Full Fight | Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez One

  • Published on: 20 November 2011
  • FULL FIGHT FRIDAY: Look back at Bellator 58 Eddie Alvarez vs. Michael Chandler! And don't miss Michael Chandler vs. Brent Primus on June 24th only on PPV!

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  • Runtime : 21:26
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  • Deshon Slaton
    Deshon Slaton   6 days ago

    first time watching this fight and paused at 2:10 im reminded of vagita and goku this is crazy

  • Michael Lazri
    Michael Lazri   1 weeks ago

    Chandler round 1Alvarez round 2 Alvared round 3 Eddie was winning this What an amazing fight

  • HDsharp
    HDsharp   1 weeks ago

    The Champion's punches are just not heavy enough.

  • Jeff Carpenter
    Jeff Carpenter   2 weeks ago

    i think he looked down from the leg kick he threw and it didnt hit intended target soft to hard hard to soft what im trained for

  • None Ya
    None Ya   2 weeks ago

    Chandler is still a bitch

  • justforfun919
    justforfun919   2 weeks ago

    1:49 so thats the bitch that keep howling eddddiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Thangz DAvid
    Thangz DAvid   2 weeks ago

    u.eddie a chu professonal ve sawt khawp mai a, sikul tlang a kan in sual kha i la hria m?? ka hneh hnu i nih kha,🤪

  • marcos Jesus
    marcos Jesus   2 weeks ago

    O cara de branco é mais ruim do que o Bob sapp

  • Tiến cảm Đổ
    Tiến cảm Đổ   2 weeks ago

    Thằng quần trắng ngu quá luc xiết cổ như thế cái đầu nó đưa ra ngon thúy mẹ mà ko biết đưa cái gối vô

  • Marc Mayonnaise
    Marc Mayonnaise   2 weeks ago

    Eddie needs to throw kicks! If Eddie kicked him in the third it would have been over!

  • Joe Coonan
    Joe Coonan   2 weeks ago

    WAR Alvarez..!!.....v Chandller, I kept seeing a tomahawk and shield in their hands, as the Jungian Archetype of "Warrior" comes to life before thei otcvery eyes.....Max respect, Eddie Alvarez and Michael Chandler. True living legends of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, to be sure.....What a war,..!!!...

  • Ign GL
    Ign GL   3 weeks ago

    both of them are on steroids for this fight

  • Cazimir Silkovich
    Cazimir Silkovich   3 weeks ago

    Well I know the commentators have to play up Bellator or they'll be fired, so they're forgiven for claiming this fight decides who is the greatest at 155 in all of MMA. 🤭🤣😂

  • Cazimir Silkovich
    Cazimir Silkovich   3 weeks ago

    Eddie Alvarez looks a lot like Marlon Moraes. Google the two pics. Uncanny.

  • Scott Rogers
    Scott Rogers   3 weeks ago

    3:46 Kamaru ‘Keep that same energy’ Usman

  • John Weedon
    John Weedon   3 weeks ago

    Two fookin tough guys "dont bring the dog out of me" sheesh.