USA vs Netherlands (2-0)| FIFA Women's World Cup Final, 2019 | Megan Rapinoe | Van Veenendaal

  • Published on: 13 July 2019
  • USA won their fourth Women’s World Cup against a resilient Netherlands side held together by the outstanding Sari van Veenendaal in goal. However a coolly taken Rapinoe penalty and beautifully worked goal from Rose Lavelle was all that was needed in the end.

    Enjoy the Highlights!

    Gold Cup Final, 2019 - USA vs Mexico Extended Highlights:

  • Runtime : 9:19
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  • Diana Terrazas
    Diana Terrazas   6 days ago

    WOW está final estuvieron los padres de las jugadoras y sus hijos

  • Ian Gillies
    Ian Gillies   1 weeks ago

    This could have easily been a 4 or 5 to nothing game. The Netherlands goalie did an amazing job.

  • Ben Swami
    Ben Swami   1 weeks ago

    Yes indeed lowells goal is supereb but it was a start up bu a great pass by dunn to miews her good forwad pass to lowell got the winning goal.

  • Maksat Oserbaev
    Maksat Oserbaev   1 weeks ago

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  • Inam Hassan
    Inam Hassan   1 weeks ago

    Football is not for girls being honest sorry to say

  • Lockon Stratos
    Lockon Stratos   1 weeks ago

    Just one USA took down 20 European countries. And the other countries as well. So USA took down the whole world. As it's always is. Sorry for bragging. Humble brag maybe

  • Ben Swami
    Ben Swami   2 weeks ago

    Dunn tne brain of thiis team.

  • Majura Selekwa
    Majura Selekwa   2 weeks ago

    Rose Lavelle was the girl of the match; she is great and I hope to see her leading the future USWNT for many years as the great veterans who put USA on top of women football/soccer retire.

  • Stella Ewere
    Stella Ewere   2 weeks ago

    Congratulations to the USA. But the Dutch goalkeeper was really working at it.

  • tigerbalm
    tigerbalm   3 weeks ago

    Easily be 5-0 if usa made better shots...Ned keeper was very lucky.

  • Phúc Lê Văn
    Phúc Lê Văn   3 weeks ago

    Lavelle she is look live the wings of bird fly up.

  • Simon Tombe
    Simon Tombe   3 weeks ago

    Netherlands goal keeper outstanding.

  • Eddy Alfa
    Eddy Alfa   3 weeks ago

    I wanted Netherlands, i do not like wrinkles Rapinoe

  • anonymusum
    anonymusum   3 weeks ago

    That second goal by Lavelle was a beauty.

  • SebasXknight05
    SebasXknight05   3 weeks ago

    Wait a minuteHow Infantino went to Brazil to France fast?He was in the Brazil - Peru Match for Copa America

  • Andrew Ongais
    Andrew Ongais   3 weeks ago

    I cannot wait until the word "amazing" goes away.Morons look stupid over using it.If everything is amazing, then nothing is amazing.

  • Mi K
    Mi K   3 weeks ago

    Horribly cut. What a shit.

  • Vittorio Luchi
    Vittorio Luchi   4 weeks ago

    In terms of Quality play and attendance figures lesbian soccer will remain 2nd best.$435 million in revenue was generated by the WC Final between France and Croatia. Lesbian world cup drew about $50 million in revenue over the course of The ENTIRE toyrnament.This is a FACT.

  • Vittorio Luchi
    Vittorio Luchi   4 weeks ago

    US Lesbian Team. Talented, yes. Arrogant, yes.Entitled. Yes.Overpaid? Yes. Lesbian soccer does not draw even 25% of revenue compared to Mens World Cup and they have the audacity to demand equal pay@.Lesbian Team members draw 23% of revenue they generate compared to 7% for Mens team salary.Lesbians just dont attract the same level of revenue. Wouldn't pay $5 for a ticket.

  • Soccer America
    Soccer America   4 weeks ago

    Lame titel. If the Dallas U15 team would/could participate in the Women's World Cup. USWNT would never win it again. That pathetic team is so boring. This fake praise by media is so obvious. Nobody puts money in that low-level crap.

  • ava olivia
    ava olivia   4 weeks ago

    Damn...usa team player doing some skill move...😮😮

  • Robby Burnpipe
    Robby Burnpipe   1 months ago

    WTF. How can that 1st penalty is a foul. The defender doesn't even know if their anyone behind her. S**T. Damn.

  • Alal Esc
    Alal Esc   1 months ago

    Spain was clearly robbed!

  • Alal Esc
    Alal Esc   1 months ago

    the USMNT "paid" to win this cup! After the group stage in every  game they got nonexistent  penalties in their favor?! When the other teams had a penalty in their favor against  the US they weren't called?! Spain should have won that game because they score a goal and the USWNT were giving 2 non-penalty kicks!?   I had never seen this in my life where a football team women/men win a world cup by advancing in every game with penalties in their favor even in the final?! This wasn't legal.

  • fanofmany71
    fanofmany71   1 months ago

    USA are the World Cup Winners... but only admired by Americans (and sure, a few people in other countries). The Dutch were 2nd but admired by the World (and sure, hated by a few in other countries). Difference? Dutch have integrity and great sportsmanship... USA have the Cup - good for them.

  • F. Lares
    F. Lares   1 months ago

    Our national women soccer team Not only won the world cup But also defeated the European champions sweet Total dominance U.S. shot at gol 10 times Holland 1U.S. total shots 17 Holland 5U.S. save 1 Holland 8Best player of the game Holland gol keeper she saved 8 gols to be scored by USA

  • Cecil Treadwell
    Cecil Treadwell   1 months ago

    Dunn should have passed to Morgan and Morgan should have passed to Heath.

  • Nurke Koga
    Nurke Koga   1 months ago

    Алекс Морган суперзвезда женского футбола!