Me shopping for ANYTHING online.

  • Published on: 08 October 2019
  • When you finally find a good discount while shopping online

    King Kaiyo - melodic
    Oddwin - 19
  • Runtime : 2:39
  • calebcity comedy discount online shopping


  • Josh Stiles
    Josh Stiles   2 days ago

    No lie people like that make me what to hunt them down and gut them bro

  • Shadow_Master
    Shadow_Master   3 days ago

    0:56, and not even a full water bottle at that

  • Mazen Fisher
    Mazen Fisher   3 days ago

    Caleb: Getting new phoneAlso Caleb: Has a 1000 USD phone

  • Ali Hussain
    Ali Hussain   5 days ago

    You're not a tech channel but you should do a desk setup tour, always looks good in the background man.

  • Antwon
    Antwon   1 weeks ago

    Bro this actually happened to me. I bought the Samsung Galaxy watch and they sent me hair ties.

  • Robert Dobbs
    Robert Dobbs   1 weeks ago

    This is why I always check the ratings of the seller and the reviews before buying.

  • Zak
    Zak   1 weeks ago


  • Nathan Brathwaite
    Nathan Brathwaite   1 weeks ago

    Still not over how he said get outplayed like a dirty league player

  • Owon Ford
    Owon Ford   1 weeks ago

    How they was with your lightsaber lol

  • Dank mudkip
    Dank mudkip   1 weeks ago

    You think Caleb is acting or he actually acts like this most of the time?

  • Val
    Val   1 weeks ago

    Caleb IRL right now

  • Ibe Spirit
    Ibe Spirit   1 weeks ago

    Who is here cause of the lightsaber he got was broken

  • Ibe Spirit
    Ibe Spirit   1 weeks ago

    I can’t wait for my lightsaber ..waits 7 months Its broken

  • kkkjk
    kkkjk   1 weeks ago

    water bottle isn’t even full

  • Zer0 The Assassin
    Zer0 The Assassin   1 weeks ago

    Calebcity: "Oh boy can't wait to get my brand new Lightsaber I waited seven months for! :D"The Seller:

  • Tyler Engle
    Tyler Engle   1 weeks ago

    lmao “SUBSCRIPTION, BRO!” Sadly I’ve had something liek this happen before...

  • nii_amart
    nii_amart   1 weeks ago

    Broken lightsaber squad.....

  • MKing
    MKing   1 weeks ago

    "My phone,, just look at his one oh and imagine walking around in silence doing that

  • Frost Light
    Frost Light   1 weeks ago

    Light saber they scammed u bro U GOT SCAMMED

  • Galactic Bolt
    Galactic Bolt   1 weeks ago

    You do know he could record that and have y’all wanted

  • Fire Brine
    Fire Brine   1 weeks ago

    Who's here after the lightsaber incident

    THIRSTY-_-HOES   1 weeks ago

    This sorta happened to I bought a 4tb hard drive from a website and got an empty box then when I went to the website the website was gone I felt dumb asf 😂 I was able to get my money back tho so all good

  • blueboi12jj
    blueboi12jj   1 weeks ago

    “We got you paying a subscription bro!!” How lmao 🤣🤣

  • TreasureTV Jackson
    TreasureTV Jackson   1 weeks ago's+not+your+life?idea=5c4aa0acf9376443759e6b9d

  • Rory Middleton
    Rory Middleton   1 weeks ago

    When words like bamboozled and duped are thrown around you know it's over

  • Dino Loborec
    Dino Loborec   1 weeks ago

    So if I buy a water bottle online I will get an iPhone 11pro?

  • QuiteLegendaryM8
    QuiteLegendaryM8   2 weeks ago

    So we're gonna disregard that he left his front door wide open?