What Happens If We Bring the Sun to Earth?

  • Published on: 07 September 2017
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    What happens if we bring the sun to earth? No, seriously.

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    What Happens If We Bring the Sun to Earth?
  • Runtime : 7:1
  • Sun earth space universe


  • Malcolm Borton
    Malcolm Borton   1 hours ago

    What happens when you take a piece of the Moon to earth

  • Steven Souza
    Steven Souza   1 days ago

    lets just HOPE somebody doesn't try to bring the sun to earth!!!!!!

  • Saitameow
    Saitameow   2 days ago


  • PGT Beauregard
    PGT Beauregard   3 days ago

    Was that bring the Sun to earth, or bring 'A' sun(i.e. star) to earth? Making us closer to the Sun won't help global warming too much, and bringing some proto-star here is unnecessary besides being beyond our most absurd flights of fantasy...

  • Christian Busby
    Christian Busby   4 days ago

    If we put the sun next to earth will collide into the sun.

  • ferocyter
    ferocyter   4 days ago

    What was the point of this episode? I mean, sure we learnt about the different layers of the sun but all the stuff of how bringing it to earth?Seems as silly of a question as what would happen if we try to connect Pluto and Mars?

  • barcode
    barcode   4 days ago

    What if you ate expired clams

  • AntiSune
    AntiSune   4 days ago

    6:17 "The best way to learn anything is by doing it yourself",I want to learn more about bringing the sun to earth sooooImmediately Destroys Humanity* with core of the sun

  • InfinityKid2048
    InfinityKid2048   4 days ago

    You saidNot solid liquid or gas.You should have said nor

  • Get good animations
    Get good animations   4 days ago

    5:07 London bridge is falling down falling down London bridge is falling down my dear lady

  • Matnsmith Smith
    Matnsmith Smith   5 days ago

    Someone:the sun is hot and you can't eat itMe:are you sureLiterally everyone:100% sure nothing can eat the sunMe: observe

  • Miłosz Janus
    Miłosz Janus   5 days ago

    Well Sun is super Giant mega Hot slime with giant rock inside.

  • Brandoballer47
    Brandoballer47   6 days ago

    What if we found and retrieved space dinosaurs? Saurous's that literally live in the empty void of space... what if?What if we sent the great pyramids to the moon? What if?What if whales have feet and wear sombreros? What if?What if we ate rocks for dinner all while balancing upside down on our heads on concrete, while sleeping and listening to the flowers out front who are complaining about their fellow cactus neighbors?? What if?

  • Kevine Araujo
    Kevine Araujo   6 days ago

    in fact if we bring a piece of the sun's core into the earth's atmosphere it would start to catch fire and we would all die without air

  • sheepwolf2004
    sheepwolf2004   1 weeks ago

    in the ninja turtles cartoon episode "turtles to the second power"(originally aired on october 12, 1996), dregg wanted to do something very similar to what's in this video. he wanted to bring sunspots to earth in order to destroy many cities


    Nope , instead.Because it's neutron star sample its density and gravity would be so high that it will crash hole earth around it just like magnetic clay around magnet .

  • hellzone
    hellzone   1 weeks ago

    Short answer: You’d die.Long answer: it depends