Strand pret | Cake Boss

  • Published on: 19 August 2015
  • Cake Boss zie je vanaf maandag 7 september tot en met woensdag 2 oktober elke werkdag om 18:10 uur op TLC.

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  • Runtime : 3:4
  • TLC Cake Boss Buddy Valastro Carlo's Bakery


  • Emmy March
    Emmy March   3 weeks ago

    I dont see the country aspect 😬

  • Sarah Vickroy
    Sarah Vickroy   1 months ago

    The decorator girl has about had it with Buddy's shit

  • James R Warzyniak
    James R Warzyniak   1 months ago

    The colors scream baby shower to me. The box I’m confused? If the colors were more muted and so bright it might of looked better but this was awful.

  • Colin Kerry
    Colin Kerry   2 months ago

    fondant is just nasty to eat but alot of cakes are made with it

  • K R
    K R   2 months ago

    I would've been very disappointed with this cake.

  • Aramya Jaiswal
    Aramya Jaiswal   2 months ago

    I find this so cute and pretty , how can someone not like it

  • Maria Cazares
    Maria Cazares   2 months ago

    Maria Cazares Wilmington Cake boss 🎂 see t:v p:m 9:00 1:13:00 and 👪✌🍰 and Family

  • Zareenah Ahmed
    Zareenah Ahmed   2 months ago

    They could have done a gorgeous white 3 layered cake with golden and blue seashells and pearls and a big beautifully seashell on the top and make it so elegant and sophisticated.

  • Eman Altahla
    Eman Altahla   3 months ago

    كنت أشاهد هذا البرنامج على فتافيت منذ ست اوسبع سنوات تقريبا

  • alejandra mendoza
    alejandra mendoza   3 months ago

    In fact this cake is one of my fovorites is simple but is cute

  • محمد علي
    محمد علي   3 months ago

    هاي الشهره كلهه ومايلبسون كفوف

  • Alia Salameh
    Alia Salameh   3 months ago

    It is disgusting that no one wears gloves. How do people eat this thing? They should be cleaner and more careful. What if one of them is ill and his hands are not sterilized!🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • A -4
    A -4   3 months ago

    You are very cute

  • Shane Dugan
    Shane Dugan   3 months ago

    Yo if i ever ment the dude i be like how manny people got mutiple wedding cakes 😂😂havent see this since like 2008 tho god dam

  • Iokk Iiru
    Iokk Iiru   3 months ago

    برنامج كيك بوس كلش احبة

  • Missy Miss Gorgeous
    Missy Miss Gorgeous   4 months ago

    Sorry sir,but this cake decoration is no way near the engagement cake.its dull in colours and lack much of blank birthday cakes are far better than this.

  • Dndnf SUjdjf
    Dndnf SUjdjf   4 months ago

    The m+a reminded me of some 6thgrade shit if yk yk😭😭💀

  • Kim Namjoon
    Kim Namjoon   4 months ago

    COULDVE made the driftwood brown instead of grey..

  • xConnie Janex
    xConnie Janex   5 months ago

    can somebody tell me if this show is still in production cuz i REALLY wanna know

  • Angela Khadka
    Angela Khadka   5 months ago

    Fondant cakes looks nice but in taste it’s like eating a dough ..

  • ForEva Maeva
    ForEva Maeva   5 months ago

    ...I just don't understand, like why not use white chocolate instead of fondant all the time for the seashells!! And then you could brush them for other colours... Like 😕 ??

  • potato chips
    potato chips   5 months ago

    Someday he's arm hair gonna fall on the cakes and somebody's gonna eat it_