harry styles basically confirming he's not straight

  • Published on: 14 August 2018
  • OKAY;

    I know Harry doesn't label himself, but he is one hundred percent not straight. He might be bi, pan or something else, but I love him the way he is.
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  • Remus Lupin
    Remus Lupin   1 days ago

    just because he’s comfortable in his sexuality doesn’t mean he’s gay tehe

  • Silly May
    Silly May   2 days ago

    Harry doesn’t label himself, but if he did I think he would be bi or pan......

  • Jesse Roberts
    Jesse Roberts   3 days ago

    Well..... Harry man, you got some explaining to do.

  • CottenSilk
    CottenSilk   3 days ago

    Why r people so obsessed with peoples sexuality’s. Smh stop sexualizing gay people.

  • Ceri Sian
    Ceri Sian   4 days ago

    "female...thats a good trait" 😂

  • chloe wang
    chloe wang   5 days ago

    he’s not straight, he’s curly

  • Sweet Tea
    Sweet Tea   1 weeks ago

    It’s amazing that “okay” and “I’m gay” can sound so similar when you sing it...

  • Marie Yoffou
    Marie Yoffou   1 weeks ago

    Sees thumbnailclicks video at the speed of light

  • ilook likeamonkey
    ilook likeamonkey   1 weeks ago

    Is it just me or does Charlie Heaton kinda look like Harry Styles??

  • Lucindia Craig
    Lucindia Craig   1 weeks ago

    I’m I the only one that knew Harry wasn’t straight? Like since they came out😂 I been knew this

  • malak abuqtiesh
    malak abuqtiesh   1 weeks ago

    harry sees Ryan Goslingheart rate rising harry: "no its not!!"

  • Deanna Thompson
    Deanna Thompson   1 weeks ago

    I just gotta say no one is 100% straight. Even if you think you are youve atleast thought about what it would be like to date the same gender even if it was for a second

  • Khadija Ba
    Khadija Ba   1 weeks ago

    So when he said you better come get your man’s I think he just slid in my DM’s he wasn’t joking

  • Bella Hansen
    Bella Hansen   1 weeks ago

    Yep I was right I knew he was Bi since he was in 1D.😂🤭🤯

  • Doll
    Doll   1 weeks ago

    I believe he’s pansexual and has an attraction to pans Everyone else here: Mission failed, we’ll get them new time

  • City Garden
    City Garden   1 weeks ago

    I honestly don’t care about his sexuality I love him just the way he is I support him 100% whether he’s gay or bisexual or maybe even straight and you should too 💙

  • Addyson Tillman
    Addyson Tillman   1 weeks ago

    What about the song: Adore youWas that for a man or girl🤔🙄😶

  • Lineo Gundersen
    Lineo Gundersen   1 weeks ago

    He did identify as bi at one point but it’s cool now if he doesn’t want labels 😚

  • chxxxrls
    chxxxrls   1 weeks ago

    His hair should be called Hairy Styles.

  • Masal_ Sn
    Masal_ Sn   1 weeks ago

    Ahh after years I finally know that Larry wasnt just our imagination

  • Patty G Martell
    Patty G Martell   1 weeks ago

    You missed the “my first real crush was Louis Tomlinson “

  • •KemiEmi•
    •KemiEmi•   1 weeks ago

    I think it’s actually really dope that he’s open about gender. Not many artists (especially those in boy bands) are brave enough to be so honest. Boy bands are usually marketed towards women (they can be to men as well) so it’s rare that he is very loose about whether he actually likes the gender that he is marketed towards

  • Kathy D
    Kathy D   1 weeks ago

    And that is one of the many reasons why Harry is cool and his fans adore him. He's just a great guy!☮❤

  • Abby Roman
    Abby Roman   1 weeks ago

    Funny how celebrities can be observed by doing the littlest things and then being called not straight. I do most of these things and yet know no one knows I'm bi?!! 😂

  • RK
    RK   2 weeks ago

    I think he's somewhat bisexual but into women more