Whale Cops - Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

  • Published on: 12 August 2019
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    Audio: Rooster Teeth Podcast Post Show #514

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    Animated by: Abby Duel
    Directed by: Andrew Lhotsky

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  • Runtime : 1:53
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  • P1K3L
    P1K3L   23 hours ago

    Why would anyone be afraid of whales?

  • Julian Ortega
    Julian Ortega   3 days ago

    Is no one going to talk about that dumb chick who called the cops on animals being animals?!?!?!?!

  • Demphure
    Demphure   3 days ago

    last line was better than the whole video

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice
    Aidan Weiss-Rice   3 days ago

    I like how the video is called whale cops, and the thumbnail doesn't even have a whale in it

  • Tribot 968
    Tribot 968   3 days ago

    Why does this story seem very familiar only to me?????

  • Karekon
    Karekon   4 days ago

    Killer whales are actually dolphins because we all make mistakes

  • John Dane
    John Dane   4 days ago

    U.S. Coast Gaurd. Could she have called them?

  • Buddy McWilliams
    Buddy McWilliams   4 days ago

    I have a horrible phobia of police. I only call them when I know I can be somewhere else when they arrive. I can't fathom how someone could rely on them when scared, unless they have a vastly different worldview and experience set compared to myself.

  • Fern and Bacon
    Fern and Bacon   4 days ago

    You gotta call the Rescue Rangers, they have a dolphin.

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell   4 days ago

    If GTA's taught me anything, it's that not a single cop can swim.

  • Tachi Roci
    Tachi Roci   4 days ago

    Land cops can't do anything about whales lmao

  • killersushi99
    killersushi99   4 days ago

    Sounds like he was on a boat full of cry baby leftist.

  • Jame Andy
    Jame Andy   5 days ago

    If you have whales bothering you, you dont name the Cops....you name the Japanese. Just sayin.

  • Sir M.Chops
    Sir M.Chops   5 days ago

    If you have whales bothering you, you don't call the Cops....you call the Japanese. Just sayin'.

  • MidNiteParis
    MidNiteParis   5 days ago

    Oh I thought Blaine said Captain Holt at the beginning of the end and thought he was referencing B99 randomly but then I rewatched it and he said "I can hold" and I was like oh.

  • Phantom King
    Phantom King   5 days ago

    I bet they had a W H A L E of a good time! Huehuehuehue!

  • ben stevenson
    ben stevenson   5 days ago

    I guide the vicinity fifty one invasion. Not motive I wanna go, however optimistically it will cleanse the gene pool a bit.

  • CandidCamzy
    CandidCamzy   5 days ago

    “Thanks for watching our content! That’ll be $120.”

  • Knifer J
    Knifer J   5 days ago

    Whale cops are the best cops! 🐳

  • Marco Pohl
    Marco Pohl   5 days ago

    i would have tipped the boat over...

  • ArmaniCoat
    ArmaniCoat   5 days ago

    “we can’t do anything” 😂😂

  • GreenBubbl
    GreenBubbl   5 days ago

    I support the area 51 invasion. Not cause I wanna go, but hopefully it will cleanse the gene pool a bit.

  • Metal Marauder
    Metal Marauder   5 days ago

    funny that they replaced the non-dangerous humpback whales with orcas in this, which would actually be an understandable thing to fear. i mean they're called killer whales for a reason (even though they're dolphins not whales)

  • scottyboy
    scottyboy   5 days ago

    i feel like pointing out that the whales depicted in this cartoon are orcas and are not whales but large dolphins. in the video being referenced the whales are hump back whales or grey whales.

  • Thread Bomb
    Thread Bomb   5 days ago

    THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!!!!!Best bit of this video

  • Cardboard Jessop
    Cardboard Jessop   5 days ago

    and so she called the cops?...🤦‍♂️why didn't she call the Ghostbusters?