This Is What Happens When Bodybuilders Are in Public Places

  • Published on: 25 October 2018
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    Many of you probably know this popular prank to neutralize a jock? If someone doesn’t know it, then watch: simply attach a sticker to the middle of the wide back of the bodybuilder. Believe us, after long attempts to remove the small piece of paper from his body, the musclehead will seem helpless, but at the same time very cute. Just like when people attach something to the back of their cats. Yes, in some situations, bodybuilders and strongmen are not as powerful as when lifting heavy things. Today, we're gonna show you some funny jocks that will definitely make you smile.
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  • TrueWeed
    TrueWeed   1 months ago


  • Dallas Sniper
    Dallas Sniper   1 months ago

    They'll still go down crying like a baby if you kick them in the nuts,

  • Timothy Lee
    Timothy Lee   1 months ago

    Hey Juno....I'm a friend my names jessiebear juno😃😄😊

  • Arcimago Gix
    Arcimago Gix   1 months ago

    I know those problems, but i'm just fat

  • tykkään omenoista
    tykkään omenoista   1 months ago

    My dads bro is a bodybuilder and has trouble in airplanes. Once bought a $1650 business class seat and couldn't even fit in it.

  • anto dzl
    anto dzl   1 months ago

    7:45 if a men try to do that it will be arrest and after they want equal right

  • Bang Supa
    Bang Supa   1 months ago

    Everything that over doing is bad

  • Emilijan
    Emilijan   1 months ago

    2:40 this was fcking cringe lmao🤣🤣🤣

  • Childerico
    Childerico   1 months ago

    Most of them look horrible.Besides most of them use roids due to that use they are going to have health issues.

  • SGK
    SGK   1 months ago

    Brian shaw and eddie hall is not a body builder tho they’re strongman it’s quite different. Js

  • Tony Martinez
    Tony Martinez   1 months ago

    Sadly, body builders can be stopped nowadays. they are just as vulnerable as skinny people.

  • Sean Ruley
    Sean Ruley   2 months ago

    What movie is it where Arnold Schwarzenegger hold a black bodybuilder hand that turned into a meme

  • WannaBuyACan
    WannaBuyACan   2 months ago

    The best car for that large a man is a hummer or a jeep truck

  • Philip Jones
    Philip Jones   2 months ago

    yeah pretty much all of those just things apply to just super fat people

    DOMINATOR GAMING   2 months ago

    Bodybuilder are not strongmanDont disrespect strongmen 😑😑

  • rick hall
    rick hall   2 months ago

    Is it me or is this really odd, or should i say they look odd, this isnt perfection, more like really odd. Sorryguys but you dont look like anything normal.

  • Chad Lumenarcus
    Chad Lumenarcus   2 months ago

    Horses can conformably carry a maximum of 20% of their fit body weight as a load. That's before their own fat adds to it, and if the horse is out of shape, that falls to 10 - 15%. If that horse was 1200 pounds and fit, that means it's carrying capacity is around 240 pounds. 200 with a 40 pound western saddle. That body buildet definitely weighed more than 240 by himself.Assuming he was 300 pounds of mass, he would need a fit and sturdy horse weighing in at 1,750 ish pounds to include the saddle. That horse was in pain. And the guy should have known better.

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee   2 months ago

    7:39 noOoOoo you should have added the audio, im korean i could have translated for memes 😂😂

  • Roh Roh
    Roh Roh   2 months ago

    Horse 🐴 was wondering what kind of a horse is riding him 😀

  • PsychoRL
    PsychoRL   2 months ago

    beefy... beefy ballerinas?

  • peregrinestudio
    peregrinestudio   2 months ago

    I have been competing in BB for 10 years and have to get my clothes made to measure, the car problem is a real pain and i had a HD custom built but hate driving cars, another problem you get a little blokes trying to start fights so when you retaliate it looks like the big guy is a bully......the plus side to BB is women like it (not all women) in 2 years time i am quiting and will debulk. I'm not even the biggest at our gym I'm 6ft 7" and 21st my mate is 6ft 10" and 25st.

  • philip kielsen
    philip kielsen   2 months ago

    0:10 I have tried this on a person before and I Ran Like Hell 😂😂😂 and he couldn't catch me because of his size 😂😂

  • Keeleb
    Keeleb   2 months ago

    Cool video I watched it till the end

  • Tejas Rathore
    Tejas Rathore   2 months ago

    Plot twist: the guy was closing the bottle tightly

  • GB Logan
    GB Logan   2 months ago

    I stare at guys pecs till it gets weird

  • Vieux Demba
    Vieux Demba   2 months ago

    Je suit nouvaux sur cette chaîne aide moi a bien est allé mervi

  • Speedz
    Speedz   2 months ago

    Brain shaw is also 6,8 so....

  • DualNexus
    DualNexus   2 months ago

    If i was shredded asf i wouldnt complain at all about the attention from girls XD. go ahead, i wont press charges LMAO

  • Garryk123
    Garryk123   2 months ago

    how high am I to be watching this!