Dalai Lama's guide to happiness

  • Published on: 09 October 2013
  • The beautiful song/soundtrack to this video is Himalaya by Tenzin Choegyal. His website is www.tenzinchoegyal.com

    This video looks at 'Buddhism and Happiness', as we ask are they a match made in heaven or something else? This eight minute epic reveals some incredible insights into human behaviour and values that impact our happiness, particularly in this materialistic Western life so many are living, or reaching for.

    The Dalai Lama's talk is from his 'the quest for happiness' public talk in Adelaide during his 'Beyond Religion' tour in Australia.

    While we would have ideally used footage of Tibetan monks in this video, we were unable to and instead used footage from our recent trip to Burma, where we acknowledge there may be subtle differences in how Buddhism is practiced. We do not mean to offend anyone by this and if you would like to fly us to Tibet to re-film this we'll happily take up the offer.

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  • Runtime : 8:7
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  • Varun Sharma
    Varun Sharma   11 hours ago

    Thank you to the country where Buddhism was born and is now preserved. (India) :)

  • Mr. Shy
    Mr. Shy   2 days ago

    long time ago, I very respect buddhist, I intrested in buddish'm, even l'm not buddhist, but after something happened in myanmar, all the political monks slaughtered of rohingya muslim. l can't feel it anymore, but l thinl again. there's nothing wrong with buddha, but with the people who think they is buddha.. like ISIS in islam, its not islam, its people who think they islam, and make a bad reputation of them.. now l still discovered buddhist again..

  • Namita Singla
    Namita Singla   1 weeks ago

    God bless his highness 🙏 #TsuglagkhangComplex

  • Joseph Benjamin
    Joseph Benjamin   1 weeks ago

    In the end all I remember is the gas ⛽️ Thank you 🙏

  • Abhi seeker
    Abhi seeker   1 weeks ago

    Human mechanisms is the most sophisticated mechanism in this planet..we never strive to understand our own mechanisms..how our mind, body, emotions and energy work?? Morality and thoughts will never work as our ultimate wellbeing... we need to engineer ourselves into such a way that we would like to be...if you like to take a scientific first step then attend sadhguru's- Innerengineering program... thankyou🙏❤🍀

  • josue castro
    josue castro   1 weeks ago

    His holiness is just one of us. Nothing special. Very humble person.

  • Namaste Debate
    Namaste Debate   2 weeks ago

    Contentment, Good Health, Peace of Mind and Make your Life meaningful by Helping Other... Best Wishes www.namastedebate.org

  • Joey Fang
    Joey Fang   2 weeks ago

    So much wisdom 🙏 thank you dalai lama ♥️

  • Kyle Wick
    Kyle Wick   2 weeks ago

    Alone means all 1 no man or woman is an island! 1 Love

  • Polo Lounge
    Polo Lounge   2 weeks ago

    One utter utter bastard his people suffer in Tibet and he moves around from 5🌟hotel to 5🌟hotel..

  • Phamie Gow
    Phamie Gow   3 weeks ago

    He simply rocks! I will always remember playing for him and receiving a white prayer shawl in front of the thousands present on HH's first visit to Scotland in 2004. His laugh is so infectious and I reckon his innocent sense of humour, like the joke on farting is a brilliant way to cultivate simple happiness. True happiness is beyond 'self' and is where you cultivate such joy out of sharing and helping others. It's a fine art and balance in the world today but I believe being human is having respect for yourself and others and being responsible in finding your purpose and being disciplined in cultivating that : we all have at least one major aspect in common; one is we all breath the same air, and another is we all fart! lol

  • C S
    C S   3 weeks ago

    When boss tells dad joke 3:14

  • crazy hacker
    crazy hacker   3 weeks ago

    Being a monk is huge respectful self.but what if all people in this world became monk?

  • Raziv Hasan
    Raziv Hasan   3 weeks ago

    What is this beautiful song in the background?

  • Chief White Buffalo
    Chief White Buffalo   4 weeks ago

    Good.luck he.treches.lowest level nothing more were one can not achieve a highest of.inlightment

  • Debasmita Majhi
    Debasmita Majhi   1 months ago

    From INDIA:-) I love budhhism great human being Dalai Lama

  • Poppy Wharepapa
    Poppy Wharepapa   1 months ago

    Thanks for reminding me, why we are really here on earth..To find peace n happiness, 2 spread n touch other human life with so much positive heart, helps yes not just me but those who surrounds me...I lost my way 4 awhile then I cane across an old book ' The Art of Happiness' His Holiness Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler, M,D...To train My mind yet again gives me joy...Has been along coming, Thank-you

  • John Gray
    John Gray   1 months ago

    2:30 i fuck it these things

  • John Gray
    John Gray   1 months ago

    1:50 if you come to a stranger with faith in them, you will be more content than those who mistrust all because they “might” hurt you. But thats wrong, it doesnt help you or them. Act in the way that is proper to the situation, not the lifestyle.

  • Distraction
    Distraction   1 months ago

    I am one of 7 billion people, not someone special.With fear comes distrust.Jealoury brings distrust.Loneliness is not due to environment but due to inner state.

  • Buddhafollower
    Buddhafollower   1 months ago

    I'am very much against practices where people get emotionally involved and generate extreme positive emotions. basically you are forcing nature, the Aether, to bring balance because the whole Cosmos works governed by Laws. The ancient Masters really knew these Laws well. You cannot have a judicious religion without knowledge of such Laws, you'll end up having a nuisance. You are forcing the Cosmos to bring balance so you being extremely positive, someone else naturally will be exrtremely negative. Quit fooling around. Buddhism isn't all bad but such practices help destroy the world.

  • Shinjo Kagama
    Shinjo Kagama   1 months ago

    Ofcourse dalai lama is happy. He never have or will need to work for living. He lives a completely paid pampered life. Who won't be happy if he or she was a dalai lama?

  • Rebecca D'Souza
    Rebecca D'Souza   1 months ago

    I am a buddhist and the Dalai Lama has helped me alot. He has showed me why I was depressed that it is because I'm lonely. And has told me through this video that distrust is a bad thing and frustration follows after distrust. I use to get really frustrated with a lot of things in my life and he has helped me understand not to get frustrated. Because jealousy comes next if you do get frustrated. And now I am calm and I understand my depression more thankyou dali lama for your guidance and help and advice that you have given me and showed me why I was feeling the way I did. Thankyou so much you have saved my life. 🙂

  • Pine Joi
    Pine Joi   1 months ago

    The 14th deletes negative comments on his channel, the 14th has no shame.

  • Active Ayaan
    Active Ayaan   1 months ago

    But the real question is Can you make me one with everything?

  • Vero DiGia
    Vero DiGia   1 months ago

    What is the song at the beginning??? I mean, the first seconds

  • Deborah Victoria Edwards

    Greetings from THE BRIDE OF JESUS CHRIST 🌟✝️✨Many are homeless, hopeless, starving, sick, broken, dying in droves.Easy it be to find happiness when good life you have got. Walk in others shoes before happiness you sell.In Christ it be.Love and Light 💖🙏🔥Cheers 🤳Bee 🕊️🌈🐝🇨🇦