Letting The Person In Front Of Me Decide What I Eat!

  • Published on: 04 May 2019
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  • Runtime : 18:37
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  • morio and rosinlina text text story

    I hate Miranda Sings she think everyone is here fan she such a poo poo head Miranda is the worst YouTuber. Ever Get hate Collen Ballager,Collen is so stupid

  • Maddie O'Leary
    Maddie O'Leary   55 minuts ago

    Hi can I speak to you and your were in the things right now I don’t funny why do you burp all the time

  • Maddie O'Leary
    Maddie O'Leary   55 minuts ago

    Hi can I speak to you and your were in the things right now I’m not funny why do you burp all the t

  • Shayster B
    Shayster B   7 hours ago

    “Come on Taco Bell! HURRY IT UP! Yo quiero Taco Bell”I’m dead😂.Sorry if I spelt that wrong

  • Victoria Martinez
    Victoria Martinez   9 hours ago

    12:22Highly recommended the ballzz....just squirt it right into your mouth....😭😭😂😂

  • robin butthead
    robin butthead   10 hours ago

    no one is always you're YOUR FANSSSS JEESSSSSSSSSS

  • GracieM B
    GracieM B   12 hours ago

    I'm 6 and I learned to say nice things about others, I'm still a fan

  • Jasmine Rowe
    Jasmine Rowe   14 hours ago

    “Excuse me lady in the skirt”“...”“You can’t walk through the drive thru!”“...”“Brat”

  • Shine17bright
    Shine17bright   14 hours ago

    Miranda: Bye love you mwuahhAfter passing by Miranda: Eww how annoyingI was dying😂😂2nd timeCashier: Bye! HahaMiranda: Ok bye! HahaRolls eyes😂😂

  • cool beanz
    cool beanz   17 hours ago

    Who else is scrolling looking if those employees from taco Bell commented? | \ /

  • Taco Nacho
    Taco Nacho   18 hours ago

    Chicken nuggets and Gogurt sound good

  • Taco Nacho
    Taco Nacho   18 hours ago

    The barbecue sauce looks terrible

  • Taco Nacho
    Taco Nacho   18 hours ago

    I agree with you when they put onions on my cheeseburger I hate when that happens

  • Michelle Tombrello
    Michelle Tombrello   20 hours ago

    Nobody Not a single soul:Me:Miranda: whips out medal strawMe: OH

  • Helen Rice
    Helen Rice   22 hours ago

    Describe the Ghosts e-cigarette Miranda because I've got a child and her angry cigarette and I got loads of toy videos toy videos so bye guys if you want to see any pick me

  • Koral Smith
    Koral Smith   23 hours ago

    Omg she kills me😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Alyssa Yang
    Alyssa Yang   1 days ago


  • Eliyanna Marie
    Eliyanna Marie   1 days ago

    “chocolate milk yessss” ....“they didn’t get soda what am i supposed to wash it down with”