Bronny James FIRST Game On NBA Court w/ Dwayne Wade Watching! Sierra Canyon TESTED!?

  • Published on: 01 December 2019
  • Sierra Canyon went against Duncanville at the 2019 Thanksgiving Hoopfest at the Dallas Maverick Arena with over 12,000 people watching! Bronny made his debut on a NBA court for the first time.

    @T_Hoopfest #TGHoopfest
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  • Runtime : 13:14
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  • TreeTop Hill 1
    TreeTop Hill 1   1 hours ago

    I know the dude with the drake beard he goes to duncanville hs with my cuz

  • Original Cam
    Original Cam   5 hours ago

    That tall boy missing all them layups 🤭

  • Tree Wisps
    Tree Wisps   11 hours ago

    wtf is he doing the the intro...?

  • GT Films
    GT Films   23 hours ago

    bronny can't stay with his man

  • GT Films
    GT Films   23 hours ago

    dude has a full on filled in beard lol

  • GT Films
    GT Films   23 hours ago

    that was straight disrespect at the beginning of the video smh don't show up someone in high school especially like that. thats what looses looks and interest from colleges.

  • Truc Frisbie
    Truc Frisbie   2 days ago

    Should’ve shown the 10+ shots bronny missed instead of the one layup he had

  • Jacob Miles
    Jacob Miles   2 days ago

    Nobody, nobody at all.Guy: Thrrreeeeeeeeeeee pointer.

  • Machin3Gunn3r 24
    Machin3Gunn3r 24   2 days ago

    These refs were soo trash everytime a 80 pound kid fell over from a gust of air they be like CHARGE OFFESNIVE

  • darockk
    darockk   2 days ago

    zoom out with the camera bro!

  • R.I.P
    R.I.P   3 days ago

    I thought that was Zaire Wade, lol! 6:23

  • R.I.P
    R.I.P   3 days ago

    These kid's got some talent! Espically Bronny & Zaire!

  • secretAZNman
    secretAZNman   3 days ago

    i wish i could filter out these JV games from my list of recommended vids. i still like ballislife though

  • Querida Surratt
    Querida Surratt   3 days ago

    Number 2 on the black team reminds me of De’Aaron fox

  • Evan Ourada2
    Evan Ourada2   3 days ago

    Bring getting exposed on defense out there

  • 老爹
    老爹   3 days ago

    That Chinese boy has Yao’s free throw skill.

  • Di Zhao
    Di Zhao   3 days ago


  • Boom Josh
    Boom Josh   3 days ago

    Unlike they daddies they won a championship in Dallas together🤷🏿‍♂️