Lies on the London Underground

  • Published on: 15 May 2013
  • Tom Scott ( @tomscott) and Matt Parker ( @standupmaths) investigate some of the London Underground's greatest lies.
  • Runtime : 2:28
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  • Skull Wizard
    Skull Wizard   1 days ago

    I like how Tom's voice is left-panned and Matt's is right-panned. Nice touch!

  • StYxXx
    StYxXx   1 days ago

    Since I'm only 7 years too late: It's not like this just in London. And the same can be seen on the streets. Vehicles are often sent on a detour for several reasons. If you're familiar you can take a faster route. Or at least you could. Since google is also showing this route it might be congested nowadays.

  • Oridux
    Oridux   2 days ago

    Waiting until the day Matt gets tried for causing a crush at King's Cross.

  • John Wilkes Booth
    John Wilkes Booth   3 days ago

    “I even had enough time at Paddington Station, to get a cup of tea!”British: 100

  • Gena Trius
    Gena Trius   4 days ago

    What if I don't want to mind the gap? What then, huh?

  • Asher Rives
    Asher Rives   2 weeks ago

    Why am I watching this when I’m 5000 miles away and this is completely irrelevant to me?

  • 1988dgs
    1988dgs   2 weeks ago

    Being fair Tom, you did get to where you were going, none of the signs said “quickest way” or “short cut”

  • Gabriel Kenny
    Gabriel Kenny   2 weeks ago

    Earls Court? Thats Near Kensington ( Olympia ) The Least Used Underground station.

  • bouncypear
    bouncypear   3 weeks ago

    The Chicago L is so much more well organized, and it's a fair bit more charming too :) that said, I'd love to ride the Underground someday.

  • Naros
    Naros   4 weeks ago

    Better solution: actually investing in infrastructure and improving the capacity of the 'shortest route'.

  • Hawkins
    Hawkins   1 months ago

    Wait your not Geoff Marshall

  • mattykeel
    mattykeel   1 months ago

    Geoff Marshall wants to know your location

  • Ayesha Rahman
    Ayesha Rahman   1 months ago

    Omg I can’t believe I was LIED TO. not happy can anyone tell me is this legal??

  • Jim Foyle
    Jim Foyle   1 months ago

    Bit silly - but it’s true that some signs, Kings Cross in particular, don’t show the quickest way in order to crowd manage. I remember as a child being horrified when my Dad insisted we go down a tunnel saying ‘No Entry’!

  • ShakerGER
    ShakerGER   1 months ago

    We have something like this in berlin aswell. Some stops are REALLY close together even if you don't figure that from travel time (they drive slower intentionally) or from the given map.These are redundant stations: Meant for if the other stages needs repairs or someone jumps unto the tracks again. If you live here you know what to do, which exists to take and so on. The many tourists don't. :)

  • ellen188
    ellen188   1 months ago

    The ‘I’m sorry’ at the start

  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire   1 months ago

    I'd love to know why some stations incorrectly say they're disabled access. Trying to cripple my way down a flight of helical stairs wasn't fun for me or for the line of people stuck behind me.

  • Arıtürk 2222
    Arıtürk 2222   2 months ago

    I was wondering if anyone else's has realise about that?.I deed.

  • TheGreyGap
    TheGreyGap   2 months ago

    Hopefully they don't patch this

  • serge s
    serge s   2 months ago

    Ohhhh! Really? Idiots made a video for idiots

  • fenris91
    fenris91   2 months ago

    It’s a wonder that Paddington Bear made it out of there in one piece!

  • Eric R
    Eric R   2 months ago

    🙄 Not lies... Crowd management.If they didn't do it you'd say why don't they do something?

  • 9 9
    9 9   2 months ago

    what's the point of running to the train if they go every 2 minutes?

  • Alexander Weaver
    Alexander Weaver   2 months ago

    Why do people have a problem with YouTube recommending video that are old? Bloody millennials think that anything that happened over a year ago is invalid. It's still interesting!

  • c a r m e n
    c a r m e n   2 months ago

    why is this on my suggested in 2020

  • valeforedark
    valeforedark   2 months ago

    All I've retained from this vid. Is the underground lie about minding the gap. Gotcha :p

  • Ingemar Johnsson
    Ingemar Johnsson   2 months ago

    There is a word on one of the signs, travolator, what´s that?

  • Sarah Basto
    Sarah Basto   2 months ago

    Could have been filmed way better then

  • Sarah Basto
    Sarah Basto   2 months ago

    That is so true! You lose so long with connections and escalators where you could have simply walked!

  • Gary Morgan LFC
    Gary Morgan LFC   2 months ago

    This is why I dislike the London underground and I haven’t used it for over 18 years

  • Allan Macdonald
    Allan Macdonald   2 months ago

    Everyone that lives in London knows the quickest way around. The underground is designed like that to keep tourists from interfering with everyday life for Londoners. The more time they spend on the tube, the less time they can get in the way.

  • MFZB 1972
    MFZB 1972   3 months ago

    Stratford is a good place to top 🔝 and I have Been trying to get through yjbbvvhhghgu

  • Sam Sitar
    Sam Sitar   3 months ago

    how do you walk through the bowels of Paddington station without getting lost?

  • K Veeder
    K Veeder   3 months ago

    2:05 That looks a lot like Simon Baker who plays Patrick Jane in The Mentalist on the left.