Jim Bakker Bucket Taste Test

  • Published on: 27 April 2018
  • Does apocalypse pizza taste as gross as the bucket it comes in looks? Find out! GMM #1327.1
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  • Runtime : 14:12
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  • Robert Gorman
    Robert Gorman   14 hours ago

    7:50 I never knew Link could sing like that.

  • Incept_470
    Incept_470   4 days ago

    If I were given a choice between a crate/box of MREs and this bucket, MREs are a way to go for me.

  • Tinfoyl lord
    Tinfoyl lord   4 days ago

    "That guy that sang in the apocalypse eating the pudding":OOOOOoooOoOoof

  • LittleRedHaired Girl

    They're like little boys playing 😂Making themselves choke on soup and getting tickled 😂

  • Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly   5 days ago

    Everytime you guys accidentally sinc your voices talking. Rhett makes the funniest face lol

  • Jarred
    Jarred   1 weeks ago

    Cicis is actually pretty good imo 😂

  • Shane Dobson
    Shane Dobson   1 weeks ago

    "Those people?" Link was thinking "The people that we used to be?" I feel you Link. We're all better people now. All we can do is laugh at how hilarious our old thoughts were.

  • LadyClementoni
    LadyClementoni   1 weeks ago

    But Rhett looks so naked here when you’ve seen him in 2020

  • Kris
    Kris   2 weeks ago

    Why after all this time do you still let Link eat anything?

  • chriscb
    chriscb   2 weeks ago

    1.2k Jim Baker followers don’t like this video! LoL

  • Fennec Besixdouze
    Fennec Besixdouze   3 weeks ago

    So in other words just get big stores of dried rice, beans, un-milled wheat etc.

  • Joseph Dickey
    Joseph Dickey   3 weeks ago

    Gordon Ramsey would have a field day with how bad that food is.

  • John Alonzo
    John Alonzo   4 weeks ago

    I cant wait for the YouTube bucket eating videos in 25 years.

  • Victor PG
    Victor PG   1 months ago

    Link: I never eat only half the spoon and put it back in the food. He’s disgusting

  • Lydia Salem
    Lydia Salem   1 months ago

    jello pudding requires heating and milk....

  • John Halverson
    John Halverson   1 months ago

    What Jim Bakker did to Jessica Hahn he is now doing on a much larger scale to the public. Creamy apocalypse potato soup....oh yum.

  • Jay Caponigro
    Jay Caponigro   1 months ago

    lucky there tasting from the human Point of view

  • Jenny Mizell
    Jenny Mizell   1 months ago

    This is still the best video on the internet.

  • Anna Rebstock
    Anna Rebstock   1 months ago

    Of course we should be worried about laced ketchup 😂

  • Mats F.
    Mats F.   1 months ago

    Trust me after starvation this bucket will taste like heaven.

    GREENE DARK   1 months ago

    This is one of the funniest videos they’ve posted imo

  • Heywood Jablowmy
    Heywood Jablowmy   1 months ago

    Buy mre. Meal ready to eat. I'll be hunting and fishing and eating real food if that ever happens.

  • Oopzies
    Oopzies   1 months ago

    I wonder what kind of apocalypse people like Bakker are imagining lmao

  • Crimson OOmpa
    Crimson OOmpa   1 months ago

    Food for the apocalypse that you have to cook seems to render it obsolete. I doubt there will be ovens in an apocalypse lmao.

  • Awesomely Hooked
    Awesomely Hooked   1 months ago

    I am literally in tears laughing at y'all and this potato soup 🤣🤣🤣

  • Haroldo Duarte
    Haroldo Duarte   1 months ago

    I feel bad for the people that believe this end of the world bs. A full life of fear filling up the pockets of scumbags like this fake religious pricks. It's sad. :/

  • obbldude TV
    obbldude TV   1 months ago

    That soups so good it choked him up!

  • Ryan Evander
    Ryan Evander   1 months ago

    We’re putting 22 gallons of it into the R I C E