Celebrities vs Paparazzi Part 2 - Supercut

  • Published on: 10 January 2017
  • Celebrities getting angry, annoyed, frustrated and having a laugh with the paparazzi.
  • Runtime : 13:7
  • TMZ Emma Roberts Scarlett Johanson Miley Cyrus Jack Nicholson Justin Timberlake James Cameron Paparazzi Jack Black Robert Downey Jr


  • tokionovaloid
    tokionovaloid   1 hours ago

    tom cruise crosses the street like he's in mission impossible in real life

  • Trenton
    Trenton   1 hours ago

    I am a strong believer in the extermination of all paparazzis

  • mdb831
    mdb831   1 hours ago

    I wish someone would poll a gun on Baldwin and wipe the smirk off his face.

  • John Sonia
    John Sonia   4 hours ago

    I’ll say, Emma Roberts is a total bitch

  • Eoin Douglas
    Eoin Douglas   7 hours ago

    Celebrities: please just get away from me please guysJACK BLACK: *MAKES MOTORBIKE NOISES WITH HIS MOUTH THEN RUNS

  • jose diaz
    jose diaz   1 days ago

    That foo called him a nigger and the black guy was like 😳😳 lol

  • Yeeterson Peterson
    Yeeterson Peterson   1 days ago

    Paparazzi deserve what comes to them they will make someone have a seizure with all the flashing lights

  • PB& Kay
    PB& Kay   1 days ago

    Who's the dude that called the pap a nigger??

  • MavTheCrow
    MavTheCrow   2 days ago

    Simple rule! don't talk to strangers and more security people! and don't be to let provoked ! cheers

  • Allan v.
    Allan v.   2 days ago

    there should be a right where celebs are allowed to shoot their paparazzi

  • lucas A
    lucas A   2 days ago

    Hugh grant is a legend

  • Paul Wells
    Paul Wells   3 days ago


  • Emily Klerk
    Emily Klerk   4 days ago

    7:00 that camera man is amazing how he handles it!

    ANYTHING HERE   4 days ago

    Celebrities should call the police for stalking and invading their privacy

  • Kentros Vlogs
    Kentros Vlogs   5 days ago

    Jack black and Tom arnold have the best personalities with paparazzi

  • II Gaming Nerd II
    II Gaming Nerd II   5 days ago

    1:46 is that original spider man?? If so my childhood is ruined, well not gonna lie the Paparazzi are fucking annoying

  • melody apple
    melody apple   5 days ago

    Even those lights hurt and Im not even the one they're taking picture of... Damn.

  • Nayem Gatz
    Nayem Gatz   5 days ago

    What Russel did is what I wanted all celebs to do.

  • Chad Castagana
    Chad Castagana   6 days ago

    6:15 Hey even got the mild mannered queer Elton John pissed off! Way to go paparazzi

  • naomi
    naomi   1 weeks ago

    8:57 this was the same paparazzi female who was harassing Kylie Jenner at an in β€˜n’ out drive through. and damn Kylie was right. she is SUCH. a bitch.

  • Rust Jones
    Rust Jones   1 weeks ago

    The best part is when they run away

  • Geralynll
    Geralynll   1 weeks ago

    I usually think paparazzi are the scumOf the earth but for that one kid to callThat dude the f word and then the n word is absolutely disgusting

  • G DeVz
    G DeVz   1 weeks ago

    iron man is the best

  • cashowner
    cashowner   1 weeks ago

    Even rats are more higher of respect than these kind of losers...

  • Punk Kid
    Punk Kid   1 weeks ago

    3:31 lmao what a fuckin crybaby dude u even know how to be a paparazzi?

  • Vlogger McGamer
    Vlogger McGamer   1 weeks ago

    Celebrities need privacy as wellThe paparazzi need to realise they're people too

  • morymb
    morymb   1 weeks ago

    You can make friends with the papsmears but they'll never really like you. "Swine food" comment on JB's mucinex display was pushing it, and Black was a cheerful gentleman. The papsmear boys may ride again, but it will be without style. Try to fill your boots with pride on that sad fact, girls.

  • Peace Love
    Peace Love   1 weeks ago

    What makes this okay to get up all in anyone's life idc if u say they r celebs and know what they signed up for. It's not right to stalk and invade ppls lives

  • Mr Lizard
    Mr Lizard   1 weeks ago

    Goddamn, these paparazzi are pieces of fucking shit. I dont like some of these peoples music or acting, but that's a professional thing, whoever it is I give the celebrities props for beating these people's asses or telling them to fuck off.

  • Kelly Henderson
    Kelly Henderson   1 weeks ago

    Liam Gallagher πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ don’t want to piss him off