• Published on: 17 January 2020
  • I experienced the first class bullet train in China which is the all time greatest train seat I have ever seen! And thanks again! Get your FREE 2 month membership here:
    Train video on bullet train first class in China. During the video I experience first class bullet train (which business class is actually the first class). I do a full on train review comparing the Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train). Now, if you are new here on the LivingBobby channel I love to travel through taking trains from bullet trains to overnight trains to overall first class experiences! This train vlog was truly special as it was both a high speed rail, but also an experience on seeing how china is so good at building railways. Being from the US, I hope the US builds a high speed railway, as the US has no high-speed rail right now. Comment below if you thought this was the all time greatest train seat and overall what you think about chinas first class bullet train
  • Runtime : 12:48
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  • Luhao XU
    Luhao XU   5 hours ago

    why did you steal Mark Rober's background music???

  • Olivia Ellis
    Olivia Ellis   7 hours ago

    China=The place i will die (I am allergic to peanuts.) (and COVID-19 will kill us all.)

  • RobloxsTacobell
    RobloxsTacobell   16 hours ago

    So here i am.. in quaratine watching a person Who was enjoying His trip.Yep that’s me

  • Comrade Anya. A
    Comrade Anya. A   17 hours ago

    Bobby: In China, anything could happen!Coronavirus: y e s

  • Kaung Myat Min
    Kaung Myat Min   19 hours ago

    He got be infected with Coronavirus cus he is a beast

  • Ryan Tippens
    Ryan Tippens   20 hours ago

    we dont have those trains in the USA.........

  • Shah Abbas
    Shah Abbas   1 days ago

    I love China and China control corona virus

  • damlinyen glitch
    damlinyen glitch   1 days ago

    Hello random human get ready on the Corona virus spam get ready

  • PixleGamerRBX
    PixleGamerRBX   1 days ago

    It's kinda funny when I was there at the train station early last year and I was in that lounge too XD.

  • Ian Hamilton
    Ian Hamilton   1 days ago

    "All you have to do is download the App'........Welcome to the China Virus Communist Party 2020.

  • Victor Le
    Victor Le   1 days ago

    anything can happen in China The corona virus was not only came from China it was because of a snake

  • SpacePenguin
    SpacePenguin   1 days ago

    1:59 WTF! Do you see THE SIZE of that Mcdonalds in the backround??!!

  • 刘杨梓
    刘杨梓   1 days ago

    From this comment section you know exactly why everyone knows corona virus is around the corner, but nobody get well prepared.

  • Jayesh Patel
    Jayesh Patel   2 days ago

    Why you in China corona virus tho not worth it

  • Fiona Feroz
    Fiona Feroz   3 days ago

    I’m from China so if you go there again I will help you

  • Rui ZHOU
    Rui ZHOU   3 days ago

    It's funny how the world is making fun of China when they are one of the largest population in world and control the virus well without letting it spread (it did spread around the world but why has china stoped it in it's own country...) and fun fact "ITALY AND AMERICA Have a large amount of corona and no one even try to protect THEMSELF" hahahhahahah such a joke

  • Dontfollow me
    Dontfollow me   4 days ago

    No one:Absolutely No One:Absolutely No One Ever:Comment section: C Co Coro CORONAVIRUS!

  • Arkboi21
    Arkboi21   4 days ago

    “I feel like I’m the boyfriend that just wont leave you.”Awe! <3

  • Stephen Noakes
    Stephen Noakes   5 days ago

    Who else is watching this after the outbreak 😷

  • liz kavanagh
    liz kavanagh   5 days ago

    Meanwhile in New York its cost around $29 to get crammed into a dirty old train on the LIRR

  • Goaw
    Goaw   6 days ago

    No fear of coronavirus

  • Sean Lee Jia Jian
    Sean Lee Jia Jian   6 days ago

    11:35 BRuh look at those people lookin at him awkwardly 😂😂

  • S_Sohail _S
    S_Sohail _S   6 days ago

    Me: My man got the coronavirus Him: yes sir

  • Max Bailey
    Max Bailey   6 days ago

    Yo lad you are going to be 6 foot under!!!

  • 王炜
    王炜   6 days ago

    Me : I was born in China Everyone : …………RUN!!!!!!!!Me : follows them …Every single one of them was infected Me : feels normal

  • Wangwangboy Wang
    Wangwangboy Wang   6 days ago

    Lol y’all be talking about China when coronavirus is everywhere but y’all realize US has more cases XD also China can actually let things go back to normal it isn’t all a pandemic as it used to be in China trust me if you can go to China I would actually go because they can actually treat your symptoms and everything else maybe it will take a few weeks but it’s worth it.

  • water water
    water water   1 weeks ago

    you have trouble on opeing plasticks.

  • -Reset- -ź-
    -Reset- -ź-   1 weeks ago

    You better not be heading to busan (and yes I know very far away but leave me alone)

  • Harry Sachs
    Harry Sachs   1 weeks ago

    How is this amazing first class $29 but Pakistan’s first class is $46 and the train looks like it’s been through the Soviet war?