• Published on: 05 November 2019
  • Here are the all-time DUMBEST ANSWERS Steve Harvey has ever heard on Family Feud! Enjoy!

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  • Runtime : 21:4
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  • Zach Dancy
    Zach Dancy   1 hours ago

    It's Hilarious to watch an Idiot question Idiots 😂😂

  • Khadz W
    Khadz W   2 hours ago

    Omggg Sheila got my crying 😂😂😂what’d she smoke?? And she’s so confident with her answers... 😭

  • Glib
    Glib   3 hours ago

    I'am from England so I've never seen this show before. Is it Blacks only?

  • BB V
    BB V   4 hours ago

    Nana nana na na nana nana hey hey hey, GOODBYE....welll Steve, I would say Mom,, but that answer already up there...OMG

  • DullTorpor
    DullTorpor   5 hours ago

    Holy shit. At least 6 minutes wasted because some doofus can't read what's on the board, or understand that 'nana' means 'grandmother'.

  • Isaiah Adams
    Isaiah Adams   6 hours ago

    “Tell another way people say mother” “Nanny” Me laughing 😂😂

  • TheRealAisha
    TheRealAisha   6 hours ago

    Steve tried to give her a chance he's like ok I'm done. Can't deal with stupidity. Let's just flip that shit over.

  • Sad
    Sad   7 hours ago

    Josè 😂😂

  • Mark Oppuse
    Mark Oppuse   7 hours ago

    Is IQ a requirement to play? I didn't think so.

  • Kaitlyn Dean
    Kaitlyn Dean   8 hours ago

    to be honest “read” wasn’t such a bad answer

  • X_HeyIt'sAlex
    X_HeyIt'sAlex   9 hours ago

    Toya with the Monopoly Jail refrence... Thiis some next level type shit

  • Kevster012
    Kevster012   12 hours ago

    'I wouldn't make love to someone who looks like my husband, cus I only love my husband'... Well I mean she kinda has a point. Just cus someone looks like your husband, doesn't mean you should make love to them. But it does sound bad from the other perspective.

  • Austin B
    Austin B   13 hours ago

    They literally said three different forms of nana. Then the lady deadass said mommy three times in a row 😭😭😂

  • James s
    James s   14 hours ago

    That last one was about the dumbest person ever on the show...it even pissed off Steve....lol..

  • Chicaa Bellaa
    Chicaa Bellaa   17 hours ago

    Steve always takes the joke too far to continue to be funny. He needs to cut after the second time repeating it and move along

  • Evil Can Opener Vega
    Evil Can Opener Vega   18 hours ago

    only black people clap and pretend knowing dam well thats a retarded answer!

  • Y v P
    Y v P   20 hours ago

    Sad thing about this is they continue to say “good answer” lmaooo

  • I.Z. Jr
    I.Z. Jr   21 hours ago

    Most of these contestants who gave wrong answers are african american

  • Knight Kal
    Knight Kal   22 hours ago

    I have seen some real dumb people on here but hats off to Sheila

  • Tea Tree
    Tea Tree   1 days ago

    Y'all are gonna make this poor man lose his mind

  • m .2z
    m .2z   1 days ago

    9:18 steve .....you are the father 😂😂

  • DreThaBeast -
    DreThaBeast -   1 days ago

    Sheila and the rest of the women in the family are cute as hell but damn Sheila those answers i swear make my brain cells commit suicide.

  • w y
    w y   1 days ago

    Who’s behind the board? Flipping pants for “ long pants” was clearly a charity play.

  • w y
    w y   1 days ago

    What’s worse is the people clapping and saying good answer and laughing when people are laughing AT them. Good god kids, stay in school and PAY ATTENTION!!!

  • Viswesh B.R
    Viswesh B.R   1 days ago

    Steve : Another way to call your mother?Cecilia: NanaSheila: NahnaMe: NANI!

  • Harper Winchester
    Harper Winchester   1 days ago

    Notice how it’s mainly black people saying the “dumbest” answers?!!! That’s no coincidence. Final answer.

  • Robsparksaz
    Robsparksaz   1 days ago

    Dey dont say Ma?? Or maybe they call her Catherine lmao

  • Robsparksaz
    Robsparksaz   1 days ago

    What bout NoNo STOP CLAPPIN🤣🤣🤣