The Truth Of Marshmello's Real Identity...

  • Published on: 29 October 2018
    Marshmello or formally known as Chris Comstock is a respectable music icon and is currently at the peak of his music career and will still continue to grow because of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Also, his ability to collaborate with artists from other countries. Marshmello is more than artist he is the face for Electronic Dance Music ( EDM ) Industry. He is expanding the whole world with Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Touring all over the world and creating jobs and opportunity. Also a huge key factor to his success is his hard work. He never stops making music and breaking records. He is on a different level that most artists. I hope to present the most quality content. Your voice means to us. If there is something you don’t like about the quality please let us know. We want to bring the best content. I’d like to mention that YOU MUST SEE THIS VIDEO.
  • Runtime : 10:1
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  • Liza Holman
    Liza Holman   7 hours ago

    The real marshmello is Christopher comstock search it up on google

  • Mr. Meows
    Mr. Meows   18 hours ago

    when he said SIA i stopped watching

  • Cyrhil Cezar
    Cyrhil Cezar   19 hours ago

    waw tita alam mo tita ang paburito konong si marsh melo

  • alvin radia
    alvin radia   1 days ago

    Its not shawn mendes its some one else i know him

  • Merita Olivia
    Merita Olivia   1 days ago

    Ok. Who is the Marshmello ? I'm so angry 😡😡😡😡😡😡💢💢

  • Anthony Torres
    Anthony Torres   2 days ago

    There's different people so they just want money witches they have their own YouTube channel they just made their own and it's like marshmallows and they just want to be famous too so somewhere fake somewhere real

  • Jason
    Jason   2 days ago

    his real name is Chris Comstock

  • keren aba
    keren aba   3 days ago

    marshmallow just remove your mask please I want to see who you really want to know are you British