ASMR worst cranial nerve exam

  • Published on: 29 December 2019
  • hey smash like so I can diagnose my minecraft dog.
    Welcome to another addition of the worst reviewed series! Tonight is the ASMR cranial nerve exam back at it!


    Disclaimer: *** This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here:

    This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :) ***

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  • Runtime : 17:35
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  • Waxer_Stryder
    Waxer_Stryder   2 hours ago

    8:26 When people tell me they are a mobile gamer

  • Francisco H
    Francisco H   2 days ago

    ok so let me see ur nose cuts off my nose then cuts off my ears Jojo saying this is part of the test then elbows me in the face I wake up and find my limbs missing Jojo keeps on saying you'll be fine me peeing my pants from fear Jojo saying Oh I forgot the head

  • Pineapple
    Pineapple   3 days ago

    7:31Bro that’s like saying Antman is turkeyman

  • Pineapple
    Pineapple   3 days ago

    Me: 1/10 what would it beFan: 539,312 because that is how many views are on the video nowMe: dUhH the video was HilariousFan: Good pointMe: 🤣😂😄😆

  • Pineapple
    Pineapple   3 days ago

    This guy probably got fired a lot of times

  • car boys
    car boys   5 days ago

    Go to 2:27 soooooooooooo funny

  • car boys
    car boys   5 days ago

    I'm so fit Jojo 1+1Me I don't know 5

  • Dragon Paxton
    Dragon Paxton   5 days ago

    I love asmr I hope you make more Especially a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure roleplay

  • Gray Soleil
    Gray Soleil   6 days ago

    dr. diddleylanglangchangcheemingdennislao

  • speedy hunter
    speedy hunter   6 days ago

    If the patient answered all the questions correctly they are smarter than beetle juice

  • cinnamon
    cinnamon   1 weeks ago

    omg how can you do this without really laughing?!? HAHA

  • Reaper Btw
    Reaper Btw   1 weeks ago

    Jojo:look imma be honest but I think you probably have like 26 seconds to live sorry.....

  • Free Comunism
    Free Comunism   1 weeks ago

    Completely out of context here but what would you guys think ofJhon cena VS Camouflage?

  • juli8201 juli8201
    juli8201 juli8201   1 weeks ago

    Jojo: Is that with three x’s?Me, xxx_noobslayer69_xxx: Yes

  • Dance Queens
    Dance Queens   1 weeks ago

    Jojo: Start Listing Pi Me: 3.1415926535 8979323846 2643383279 5028841971 6939937510 5820974944 5923078164 0628620899 8628034825 3421170679 i could go on you know

  • Andrea inman
    Andrea inman   1 weeks ago

    Him:if sally has 3 apples and the katy has 4 oarnges how many flowers were planted on jupiter since 1995- 2016Me: 6000000000000000000000 and one

  • wolfie
    wolfie   1 weeks ago

    don't lie to me i know you haven't worked out in 5 years

  • MaJestic
    MaJestic   1 weeks ago

    What he thinks we look like but the moth is actaully higher than that 👀 👄

  • MaJestic
    MaJestic   1 weeks ago

    Jojo: Your doing a really good job!Also Jojo: Your doing so bad on the 1st test

  • lil_Squid
    lil_Squid   1 weeks ago

    Did he call tic tac toe hearts and crosses???

  • Red Moon
    Red Moon   1 weeks ago

    0:22 what the hell😂🤣

  • Xavier Does the Best
    Xavier Does the Best   1 weeks ago

    Who’s watching after the corona virus? 👀 He wiped his hand for a good reason!! 👀

  • The keeper Jay
    The keeper Jay   1 weeks ago

    Jojo:I’m gonna touch you Me:I’ll kill you if you touch me bish

  • Floppy Waffle
    Floppy Waffle   1 weeks ago

    Smile so much it feels like your skin on your face is ripping of

  • Lyzardking127
    Lyzardking127   2 weeks ago

    I tried to use this vid to sleep but i ended dying of laughter at 8:45 cuz i looked like he called 911 tho and the meme reference tho god i just cant 😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅

  • Kohyn Stout
    Kohyn Stout   2 weeks ago

    how moist is keanu reeves hahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha and would you call someone if your weenie gets stuck in a toaster

  • NFS wrld
    NFS wrld   2 weeks ago

    I still don’t know the end to this video cuz I keep fallin 😴

  • LdZ_aNd_ Glman
    LdZ_aNd_ Glman   2 weeks ago

    12:43Dr. Jojo:You have bad eyesight and bad hearing senseSurgeoun simulator:You have liver failure

  • LdZ_aNd_ Glman
    LdZ_aNd_ Glman   2 weeks ago

    12:23Jojo:Ok what is this (.)Jojo:Oh You cant see itMom:This is because the phone

  • Florpy Dorp
    Florpy Dorp   2 weeks ago

    me: 21JoJo: you cretin, you fool, you absolute buffoon

  • Morgan Owings
    Morgan Owings   2 weeks ago

    4:18 Jojo: so we are going to take it slow...My eyes: 🔃🔄🔂🔀↘️⏬🔼↖️↩️↙️▶️⏭⏮⤴️↪️↘️⬅️↖️⏫↘️⬆️⤵️🔄🔀🔂🔃