Italy v Brazil - FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™

  • Published on: 18 June 2019
  • Marta’s penalty proved the difference as Brazil booked their place in the Round of 16 with a one-goal victory over Italy at the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™.

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  • Runtime : 2:11
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  • Blaze 00
    Blaze 00   1 months ago

    there's no way you give a penalty for shoulder power.

  • Jay Stanley
    Jay Stanley   1 months ago

    What makeup does Marta wear??? She's sweating and it's just staying on!!!

  • Holy water
    Holy water   1 months ago

    I can see that everyone in the world cups are getting penalty kicks and not just the US what a surprise

  • Ousmane Badji
    Ousmane Badji   4 months ago

    Canavaro training this italian women defender

  • kj
    kj   5 months ago

    Marta w lipstick while playing??😅and yeah the penalty... hmmm...😐😐

  • Kin Bê
    Kin Bê   6 months ago

    Im from vietnam i love brasil

  • muhd nabil
    muhd nabil   6 months ago

    0:55 barbarra bonansea evil face 😂

  • Gary Tewa
    Gary Tewa   7 months ago

    Great game - congrats Brasil !!!

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl   7 months ago

    1:21 what for that jump? The ball left the field ages ago 😄

  • Kheyral Nisaa Roble
    Kheyral Nisaa Roble   7 months ago

    I love you Italia forza Raggaza you win people's heart ❤️🇮🇹💪🏾⚽🇮🇹💙💙

  • Miro jka
    Miro jka   7 months ago

    Still a beter match to watch than UCL final this year.\

  • D3cyTH3r
    D3cyTH3r   8 months ago

    00:30 -great piece of individual skill. She's a quality player.

  • Jean Pierre Desir
    Jean Pierre Desir   8 months ago

    I like the way MARTA Playing Ball in this Brazil Women's Team, She's a good Player...

  • Cocco FRESCOH
    Cocco FRESCOH   8 months ago

    Brazilians girls go to cook instead of playing football , italy is better Bye.

  • Fitri Wahyuni
    Fitri Wahyuni   8 months ago

    sepakbola wanita berbeda dengan sepakbola lelaki

  • Gustavo Lopez
    Gustavo Lopez   8 months ago

    ni porque tienen V.A.R. fallan en la desicion

  • Andres Espinoza
    Andres Espinoza   8 months ago

    Jajajaaj......... penalty????? Jajajajajajaj gif for brazil

  • mrbenwest
    mrbenwest   8 months ago

    No offence but Females have worser pos but they got better aim than men, (some do) 😱

  • Alessandro Greco
    Alessandro Greco   8 months ago

    well, women's football is laughable for most of football fans: if the FIFA use this kind of referee, it's just even impossible to take women's football seriously, and this is a bit sad. Horrible referee not only in this match, but in the most of this competition. This world cup is a big possibility for women's football, and they are just throwing it away. You can't give always, and when i say always, i mean ALWAYS, non-existent penalty in every goddamn match: this kind of thing are just totally ruining the competition and transforming it in a boring game.

  • Brunna
    Brunna   8 months ago

    Marta rainha do futebol!

  • Pasztor Zoltan
    Pasztor Zoltan   8 months ago

    1:21 what for that jump? The ball left the field ages ago 😄