

    The MMO appeared to clean better! Wouldn't a loss of compression be a good thing in this case? Getting rid of the carbon buildup should increase the cylinder volume, meaning less compression.

  • Champ39
    Champ39   1 days ago

    Hope you used a new head gasket after tearing down the engine as a gasket will never seal again after it has been removed

  • BabyBoomerofThe50s
    BabyBoomerofThe50s   1 days ago

    I've Been A Mechanic For Over 45 Years And I've USED And KEPT Usually 2 To 3 Cases Each Of Marvel Mystery Oil And Rislone In My Shop All The Time! But I Was Recommending And Using Rislone More Than Marvel Mystery Oil And Getting Great Results And A Lot Of People Thanking Me For Recommending Rislone To Them For Use In The Gas And Oil And As A Fuel Stabilizer For Anything That Uses Gasoline That is Not Used For A Period Of Time And It Has Even Fixed Running Problems With Any Machine Like Cars, Motorcycles, Lawnmowers, Snowblowers/ Throwers, Weed Wackers And Ditch Witch Trenchers Which I Recommended To My Own Brother Because His Trencher Would Usually Not Be Used All Winter And He Bought It Brand New But After A Few Years He Was Having Problems With It Running And He Never Thought About Anything That Uses Gasoline & Oil Needs To Be Maintained Regularly! But After He Put Rislone In The Gas & Oil It Ran Like Brand New And A Little Extra In The Fall When He Thought He Wasn't Going To Use It Anymore! After I Started Using Rislone In My Motorcycle It Made A Huge Difference In The Way That It Ran! And After I Started Putting Several Ounces Of It In My Gas Tank In The Fall Every Year, Come Spring My Motorcycle Would Start Right Up Like I Just Shut It Off And It Would Run Like A Charm Which It Didn't Do Before I Started Using Rislone! It Cleans And Coats The Whole Fuel System, Crank Case, Cylinders, Valves And Everything That It Comes In Contact With And Also Cuts Down On Friction And Wear! I'm Sorry If I Sound Like A Rislone Rep Or Salesman But I'm Not, I'm Just A Longtime Mechanic And Handyman Who Has Tried A Lot Of Different Products And I Know When Something is Showing A Lot Of Good Results Even Results For Things That The Manufacturer Doesn't Have On The Bottle Like Fuel Stabilizer Which When I Talked To A Rep From Rislone At A Big I Show Years Ago They Didn't Even Know That It Would Do That! I Didn't Get Quite The Same Results From Marvel Mystery Oil But I Still Used It To From Time To Time For Certain Things And I Would Buy Cases Of Quarts Of Rislone & Marvel Mystery Oil! I Can't Help It When I Find Something That I Love And Works Great For Me!.... You Do A Great Job In Your Videos!... YOU AMAZE ME TOO!.... On How Meticulous You Are With Your Testing Procedures And The Steps That You Take To Be As Accurate As Possible! "THANKS" 🌝👌🌞

  • Ajax
    Ajax   1 days ago

    Can you test CRC motor treatment. Its supposed to be really good at removing carbon.

  • rrrrrrtt1
    rrrrrrtt1   4 days ago

    I submerged my whole Toro lawnmower in a MMO treated tank. After draining all of the liquid out of the tank, I pulled out the lawnmower and it had transformed into a Honda lawnmower! Great product!!!

  • Victory First
    Victory First   4 days ago

    I can tell you that marvel mystery oil is best bang for the buck. When it comes to sea foam, I prefer using berryman instead. Works just as good and is half the cost. My personal experience using the two solvents.Thanks for showing us all an unbiased report for us all to see. VF

  • Dave Topp
    Dave Topp   4 days ago

    Seafoam is good when added to gas and oil. I also keep a can of it around if i need to clean up parts. It's a great solvent. I don't have any experience in MMO, but after seeing this video and comments, I'm curious on how well it'll work for me. Thanks for all the experiments you've done on so many things. You rock!

  • John G
    John G   5 days ago

    I've used both, but on really bad vehicles, with over 200,000 miles, Seafoam has worked the best. It has taken what seems to need an engine rebuild, to running great and getting good gas mileage. I lean towards Seafoam. What I would like to see, their is Supra Tech version and also another brand that's cheaper at Walmart, more name brand but I can't remember that is supposed to be the same. It would be nice to see the variants of Seafoam if they work just as good as the original

  • Dave Harris
    Dave Harris   5 days ago

    Use mmo on old gunked up car engines...but I learned to use it sparingly if en engine is very gunked up. I clogged my brother's oil pump pickup with the chunks of carbon that were freed inside the engine.Now I'll run it for an hour or two BEFORE an oil change... after a while, the engine gets clean. .My Chevelle had a disgustingly dirty intake manifold (inside the runners and plenum). I used mmo in the gas tank (stonger than the recommended dosage) and after that the inside of the intake was like new.

  • Scott Powell
    Scott Powell   5 days ago

    IV bag for a lawn mower. Hey, at least he tried! I think a guy should use Marvel Mystery oil (MM) to start, and then yes the Seafoam. But the Seafoam may not work, because MM may have cleaned the cylinder beyond the point where Seafoam could help.

  • Rodney Harouff
    Rodney Harouff   6 days ago

    i love the videos you do. simple,no garbage included. & very common-sense tests. very informative.

  • Monacomaverick
    Monacomaverick   1 weeks ago

    MMO looks like it cleans better, but the Seafoam actually increased compression whereas the MMO did not.

  • John Mahoney
    John Mahoney   1 weeks ago

    Not impressed, you cant beat stripping the engine down and cleaning it properly. My alloy heads and piston tops shine like chrome after I've done a de coke

  • Burt Vincent
    Burt Vincent   1 weeks ago

    MMO was a staple in aircraft back in the day. I used it and believed in it.

  • Don Vanpraag
    Don Vanpraag   1 weeks ago

    Been using MMO for about 45yrs,,,I'll stick with it for now.

  • R Dean Benson
    R Dean Benson   1 weeks ago

    looks like a draw...but the FAA recommends using Upper Cylinder Lube (AKA, MARVELS) FOR AIRCRAFT STORAGE. ..that pretty much says it all for me.

  • Theo D
    Theo D   1 weeks ago

    But why does marvel mystery oil smell like wintergreen?

  • Louie Olalia
    Louie Olalia   1 weeks ago

    I think marvin mystery oil works best. How about on motorcycle with higher CC?

  • Lash LaRue
    Lash LaRue   1 weeks ago

    I'd say these products are similar, but not identical. Actually, doing some research, I'm stunned! Check it out: - Seafoam is 50% Pale Oil, 30% Naphtha, and 30% Isopropyl Alcohol. Note the ALCOHOL in it. - MMO is 75% Naphthenic Hydrocarbons and 25% Mineral Spirits, with about 1% Chlorinated Hydrocarbons (specifically: 1,2-Dichlorobenzene!).In plainer English: Seafoam is 50% Naphtha/Rubbing Alcohol solvent mixed with 50% pale oil base stock; it's mostly a solvent. MMO is 25% mineral spirits (i.e. stoddard solvent), 1% o-Dichlorobenzene (aggressive stuff!), and 75% pale oil base stock; it too is mostly a solvent.Conclusions: neither of these products do much at providing lubricity, although the naphthenic hydrocarbons that comprise the base stocks in both are slightly better than gasoline in this regard (being marginally heavier hydrocarbons). Seafoam actually has alcohol, so there may be implications for alcoholate corrosion of aluminum as well as some plastic and rubber parts. Both are just solvent blends. Further discussion: Seafoam's mechanism of action is naphtha and rubbing alcohol, while MMO's mechanism of action is mineral spirits spiked with even stronger stuff; naphtha is more aggressive than mineral spirits, but o-Dichlorobenzene is REALLY aggressive (and toxic). It would be interesting to do a test to see if Seafoam would corrode aluminum, since it does contain isopropanol.As for me, I think I'm done with both of these products, now that I know what's actually in them. From now on, if I want to clean my engine out, I'll just dilute mineral spirits and/or VM&P naphtha with diesel (adding better lubricity than either of these products) and add those to the gas/oil/intake myself. There's a good idea for a video!I do like that MMO has a stronger solvent component and no alcohol, but I am never going to let it permanently sit in my oil again (as advertised!). It clearly reduces the lubricating properties. Modern oil is really good; there is no need to thin it out with solvent unless it's right before an oil change and we're trying to dissolve the dirt to to let it get trapped in the detergents.Finally, I think MMO has to win this test — on a cost basis if nothing else. However, B12 Chemtool beats them all in terms of being a can of strong solvents — but I'd use that stuff carefully indeed.

  • speedy mountain
    speedy mountain   1 weeks ago

    One reason why MMO really works is that diesel for diesel engines is like a very very thin oil which gives top cylinder lubrication. This is one of the reasons why Diesel engine last so long. Now MMO is an oil and so when you add it to your fuel it mixes and gives you gas some lubricating properties just like diesel. That’s why if you use it in an engine that’s still in good running order it makes it last longer because of the top cylinder lubrication. It also lubricates your fuel pump and it has some detergents in it that clean out deposits in your fuel system and combustion chamber.

  • Pastor Paul D
    Pastor Paul D   1 weeks ago

    Marvel mystery oil won hands down all the way I hope that was helpful I’m sure you knew that already another great video you really are a master at your craft thank you so much God bless you and your family

  • Tom Kelly
    Tom Kelly   1 weeks ago

    Run them in the fuel.....1 full tank

  • Go ahead make our day Scooter & Peanut

    Guys used this a long time as a after run oil in radio control engines that live on nitromethane and alcohol for fuel but is very corrosive on bearings , it protects them from rust until you fly next.

  • BF109G
    BF109G   1 weeks ago

    I’m a mechanic and believe me when I say this channel is a major resource for me to learn more and enjoy. Thank you sir and happy Ramadan.

  • joemendoza10201
    joemendoza10201   2 weeks ago

    This guy is your modern day Kool Bill Nye the Science Guy lol😂👍☝️

  • David Washington
    David Washington   2 weeks ago

    Lower compression numbers could be from more deposits falling off the seals but not completely, leaving more gaps. Carbon actually fills gaps in seals as it gets stuck and adhere. It's usually after thermal shock a piece will fall off and you experience a sharp drop in compression. Water in the intake will almost completely strip carbon deposits, but it has to be done properly.

  • Jon Galt
    Jon Galt   2 weeks ago

    That mower is a damn trooper.i know he’s got a few but I seen that dark green one in about 20 different videos. Can’t kill that thing.

  • L anthony
    L anthony   2 weeks ago

    Thank you for doing all these. You are a benefit to MANY people. We all appreciate your charity

  • Mike Lyons
    Mike Lyons   2 weeks ago

    Please try a produce. poly dyn tx7 I have used this stuff for years and honestly I think this is a god send please please please try it ......

  • scott22v
    scott22v   2 weeks ago

    After watching several of your videos, I would have to say the wire wheel was best at cleaning.