Everything Wrong With Bird Box In 18 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on: 12 February 2019
  • Did you see it/them? I hope not, because you are dead. What? I know, right?

    This movie is BONKERS.

    Thursday: RomCom sins that angered us.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 19:1
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  • SourMoonz
    SourMoonz   1 days ago

    Bro it’s just a movie it’s not real life...

  • bird box
    bird box   1 days ago

    If your drunk and sees these demons what happens? Like 🥴

  • DionnTheGreat
    DionnTheGreat   2 days ago

    How come everybody didn’t die from watching the news in the beginning?? The movie should’ve ended in the first few mins😩

  • viper13178
    viper13178   3 days ago

    8:10 Everyone must watch, I wish I didnt watch, 2hrs I'll never get back

  • Sadie O'Keefe
    Sadie O'Keefe   4 days ago

    “BD Wrong” ur wrong for that one sir 😂😂😂😭😭

  • Chromosome collector

    Sociopaths are known to be able to fake emotions therefore it explains our "totally normal friend's game of pretend" which shows up around 13:00. Please don't ask why I decided to explain or how I even know this in the first place.

  • Ninjakitten42
    Ninjakitten42   6 days ago

    Have you considered that Malorie might be ambidextrous? It's not common, but not too rare.I wouldn't be suprised.

  • vizthex
    vizthex   1 weeks ago

    At this point, I feel like I could watch enough CInemaSins to know how not to make a movie.

  • Kayleigh
    Kayleigh   1 weeks ago

    “18 minutes or less”did you mean: “18 minutes or more?”

  • stikowsky
    stikowsky   1 weeks ago

    Just press the fast forward button and get it over with.

  • My name isnt Relevant

    46 sins in the first 4 minutes, thats about 10 sins per minute, slow the fuck down bird box

  • Asher Atkins
    Asher Atkins   1 weeks ago

    I mean you have to admit those drawings were sick as hell bro

  • Daughter of Hades
    Daughter of Hades   1 weeks ago

    Also malodor completely ignored the fact that Olivia wanted her child to be named Cinderella or jasmine or something

  • TheGermanNarwhale
    TheGermanNarwhale   1 weeks ago

    Also the reason they go to a school for the blind is so they can scoop out their eyes and teach them to live without

  • Temple Patrick
    Temple Patrick   1 weeks ago

    Did he mean to say “rattled angel” Am I the only one who is annoyed by this

  • Domenique Gomez
    Domenique Gomez   1 weeks ago

    Still can't believe Machine Gun Kelly was in this movie

  • Pavel Ninja
    Pavel Ninja   2 weeks ago

    So we have movie where you cant see (Bird box),movie where you cant speak (Quiet place), so whats next ?? Movie where you cant hear a sound ??

  • JohnFx
    JohnFx   2 weeks ago

    So did the monsters only have one weapon, looking at them? I mean couldn't the monsters have walked up and chomped the blindfolded people or something?

  • Toad The Gamer
    Toad The Gamer   2 weeks ago

    watching this movie about lockdown in the middle of lockdown

  • KawaiiDeath43
    KawaiiDeath43   2 weeks ago

    I hate it that she says to her kids somebody has to look it’s basically just saying bye bye to her kids like nah I’m not gonna look u look

  • Way Finder
    Way Finder   2 weeks ago

    100,000 sins for the stupid idea of using gps

  • Laszlo1306
    Laszlo1306   2 weeks ago

    When Bird Box came out I didnt watch it because I disliked the plot this movie is out, but after seeing this video now im for real never gonna watch this. It is really some random dumb movie

  • DisappointingPorn
    DisappointingPorn   3 weeks ago

    Yeah...if something as sheer as single pages of newspapers is effective, wouldn’t people be using something more readily handy and larger like bed sheets instead?I’m just saying.

  • JoeyJoeJoe
    JoeyJoeJoe   3 weeks ago

    people named charlie in movies always die

  • Mariela Luisa
    Mariela Luisa   3 weeks ago

    The book is way better. It explains a lot of the loopholes in the movie

  • Tj Taz
    Tj Taz   3 weeks ago

    Only thing that pissed me off about the movie was Gary being able to act normal for so long. Other than that I think it's a great movie. I know it's been a WHILE since you counted actual "sins" in the movies but could you go back that? All you do now is 3 sins of rip for the logo's then find anything to bitch about every 5-10mins.

  • Tj Taz
    Tj Taz   3 weeks ago

    I think the shot of the horse was just symbolism. Idk the Bible like that but I believe there's something about demons riding a black stallion and pale horse

  • Roblox_ potatos
    Roblox_ potatos   3 weeks ago

    They go to the bile school so they can learnt to live without seeing thus making them Safe from the entity or space aren’t witch can’t physically burn people by itself and and only psychopaths can see it as beautiful.

  • Relient Pilot
    Relient Pilot   3 weeks ago

    I love that he sinned the unnecessary stuff being looted from the store yet tp in 2020 exists...or better yet it doesn’t

  • CameronT.I.E
    CameronT.I.E   3 weeks ago

    People: Using blindfoldsBlind People: Pathetic

  • Ryan Elliott
    Ryan Elliott   3 weeks ago

    Ok. Ive got something to say. Ive seen too many people talk about how the title says 18 minutes or less and yet the video is 19 minutes and 1 second. Pay attention everyone. It says, "Everything wrong with Birdbox in 18 minutes or less" but if you pay attention the review gives its total at 18:14, and the last sin is awarded even before that. So the review is over. The rest is just ads. Sorry. I know a lot of the people who said it are probably new to watching CinemaSins. Just had to put that out there for people. It was really annoying me for some reason. Maybe it was the repetiton.

  • Ryan Elliott
    Ryan Elliott   3 weeks ago

    What i am curious about is how did this movie, which is a train wreck of a motion picture, get only two more sins than IT: Chapter 2? Which, according to every critic and any movie goer ive hear from, is definitely a better movie. It seems a little crazy to me.