MOST SHOCKING Celebrity Family Feud Answers! STEVE HARVEY Can't Believe It! Bonus Round

  • Published on: 24 August 2018
  • Watch the most shocking celebrity family feud moments that left Steve Harvey and the audience stunned!
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  • Runtime : 8:11
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    BAM BAM   1 days ago


  • norman lekgothoane
    norman lekgothoane   2 days ago

    Her mom is to blame for this, she did say go get him🤷‍♂️she definitely got him💯%

  • DragonGuy GTO
    DragonGuy GTO   4 days ago

    6:14 Those women must have had good moral compasses, they probably know your married

  • Nii Barnor
    Nii Barnor   2 weeks ago

    Sex when he’s asleep; isn’t that.....rape?

  • Shadow Dominguez
    Shadow Dominguez   4 weeks ago

    Fuckin Chuck even away from Inside the NBA he still don't think before he speaks LOL

  • Jayson Rogoz
    Jayson Rogoz   1 months ago

    Jay: name something that you love Jay to teach to be a better personRei: SEXJay:😨 w h a t t h e s u c k I s w r o n g w I t h

  • DoesNotExist305
    DoesNotExist305   1 months ago

    “CUT HIS PENIS OFF!”Look, fellas, I’ve never in my life spit my drink out before. I always saw that in the movies and on TV and never thought that it actually happened. I was wrong. What in the hell did you just say, woman!?

  • Zane Kappa
    Zane Kappa   1 months ago

    cupine and naked grandma is my all time favorite hahaha

  • Daniel kephart
    Daniel kephart   1 months ago

    Either i been living under a rock or i don't pay attention to tv alot i never seen these celebrities day in my life i really thought i was watching the wrong video

  • Britney Gutierrez
    Britney Gutierrez   1 months ago

    Steve😯😯 what what did you just say... nahh what did u just say 👀👀👀

  • DWPF Horsemen
    DWPF Horsemen   1 months ago

    “There is only one thing worst than a rapist”6:40“No”

  • Ömer Özel
    Ömer Özel   1 months ago

    Billy sounds like Mike Henry playing Herbert

  • Connor Clemmons
    Connor Clemmons   1 months ago

    Steve: If a man’s zipper breaks in church, what might he use to cover it up?Chuck: A childMe: Better hope it’s not a Catholic Church then...

  • gudenuf2eat
    gudenuf2eat   1 months ago

    Name something a women cop might do to her husband in the bedroomCUT HIS PENIS OFF LOL

  • Unothe Wop
    Unothe Wop   1 months ago

    For when he was sleeping I would’ve said shave his mustache

  • Kara
    Kara   1 months ago

    Ernie was not happy Lmfao

  • Red_ Litty
    Red_ Litty   1 months ago

    That 14 year old whore said sex smh shes gonna have a long trip back home

  • Sam_5678
    Sam_5678   2 months ago

    Steve harvey: asks sexual questiongets sexual answerSteve harvey: 👁👄👁

  • mochi
    mochi   2 months ago


  • Kingj0444
    Kingj0444   2 months ago

    noone:Literally noone:Sherri: CUT HIS PENIS OFF!

  • Ananda Iksan
    Ananda Iksan   2 months ago

    6:35 yo steve is 1,85m, and how about that guy?

  • Johanna
    Johanna   2 months ago

    "A CHILD!"For once, they didn't all shout out "GOOD ANSWER! GOOD ANSWER!"

  • ajmittendorf
    ajmittendorf   2 months ago

    Speaking as a man named AJ, I'd really love to meet that young lady named AJ, but I'm much too old. Alas.