Michigan dam failure caught on video

  • Published on: 20 May 2020
  • Footage captured of the Edenville Dam embankment failing to hold back floodwaters on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 in Edenville, Michigan. Video Courtesy Lynn Coleman
    WATCH: Scene of damage after dam failure - https://youtu.be/SF0c1eyuiJs
    STORY: Feds warned years ago Edenville Dam couldn’t handle a historic flood - https://www.mlive.com/news/saginaw-bay-city/2020/05/troubled-dam-breaks-sends-floodwaters-hurtling-toward-midland.html
  • Runtime : 1:5
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  • Pfsif
    Pfsif   23 hours ago

    The last time I was this early Climate Change was called Seasons, Apocalyptic Pandemic was called Flu Season, mayhem and destruction by crowds was called riots and forced Diversity was called an Invasion.

  • skankhunt42
    skankhunt42   1 days ago

    Bring in the beavers for the next repair

  • Stephen Hunter
    Stephen Hunter   1 days ago

    Ok it wasn't far off, but it doesn't appear to over top the dam.

  • Bat Fink
    Bat Fink   2 days ago

    Hmmm, right place at the right time? Not like there were any rumbling to give cameraman the clue to come and start filming.

  • rupe53
    rupe53   3 days ago

    ... and where was the little kid with the wooden shoes, who was supposed to have his finger in the leak? <LOL>

  • X Z
    X Z   3 days ago

    third world

  • Bethlehem Eisenhour
    Bethlehem Eisenhour   3 days ago

    Strange how they thought that little bit of land would hold all that water.

  • Zk8et
    Zk8et   3 days ago

    theyre a goats

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov   3 days ago

    Hopefully Michigan can fix all the dam breaches faster than they fix roads

  • Brad Kearns
    Brad Kearns   3 days ago

    Que music... “when the levee breaks”

  • Sam Es
    Sam Es   3 days ago

    When Mother Nature decides you need a new river...

  • Victor Freeman
    Victor Freeman   3 days ago

    Looks like some one cut some of the dam away then planted grass on top to cover it up ☠️☠️☠️🤫

  • Crank Case
    Crank Case   4 days ago

    I can't believe that dam held for a week....how about a little concrete, rock, steel?!

  • jpsholland
    jpsholland   4 days ago

    The question is WHERE it goes....I dont want a homeless dam on my property.

  • Morning Glory
    Morning Glory   4 days ago

    Crazy how this is old news in this awful year

  • Mike Webb
    Mike Webb   4 days ago

    I love how this is in fact America 🇺🇸

  • A S
    A S   4 days ago

    @Ed Bassmaster -"Would you look at that?!"

  • 985bully
    985bully   5 days ago

    That’s some dam good footage.

  • milchuck
    milchuck   5 days ago

    Isn't there usually rocks, cement, or some other very hard substance used in earthen dams to help support the structure? This just looked like dirt.

  • Rick S
    Rick S   5 days ago

    EGLE did you hear the screaming of the clams ? Obi Wan Kenobe heard them …."like a million little clam voices all crying out in terror and then were suddenly silenced". Colonel Kurts heard them…."The horror....The horror" …."EGLE you think that if you can just save 1 little clam that you won't here the screaming anymore " ? Even if you overwhelm the dam and cause it to blow ?

  • Ouno
    Ouno   5 days ago

    Don't this this distract you from the fact that Mr Krabs daughter is a whale

  • Cross
    Cross   5 days ago

    Someone needs to learn how to build a dam

  • Nefarious Darius
    Nefarious Darius   5 days ago

    America's infrastructure is failing all over,good thing were still the worlds worst police force

  • vonschleppin
    vonschleppin   5 days ago

    You would think in a state that is one gigantic peninsula they might know a bit about water. Apparently you can't drink it and lakes just up and move.

  • Subramaniam Iyer
    Subramaniam Iyer   5 days ago

    Did anyone sue the administration for negligence and damages? This is evidence isn't it?

  • louis mason
    louis mason   5 days ago

    I think he summed it up pretty well...although he could have added “now we are f——d!”