Jeff Musial Creeps Jimmy Out with Mexican Tarantulas

  • Published on: 13 January 2015
  • Animal expert Jeff Musial trots out a Siberian lynx, a red kangaroo and a couple of Mexican white and red-kneed tarantulas.

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    Jeff Musial Creeps Jimmy Out with Mexican Tarantulas
  • Runtime : 4:54
  • comedy sketches funny video Talk Show snl musical performance NBC Fallon monologue jokes interview Fallon Stand-up comedic The Tonight Show video Jeff Musial Television Siberian Lynx Creeps Jimmy Out humor ALL2015 clip music variety youtube talent Jimmy Fallon Mexican Tarantulas tonight talking Funny The Roots celebrities highlight Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon NBC TV stand-up show sketch comedy Kangaroo music comedy


  • James H
    James H   23 hours ago

    This guy is a total douchebag

  • Mj10
    Mj10   2 days ago

    He just literally grabbed the spider from the container

  • Cheech & Chong
    Cheech & Chong   3 days ago

    Jimmy i feel for you g but u did a great job , But for you Jeff if u did that to me , you better of had your runnin shoes on cos id of cracked you in the mouth for that

  • ToryBelief
    ToryBelief   4 days ago

    You should see me in a crown vibes...

  • Taylor Center
    Taylor Center   5 days ago

    I would be so pissed I would have w screamed get that thing away from me and left

  • tahzeeba
    tahzeeba   5 days ago

    not ok. i am literally passing out

  • Amanda
    Amanda   6 days ago

    Why was he on the show w/ animals?? I love that he loves animals, but he just doesn’t seem like he....cares. I don’t know. I just prefer #RobertIrwin

  • Chelsey Nathania
    Chelsey Nathania   1 weeks ago

    i would say that you are the sexiest man alive Jimmy...of course with those tarantulas 😄

  • L D
    L D   1 weeks ago

    FUCK that SHIT, I'm soooooo sorry but no spiders EVER🤪😬😢💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Janelle Cavil
    Janelle Cavil   1 weeks ago

    “They don’t all say that in Australia” thank you jimmy, thank you

  • Susnata Chanda
    Susnata Chanda   1 weeks ago

    Someone asks you to scratch the butt JustScratch the BUTT

  • butterfly
    butterfly   1 weeks ago

    they kinda cute idk whythe Tarantulas

  • Hannah Banana Studios

    *Jimmy passes out on the floor*😂😂💓💕💞💞💕💕💞💓💕💞💕💓💞💕💕💕💞💕💓💕💞💕💕💕💞💞💓💕💕💞💞💕💕💕💞💓

  • Oyuka Zb
    Oyuka Zb   1 weeks ago

    if someone did that to me i would've slapped them across the face lmao

  • Mahdin Bin Kholil
    Mahdin Bin Kholil   2 weeks ago

    So this video gonna be recommended after every 4 years now.OkayI am watching this on November 1 2019See you on November 1 , 2023

  • Alice's Rabbit
    Alice's Rabbit   2 weeks ago

    Confirmed: cats are the most beautiful creatures on Earth. Also, that animal guy is a jerk!

  • Chris Suarez
    Chris Suarez   2 weeks ago

    I love that the Lynx is named Boomer. My old Bengal cat was named Boomer 😃

  • GoArtist
    GoArtist   2 weeks ago

    Don’t Move! Don’t Move!

  • kookie-ah is my life
    kookie-ah is my life   2 weeks ago

    When that man put those spiders on Jimmy, I literally screamed. I mean , I could feel that fear😱 Coz I'm phobic of spiders

  • Ross
    Ross   3 weeks ago

    why no kissing him

  • Blue feather
    Blue feather   3 weeks ago

    ME: oh god I hate spiders please don-MY FRIENDS:*places spider on my head*

  • BlondisVlogs
    BlondisVlogs   3 weeks ago

    The guy doesn‘t know how to handle the tarantulas confidently. Poor animals. You can see that the red knee spider kicked lots of hair in the past which means she often felt bad.