This Is What Horror Movie Actors Look Like in Real Life

  • Published on: 24 March 2019
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    People love horror movies. Despite the fact that the world is full of scary, unpleasant and simply creepy things, many people are willing to pay money for a ticket to the movies to be... scared. Scientists say that it is a way to deal with anxiety and also get a portion of "safe" adrenaline: it's obviously better to see a ghost in a movie than getting adrenaline from jumping on roofs. And of course, actors play an important role. They depict monsters and evil spirits on the screen, but often remains unrecognized in real life. Well, today we will slightly lift the veil of mystery and look at them without any masks and makeup.
  • Runtime : 12:25
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    TRU BLU DRU   6 hours ago

    Sick of channels photoshopping peoples eyes and faces for thumbnails. They left Bill Skarsgards normal face alone. But altered the nun actresses normal face/eyes. Stop it.

  • Power man
    Power man   2 days ago

    Those anybody know where i can find the grudge

  • Lisa Kwaleyela
    Lisa Kwaleyela   3 days ago

    Bonnie Aarons is such a unique beauty. Beautiful!!

  • Dragon Heart
    Dragon Heart   3 days ago

    I don't know that guy was to cute to play Pennywise , cause in makeup he's not very scary looking.And didn't Jason die by drowning in a lake as a little boy? How is he walking around as an adult? Or was that Friday the 13th?

  • Lucdera
    Lucdera   4 days ago

    The Nun is one of the best horror movies Ive ever seen :((Maybe cuz I can relate myself to the innocent lil nun

  • Qui-Gon-Jinn
    Qui-Gon-Jinn   1 weeks ago

    You forgot the actor who played the women in black in, well the women in black

  • XxHorror LoverxX
    XxHorror LoverxX   1 weeks ago

    The one who played The Nun is actually really beautiful. It disgusts me that people gotta judge other's looks so much. I know how it's like though because of being bullied my whole life.

  • Todo Todo
    Todo Todo   1 weeks ago

    0:32 what’s the movie??✨

  • RefleX
    RefleX   1 weeks ago

    What about slenderman

  • William Ross
    William Ross   1 weeks ago

    Robert England is the only Freddie I acknowledge.

  • KM nubSkillZ
    KM nubSkillZ   1 weeks ago

    Doug Bradley as Pinhead (hellraiser)Nick castle as Michael MyersSkeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard as Ghostface(scream)Nice video tho!

  • Austin Garcia
    Austin Garcia   1 weeks ago

    10:32 he died so they show the alien die hahah😂😂😂

  • Ale está!
    Ale está!   2 weeks ago

    Letter Face and pyramide Head are my favorites

  • spietator
    spietator   2 weeks ago

    You forgot Kevin Peter Hall, as The Predator from "Predator" and "Predator 2"

  • Smith manze
    Smith manze   2 weeks ago

    the one who played it the clown is amazing like it is so creepy very good Ekta I love it

  • Heartdroid The Jungkook Stanシ

    Ah yes. Good ol' Samara.I once watched that as a little girl (probably 4 or 6) in my cousin's home. When Samara appeared, I cried and screamed af!Good thing my cousin was nice. She comforted me and paused the movie 😂😂😂

  • Jillian Applegate
    Jillian Applegate   3 weeks ago

    For the first one anyone could look like her horror character with enough black wigs nightgowns and makeup

  • Goulz
    Goulz   1 months ago

    Eat your cereal

  • Everything
    Everything   1 months ago

    Watching a horor movie is like eating a proper once in a while

  • Chris Braisy
    Chris Braisy   1 months ago

    why am i watchin this at night thou😑

  • Nayab fatima
    Nayab fatima   1 months ago

    Bonnie Aarons is also looks like nun in real life😂😂😂