Marshawn Lynch Goes Beast Mode on a $1200 Burger in Las Vegas | The Burger Show

  • Published on: 22 October 2019
  • Marshawn Lynch taste-tests a $777 burger from Burger Brasserie at Paris Las Vegas and a $1200 burger in Las Vegas, and creates his own custom Beast Mode burger.

    In Vegas, everything is pushed to the extreme—and super-luxe, gourmet burgers are no exception. But are the hefty price tags worth the hype?

    To get some answers, Alvin is linking up with someone who’s familiar with the Big Baller lifestyle—Vegas veteran and former pro-bowl running back, Marshawn Lynch.

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  • Runtime : 13:58
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  • Kyle Davis
    Kyle Davis   9 hours ago

    goat cheese does not taste like ricotta, haha

  • Jarah Gibson
    Jarah Gibson   14 hours ago

    From what i know about Kobe and wagyu is you can put it in patty form because it will fall apart. Also if I’m paying for A5 I’m def not going to eat it in a burger

    INSANE_BANANA   1 days ago

    Did they make Marshawn pay for it all too? Lol

  • joeashbubemma
    joeashbubemma   1 days ago

    If America is systemically racist, how is it that black man can eat a $1200 hamburger and throw part of away? This is capitalism at it's finest, and an indictment on the priorities of Americans.

  • Ali Shine
    Ali Shine   2 days ago

    Thousands dollar burgers but no room or ventilators for hospital , good ole American Dream

    CHARI   2 days ago

    "This ain't no blueberry muffin???" The best beast mode moment every lol.

  • Hood Sosa
    Hood Sosa   2 days ago

    Yall Super Asians Or Somethin ? Yall Dont Even Make Footsteps . . . Makin Me Nervous LMAO

  • 27 kaijin
    27 kaijin   2 days ago

    i understand but he wasnt ready to appreciate that burger, not ready but just didnt know how to enjoy it and its components, which is fine, im fine with homemade bbq seared bun and steamy cheese drizzle as you bite in burgers over high end shit yet i wouldnt mind exploring different realms in food anyday, but not the typical bug eating type shit i dont need to

  • Junticus Monk
    Junticus Monk   3 days ago

    My nigga signed for the NFL and went to Red Lobster

  • Homero Negaraku
    Homero Negaraku   3 days ago

    Omg the host has gotten morbidly obese.. Killing himself man... Dude take care of ur health man

  • Pheminon
    Pheminon   4 days ago

    Dude's got all that money, and he's drinking cheap cognac like Hennessey?And the VS Hennessey no less, not even XOGet yourself some good Hardy or some King Louie XIII if you're a ballerDude's still an awesome guy

  • Michael Morgan
    Michael Morgan   5 days ago

    The other ones werent burgers they were gourmet sandwiches.

  • Suzy Siviter
    Suzy Siviter   5 days ago

    Its like asking a cat to review Mozarts Requiem.

  • NC NYC
    NC NYC   5 days ago

    Beast mode showing us his off-season procedures wit how he tested the hot sauce lol

  • Boojack city
    Boojack city   5 days ago

    Shit ill just take a burgerking double whopper no cheese no 🍅 bacon added the combo for 8 dollars and um gucci no matter how rich i am😂💯

  • scoobydog411
    scoobydog411   5 days ago

    Can this Guy read. He says all the names wrong. UUUG....

  • Sabian Vorachev
    Sabian Vorachev   5 days ago

    Covid-19 going on and this punk’s roaming Vegas casinos eating burgers in public stay home you jerk

  • kyle staples
    kyle staples   5 days ago

    Marshawn is the shit..his episode with bear grylls was hysterical

  • F*ckFace 22
    F*ckFace 22   6 days ago

    personally i think this shows how "fake" worth it is?

  • Jason Bourn
    Jason Bourn   1 weeks ago

    Hot Wing Burger ain't it🙅🏿🙅🏿🙅🏿

  • Clarence Jones
    Clarence Jones   1 weeks ago

    And that's all the president giving poor folks 1200 😭😭 folks like spit on 1200.

  • Jay Illest
    Jay Illest   1 weeks ago

    Bro he gettin fatter and fatter, you need to chill bro.


    We gotta protect Marshawn Lynch at all cost he was too hood for the NFL we was fortunate to hav dis kinda guy on the field🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • David J
    David J   1 weeks ago

    Who is this fake 2 Chainz

  • Jmarie Bradley
    Jmarie Bradley   1 weeks ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂"Did you taste that shit, naahhh!!!!! Shiiit!!! You tasting it now!!!!.....🔥🔥🔥😎😎💯🤬🤟🏼

  • Bernando Turner
    Bernando Turner   1 weeks ago

    They Seen him Comming! Like you would See Bill Gates Pay them $1200.00 for One Burger! He Prolly would Tell them he is Vegan!😂😂😂

  • rnjohn99
    rnjohn99   1 weeks ago

    “this truffle stanks smells like ass cheeks” 😂😂😂 “this aint no blueberry muffin”

  • Dnlpule43
    Dnlpule43   1 weeks ago

    yall secret agents or something...yall dont even make footsteps 😂😂😂

  • iHoverZz YT
    iHoverZz YT   1 weeks ago

    Tell me why he built like Biggie Cheese