Semi-Finals & Finals: Checkdown x Madden NFL 20 Tournament

  • Published on: 03 April 2020
  • Game 1: Denzel Ward vs. Tyreek Hill
    Game 2: DeSean Jackson vs. Derwin James
    Game 3: Championship

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    #NFL #Football #AmericanFootball
  • Runtime : 2:52:5


  • Chief Walker
    Chief Walker   3 weeks ago

    How you change teams in a tournament. ThemBoys shoulda rode out with they picks

  • Mr. Carter
    Mr. Carter   1 months ago

    Tyreek suck. And derwin nice 💪🏾

  • K Dubjr92
    K Dubjr92   1 months ago

    D-jac could have clicked on to the safeties and picked the ball of a couple times on some passes deep to Goodwin.

  • K Dubjr92
    K Dubjr92   1 months ago

    Chris Johnson had 99 speed on madden before

  • Kee is ME
    Kee is ME   1 months ago

    Threes shoulda changed his team

  • Evan03Grimes
    Evan03Grimes   1 months ago

    Tyreek beat him just as bad as he beats his own children

  • CPryorBeatz
    CPryorBeatz   1 months ago

    Tyreek throw in the towel!! lolol my lawddd

  • Jamir XO
    Jamir XO   1 months ago

    U can tell Derwin really play this ❗️❗️😂

  • A
    A   1 months ago

    Look at curry, look at curry, look at curry. WE GET IT!

    BIGZRHINO7   1 months ago

    I like how none of them played with there actual teams

  • Adrian Tavares
    Adrian Tavares   1 months ago

    everybody talkin ab tyreek using tha bears theres nun wrong wit that its ab tha user not tha team

  • wnterz
    wnterz   1 months ago

    Tryeek kinda trash

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller   1 months ago

    I miss josh lewin calling Texas ranger games :(

  • Noah Tetreault
    Noah Tetreault   1 months ago

    Tyreek Hill’s son watching that last game: 😰😰😰

  • Adam Och
    Adam Och   1 months ago

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  • James Buckley
    James Buckley   1 months ago

    I post amazing football edits check me out !!!

  • Mathewpoke
    Mathewpoke   1 months ago

    Make sure to start Tyreek against the chargers in fantasy this year, he boutta go off outta spite 😂😂

  • Alexander Ruiz
    Alexander Ruiz   1 months ago

    I’m doing guess run everytime he runs, literally impossible to run against

  • YoSexy Gamer
    YoSexy Gamer   1 months ago

    Bad quality for great player come on🤮

  • Justin Gregory
    Justin Gregory   1 months ago

    Niners wayyyy better than the bears though. James had the best team

  • Evan Meredith
    Evan Meredith   1 months ago

    42:08 if this isn’t a sign that Tyreek is destined to win this thing idk what is