Lies on the London Underground

  • Published on: 15 May 2013
  • Tom Scott ( @tomscott) and Matt Parker ( @standupmaths) investigate some of the London Underground's greatest lies.
  • Runtime : 2:28
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  • Potetoes Man
    Potetoes Man   6 hours ago

    Big tip. Nobody likes to be tricked into a video by using their native language. Please disable this option in your videos.

  • _carmen_
    _carmen_   2 days ago

    am I the only one who got this recommended? 😂

  • Feo Lender
    Feo Lender   3 days ago

    Walking the streets of London is not pleasant. It is a crime infested cauldron of tension and hate typifying the failed policy of multiculturalism hailed by our politicians as being unquestionably good. It is an awful hell hole of a place. You're lucky to have not been stabbed or had acid thrown in your face. Leave there as soon as possible.

  • Mashrur Khondokar
    Mashrur Khondokar   4 days ago

    Also the fact that they say monument has central Line access when it doesnt

  • Michael
    Michael   4 days ago

    Bank station is a myth

  • Lee Lorenz
    Lee Lorenz   6 days ago

    Interesting. But not 2M views interesting.

  • Anas S
    Anas S   1 weeks ago

    6 years later... youtube recommendation

  • Cemal Paşa
    Cemal Paşa   1 weeks ago

    londrada yaşıyon pezevenk fazla konuşma

  • Kelvin Casing
    Kelvin Casing   1 weeks ago

    And if you go to embankment on the D&C, you don't need to change to get to Charing Cross, it's a 2 min walk. Plus both stations are very close to covent garden.

  • Rae
    Rae   1 weeks ago

    Wow youtube recommendations 6yrs later

  • jonas eggen
    jonas eggen   1 weeks ago

    Now make on on lies in the parliament

  • Trig
    Trig   1 weeks ago

    Truly brilliant - it used to be so easy 10 years ago before they put all of the underground tunnels in - they slow you down massively in rush hour. Thanks for the tips

  • Nigel K Thomas
    Nigel K Thomas   1 weeks ago

    I’ve noticed the Victoria Line lie at Kings Cross! You go down the steps and it says go to the right when it’s really left. I reported it earlier this year, but it’s still not been changed.

  • XgamerdaveX
    XgamerdaveX   1 weeks ago

    YOUTUBE!!! I already watched this video. Mmkay, I’ll watch it again.

  • Lord Deer
    Lord Deer   1 weeks ago

    Didn’t know you were mates with Emmanuelle Macron

  • Varelity
    Varelity   2 weeks ago

    Kings cross....nervous Australian crying

  • Tristan Wibberley
    Tristan Wibberley   2 weeks ago

    Why don't you just kill the few at the entrance if their needs are outweighed?

  • William Evans
    William Evans   2 weeks ago

    Sometimes I also wonder whether, when using the Tube, I'm actually walking most of the way to my destination. My particular hate is the curving pedestrian tunnel, ending in a sharp turn that immediately leads to yet another seemingly endless tunnel to walk.

  • moppet1
    moppet1   2 weeks ago

    I accidentally took the short cut yesterday at Kings Cross. So confused, I thought I'd got off at the wrong station. But so surprised I popped in the ticket hall in half the time it usually takes

  • KAY B 14
    KAY B 14   2 weeks ago

    1:30 there's only metro! Nothing else!

  • Sebastián Parodi
    Sebastián Parodi   2 weeks ago

    Ahora se explica por qué me tomó tanto tiempo encontrar la salida de Elephant and Castle en mi primer viaje a Londres. Di vueltas por andenes, escaleras mecánicas y terminé en un ascensor gigante.

  • Michael Inocente
    Michael Inocente   2 weeks ago

    Hmm... how is a walk thought downtown London while it's pouring rain a 'pleasant walk'?

  • Hand Solo
    Hand Solo   2 weeks ago

    Why does it lie about how long the next train will be?

  • notthere83
    notthere83   2 weeks ago

    Ah, I thought this was about how minutes on underground displays are different from real minutes. ;)

  • Mandy Milton
    Mandy Milton   2 weeks ago

    There is a secret....What station can you can go northbound one stop, change then go another stop northbound and end up where you started?

  • SSB
    SSB   2 weeks ago

    I feel cheated. Seriously.

  • Britney Herrera
    Britney Herrera   3 weeks ago

    To go to Victoria line from the victoria on the district like go through the no entry way and You’ll save at least 10 secs

  • peter T
    peter T   3 weeks ago

    There are walking directions at the exit of Lancaster Gate . Try convincing someone it’s quicker ? You want me to walk , no I want to save you time . They never believe you . Trust me I know .

  • David Millar-Haskell
    David Millar-Haskell   4 weeks ago

    Takes me back. I used to commute to the City coming in to Paddington. I would walk to Lancaster gate to get the Central Line to the Bank.

  • Charlotte Oliver
    Charlotte Oliver   1 months ago

    From bank station going from the central line to the district/circle like platform at monument and visa versa via the northern line platform is so much quicker than going via the dlr route although the signs take you the long way :\

  • MoVaEm7
    MoVaEm7   1 months ago

    Who does even read the signs? Don't you guys go for the nearest exit?