Is Amsoil Power Foam better than Seafoam & MMO? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 14 January 2018
  • Is Amsoil Powerfoam & PI better than Seafoam & MMO? Let's find out!

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  • Runtime : 11:22
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  • elmime1
    elmime1   4 days ago

    Can you please test the Reslone engine treatment?

  • papi francisco
    papi francisco   5 days ago

    You should make a video of mixing mmo with fuel please. 👍👍👍I'm subscribing your awesome

  • Bob Bowie
    Bob Bowie   6 days ago

    There is no way that any Scams Oil product is better than SeaFoam.

  • Jeff Ruebens
    Jeff Ruebens   6 days ago

    The Berryman B-12 fuel system cleaner is cheaper, and works well enough.

  • Enos Burkholder
    Enos Burkholder   1 weeks ago

    I have to laugh about that I been hook MMO in my ride mower mix with gas plus liitle bit in motor oil I running hard everytime I mowing let counting totals 10 hours come out resalt it no carbon it complain gone

  • Just Me
    Just Me   1 weeks ago

    I want to see Wesson Oil vs Crisco!

  • wompus44
    wompus44   1 weeks ago

    I like the video, however I expected way better results on that dirty engine. Didn't look like that much improvement to me.

  • John Hughes
    John Hughes   1 weeks ago

    Another great test video, to bad you couldn't test why car batteries fail the month after the warranty is up.

  • pilotdog68
    pilotdog68   1 weeks ago

    What model is that Dewalt drill you use in these videos?

  • Drew Cuva
    Drew Cuva   1 weeks ago

    Love the video! Only issue is The Amsoil P.I is not meant for small engines. You need to use amsoil Quickshot,that is what’s meant for small engines.

  • John Lutz
    John Lutz   2 weeks ago

    This guy is satin in lawnmowers hell

  • Me Here
    Me Here   2 weeks ago

    I have no idea why I'm addicted to these videos. I don't own a car or a lawnmower; I don't operate anything more powerful than a microwave oven.

  • ojars zvaigzne
    ojars zvaigzne   2 weeks ago

    Excellent video! How about doing a test on CRC intake valve cleaner. I'm especially interested in how well it works in a GDI engine. Thanks!

  • Seth Jeffrey
    Seth Jeffrey   3 weeks ago

    Amsoil is hands down the best oil you can buy.

  • gavelboy01
    gavelboy01   3 weeks ago

    I loved the see thru head you installed to see the burn process. Hats off to you Sir. You need a TV channel.

  • Bill Sr.
    Bill Sr.   4 weeks ago

    I would to see if you can add Seaform or comparable brands. To 4 strokes in the motor oil.. Seaform claims it works in crankcase oil. See If that cleans up the engine parts any. Also test 2 cycle oil itself with Seaform added to just the oil. On a oil injected 2 stroke. If you ever do outboards?

  • MHautovlgs
    MHautovlgs   1 months ago

    Remember for these tests are on small little motors and not to be used in automotive applications. The results will be very different.

  • momurderah
    momurderah   1 months ago

    Please consider making a video comparison of different fuel system cleaners. Thanks for the great videos!

    JORGE VEGA   1 months ago

    Would you adopt me?....I want to learn from you.....I should probably mention that I'm 40..

  • Ken Hamilton
    Ken Hamilton   1 months ago

    Marvel mystery oil worked best hands down!

  • Jimi
    Jimi   1 months ago

    Hey project farm, out of all the fuel system cleaner's you've tested which one gave the best results? Thanks.

  • Tim Eyre
    Tim Eyre   1 months ago

    Project Farm treats all his mowers with love and respect... Skip to 6:49 or the money shot.

  • Wyatt Earp
    Wyatt Earp   1 months ago

    Sea foam is a joke. Nothing more than alcohol and petroleum distillates. The is enough alcohol in fuel now to cause problems and I see no sense in adding to the problem.

  • Steelers1thegame
    Steelers1thegame   1 months ago

    Should do a Schaeffer 9000 vs amasoil full synthetic. Heard amazing things about both

  • Unforgiven118
    Unforgiven118   1 months ago

    You should test redline complete fuel cleaner, I know a lot of people say it’s one of the best.

  • dookie3748
    dookie3748   1 months ago

    That was the best slow mo ever!! Thanks for all your videos there amazing

  • Andrew Ford
    Andrew Ford   1 months ago

    I would like to see a comparison of fully synthetic oils for cheap against Kendall because my local store sells Kendall for $3.50/Quart. My 4-Cyc. can get a oil change for $12+Napa Gold filter for Aprox. $20!...can't beat that or can you?

  • Xintisous Vrimlisus
    Xintisous Vrimlisus   1 months ago

    If you look at the lawn mower certain way it is like a loading screen for the next level.😂😂

  • Gunny's Wrenches
    Gunny's Wrenches   1 months ago

    I’ve used many carb cleaners over the years and AMSOIL Power Foam is the best I’ve come across, B12 is right up there as well but I find that the foaming action of the Power Foam gives it an advantage and better all around cleaning effect. As far as using it to clean out a valve train and fuel system while running the Power Foam & Seafoam (spray can) both work well.

  • Cinco C
    Cinco C   1 months ago

    I'm not a PROFESSIONAL of anything, and have done no tests, but I like

  • doughboyracing
    doughboyracing   1 months ago

    Next episode...Does Wasp Spray work better than Amsoil Power Foam? Let's find out!

  • Muhammad Attas
    Muhammad Attas   1 months agoتسوق_اون_لاين#خصم_٪3#شحن_مجاني_طلب_499ر#زيت_محركات#فلتر_زيت_اصلي#غيار_زيت#مواد_محسنة#عناية_بالسيارة#عدد_ورش_صيانة#غسيل_سيارة_مجاني