Skellboy - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 19 August 2019
  • Travel across Cubold this December and take full advantage of your resurrected, skeletal body by swapping out body parts and acquiring new abilities during your adventures. Life was peaceful in the Cubold Kingdom until the king's evil court magician got dumped by the princess. With his heart broken and his rage fueled, he called upon the evil spirits to resurrect the dead and the kingdom's long forgotten monstrosities. Skellboy launches December 3.

    Skellboy available Decemeber 3:

    #Skellboy #NintendoSwitch

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  • Runtime : 1:6
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  • Mr. Green man
    Mr. Green man   2 weeks ago

    So I played the game and it was really good a good game with a good concept but... HOLY JESUS THERE ARE SO MANY GLITCHES

  • Kyle H
    Kyle H   1 months ago

    All kinds of Paper Mario vibes. Have we heard more details about this since this trailer?

  • manybalby
    manybalby   2 months ago

    I can't find it on the eshop!

  • Ivan J
    Ivan J   5 months ago

    Only 31K views? Whoa... Guess Paper Mario fans are hiding somewhere after 3DS/WiiU bad experiences...

  • Joshua C
    Joshua C   6 months ago

    Probably not the game for me but put the soundtrack on Spotify please.

  • MetaGrave
    MetaGrave   6 months ago

    Full version of this theme for download soon please? <3

  • Siphus
    Siphus   6 months ago

    I thought this was Lisa the Painful for a sec

  • GeekachuIChooseYou
    GeekachuIChooseYou   6 months ago

    the trailer song is basically a battle remix of spooky scary skeletonsSHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  • dragonfirebunsenburner
    dragonfirebunsenburner   6 months ago

    its making me think minecraft in a paper mario design. but with the theme spooky scary skeletons

  • _Psyduck_
    _Psyduck_   6 months ago

    is that a guy who sings "Look at my horse, my horse is amazing"?

  • Vintal Valentin
    Vintal Valentin   6 months ago

    For everyone asking: Hi! I'm Daniel (@VintalValentin on Twitter) and I'm the Singer/Guitarist/Bassplayer behind this trailer-Song! Everything else has been done by Umaiki Games' composer Björn (@BjoernMeansBear on Twitter). We wrote the lyrics together. :)

  • Awesome JCR
    Awesome JCR   6 months ago

    I want this trailer's theme on Spotify

  • Jeroen Heister
    Jeroen Heister   6 months ago

    this looks super fun, but who is the person that sings this? I'm getting a real mrweebl vibe from the vocals. you know from Badgers Badgers Badgers.

  • TB
    TB   6 months ago

    style is amazing!

  • Ray Mk1
    Ray Mk1   6 months ago

    This song has been stuck in my head all freaking day!

  • Unknow0059
    Unknow0059   6 months ago

    I absolutely love the artstyle. It looks like fun. I like the song as well.I can imagine kids loving it, too.

  • Manuel
    Manuel   6 months ago

    Got a HUGE vibe of Paper Mario! Without the turn based but this look really dope

  • Dai 大
    Dai 大   6 months ago

    Looks TERRIBLY janky and bad.. the border around the individual parts of the sprites, the awful jittery movement.. and same-y gameplay.

  • A. T.
    A. T.   6 months ago


  • Wade Mikunda
    Wade Mikunda   6 months ago

    I see what you've done here. Sans got injected into Paper Mario.