Everything Wrong With Justice League In 24 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on: 18 December 2018
  • Yikes.
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  • Runtime : 25:6
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    ARISTOTLE   36 seconds ago

    "You might say that I Pined for him." That's funny :)

  • Ryan Hickey
    Ryan Hickey   9 hours ago

    You're ignorance has no bounds. Idiot.

  • Kevin Strom
    Kevin Strom   16 hours ago

    Please remove a sin: John Cena WAS a part of the the JL....you just couldn't see him.

  • DravenXC
    DravenXC   19 hours ago

    Cant wait to see the Snyder cut!!!

  • Jesper Alber
    Jesper Alber   1 days ago

    I really like and dislike this video. I wish Jeremy had done more homework

  • Yeah Aight
    Yeah Aight   1 days ago

    13:01 was the Best shot of this whole movie sorry not sorry

  • Anugrahk Muraleedas
    Anugrahk Muraleedas   1 days ago

    The problem I had with this movie was they distroyed the charecter of Batman and made him a goofy buff guy. The cgi also sucked.They should have made a lot of stand alone movies first then United for the big game.

  • Andy Kerr
    Andy Kerr   1 days ago

    What is it about superhero movies having the worst and most boring villains - excluding the joker (heath and Joaquin)

  • Railroad Million
    Railroad Million   1 days ago

    This wasn't Snyder's vision for the movie, it was changed drastically by Joss. I'm pretty sure Joss purposely sabotage the movie to ensure The Avengers success and that Disney keep on making more money.

  • Akshay Singh
    Akshay Singh   1 days ago

    Sorry my friend u have to do the sins again for this movie 😆😆

  • Rahul Kamble
    Rahul Kamble   1 days ago

    The idea of how this movie is similar to avengers? Hmm? A fkng marvel director. I'm just saying 💁🏼‍♂️

  • Triocast Law
    Triocast Law   2 days ago

    Now we'll get to Sin the Snyder Cut. Place your bets here! Is it more? Is it less? Tune in next time to find out!

  • YeetusChungus86
    YeetusChungus86   3 days ago

    Since Snyder Cut is coming out yall better remove sins

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie   3 days ago

    And if the ocean boils with aqua man in it atleast we’ll have enough fish to feed all the avengers

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie   3 days ago

    Notre dame,dc can keep those ugly hunch back freaks,team hulk smash team super geek oops I meant superman

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie   3 days ago

    Dc will never be good as marvel,hulk smashes superman and black widow smashes Wonder Woman

  • Zeezo Shah
    Zeezo Shah   3 days ago

    Finally we’re getting the original justice league after yesterday’s reveal by zack himself

  • Mbro
    Mbro   3 days ago

    Who’s here after Snyder cut announcement?

  • Mbro
    Mbro   3 days ago

    11:35 welp we will see soon

  • CJ Woods
    CJ Woods   3 days ago

    WE WON‼️ SNYDER CUT 2021‼️

  • MegaSoulHero
    MegaSoulHero   4 days ago

    Are you gonna sin the Snyder Cut when it comes out?

  • wan khairiel
    wan khairiel   4 days ago

    Well, I have to say this, the very wrong thing about JL is how clueless, useless, and meaningless Batman is. Batman was supposed to be a world best detective. Instead, they make a tragic rugby teenager way more smarter than him. What the fuck was that? Cyborg was supposed to be a teenager with an advanced technological whos following his senior orders and keep the pace. He's not meant to be smarter than Batman. He's meant to be "kid with a technology thing". While all of that, Batman supposed to be cool-headed,that calm arrogant bastard, emotionless realistic, and sophisticated. Instead, they make him that stuttered buffy, and idiot. Animated series potrayed him all of that?

  • Bowjack 7149
    Bowjack 7149   4 days ago

    I’m here before the “who’s here after the Snyder cut”

  • John Wells
    John Wells   5 days ago

    Crazy how dr. Manhattan is just somewhere in this universe as a literal god and never shows up

  • Zoom
    Zoom   5 days ago

    More like : Everything's wrong with Justice League. Period.

  • Chronic42069
    Chronic42069   6 days ago

    funny how they made SW on the same level of power as darkseid but he wasnt even that strong, this played like sw coulda over threw DS but sw has had his ass kicked by a red sun weakened superman lol

  • Antonio Figueroa
    Antonio Figueroa   6 days ago

    The fact that you think Ezra Miller's Barry Allen is the best part of the movie shows that you know even less about Barry Allen than the morons who wrote this movie.

  • pumpkin91ful
    pumpkin91ful   6 days ago

    Bruce Wayne that shave himself with an inelegant plastic razor instead of a straight or a DE ??

  • AiCDragon
    AiCDragon   1 weeks ago

    Wonder Woman knew what Cyborg could do to some degree because she had the intel she intercepted in Batman v Supes. They saw what they all did... with logos for all of em no less

  • AiCDragon
    AiCDragon   1 weeks ago

    They absolutely DO film some of the dudes in the same manner... they do it to Batman a few times ... the rooftop when theyre grouped up there is a prime example. And who fucking cares if Wonder Woman is sexualized at all? Its ok for a woman to look sexy. Shes also a badass and stands toe to toe w both Superman and Doomsday. All while looking gorgeous and sexualized. So whats the message? A woman can only be conveyed as a physical equal to a man as long as she doesnt look zexually alluring? Gtfo...

  • funnymeme222
    funnymeme222   1 weeks ago

    The reason they didn't call it Amazon island is because the same exact island is in Greek mythology

  • Samur/Aye
    Samur/Aye   1 weeks ago

    "I'm sure no dudes will be filmed in such a way [as Wonder Woman]...Jump cuts to Aquaman taking his shirt off.

  • Aumjaya Kishatriya
    Aumjaya Kishatriya   1 weeks ago

    11:15 Yeah, but he said earlier he doesn't care if the oceans dry up, which would mean the planet dies.

  • Aumjaya Kishatriya
    Aumjaya Kishatriya   1 weeks ago

    This makes no fucking sense for Bifrost, since it was a bridge that Thor couldn't cross because his weight and heat emissions was feared would break it, so he had to cross the three rivers. So this as a bridge that Thor couldn't use doesn't make sense how it works like this. Also, if this asshole can use it, then Heimdall is dead, but Thor killed Heimdall to cross Bifrost and destroyed Bifrost when he did, so Steppenwolf can't use Bifrost because it's destroyed, but, since this franchise only uses the names from Norse mythology, and doesn't keep jack shit about it correct beyond the Asgardians living in Asgard and Odin's right eye being the one sacrificed, then fuck me and whomever else is smart enough to know the stories! Also, Bifrost is a fucking RAINBOW bridge!

  • Smudgefur
    Smudgefur   1 weeks ago

    Henry looks so different without the Geralt hair and I just can't get over that