The Download - August 2019 - ASTRAL CHAIN, Hotline Miami Collection & More!

  • Published on: 31 August 2019
  • Check out some highlighted games that came out during the month of August 2019 on Nintendo eShop, featuring:

    Risk of Rain2:
    Hotline Miami Collection:
    Bubsy: Paws on Fire!:
    Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition:
    DC Universe Online:
    Heave Ho:

    View more Nintendo eShop games that are available now here:

    #NintendoSwitch #ASTRALCHAIN #RiskOfRain2 #RAD #ONINAKI #HotlineMiami #SUPERHOT #Bubsy #PillarsOfEternity #DCUniverseOnline #Hamsterdam #HeaveHo

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  • Runtime : 2:22
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  • Thiago Gonçalves Santana

    Honorable mentions:Chroma SquadPlague Inc: EvolvedThe Church in the DarknessTERRORhythm TRRTSubdivision Infinity DX#RaceDieRunTurok 2: Seeds of Evil RemasterNever Give UpFell Seal: Arbiter's MarkThe Vanishing of Ethan CarterIttle DewVasara CollectionEscape from the UniverseGrandia HD CollectionFAR: Lone SailsYu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link EvolutionSnooker 19PlungeWilmot's WarehouseAgent A: A Puzzle In DisguiseBulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition

  • I is A Judge
    I is A Judge   4 months ago

    We need Eshop music Nintendo and background themes

  • Vioneko
    Vioneko   4 months ago

    hEy NIntENDo?!eSHop muSiC?!

  • Sloghen
    Sloghen   4 months ago

    I was thinning yesterday that Hotline Miami would be great for Switch. Highly recommend those games.

  • nothing here
    nothing here   4 months ago

    Nintendo really allowed bubsy on the switch lol

  • Ori Mazuz
    Ori Mazuz   4 months ago

    Pillars of eternity should be REMOVED from the eShop, it has major game breaking bugs and it is unplayable. Funny that you are still advertising it. Did you even try to launch the game?

  • B3T4
    B3T4   4 months ago


  • Jay Cornu
    Jay Cornu   4 months ago

    Still waiting on hotline miami to unlock for me again, I'm in Australia and bought it on the Eshop before they took it off, it was downloaded and done but i haven't been able to play it getting a message that it's locked......

  • masterninjadanny 9996
    masterninjadanny 9996   4 months ago

    Can you guys please reactivate the wii shop channel and wii online pleeeeaaaasssseee

  • Gamerboog1710
    Gamerboog1710   4 months ago

    Hey Nintendo switch I am looking to get your switch I really need something that I can play at my house and in the go you guys are amazing

  • mr. applejuice
    mr. applejuice   4 months ago

    Astral chain looks so good from the few gameplay I've seen, have fun with that game ya'll I'll just wait until I get the money to actually get it, until then hope to see you guys talk a lot about the game.

  • Sku
    Sku   4 months ago

    Nintendo eshop needs music 🎶 please please please !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ork
    Ork   4 months ago

    What? No 3ds? How is that possible? Unbelievable!

  • EL Sebas
    EL Sebas   4 months ago

    Wait how is Friday the 13th the game not in this video?

  • abrahamWCE
    abrahamWCE   4 months ago

    Omega Labyrinth Life made august a complete glory

  • Hayden Dresel
    Hayden Dresel   4 months ago

    Can snes & super famicom games come to Nintendo switch online & when is the release date please.

  • snakey ro
    snakey ro   4 months ago

    I would like to play them but I'm too poor to buy the Nintendo switch

  • Mauro Alberto García González

    Porfa nintendo saca a la luz splatoon island, creo que si se toma el concepto del triler falso podrían llegar a sacar el primer juego de la franquicia en teléfono, ojala escuchen nuestras peticiones, gracias

  • Jordan Raugutt
    Jordan Raugutt   4 months ago

    Please Nintendo fix online. We need more classic games like SNES and N64 games. Only being able to play NES games on Online is really disappointing tbh. Edit: They finally added SNES games to Switch Online! That made it so much better.

  • Jeremex
    Jeremex   4 months ago

    People : Complain about online Nintendo : “Anyone wanna play some hamsterdam?”

  • Squiggly Pop
    Squiggly Pop   4 months ago

    Nintendo put this music in the e shop already!!! I’M BEGGING

  • MizSaphirolf
    MizSaphirolf   4 months ago

    I just want custom themes or at least a wallpaper for my switch. Well that and more Zelda and Wii U ports.