Giant Volleyball Challenge!!

  • Published on: 24 March 2020
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  • Runtime : 12:34
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  • Lion Wolf
    Lion Wolf   1 weeks ago

    How tall is Joey compared to Bobby

  • Iron Quiz77
    Iron Quiz77   7 hours ago

    No offense but i think kevin gay or something...when i see him and j-fred ,kevin is always up on his bussines...And he always like holding someone or something like opinion

  • Clement 19
    Clement 19   9 hours ago

    Can they play actual volleyball though?

  • annim hahs
    annim hahs   19 hours ago

    No Offence Bobby but I like Ben more wish you guys could feature him more in the future videos

  • Biuguy 5867
    Biuguy 5867   1 days ago

    I have a punnishment mayonese and banana

  • Braxton Goldsmith
    Braxton Goldsmith   1 days ago

    Does anyone remember when it just was Brian, j-Fred and Mathias

  • I’m A-joke
    I’m A-joke   2 days ago

    What was the background music when the were using the helium filled yoga ball?

  • Noiz Archon
    Noiz Archon   2 days ago

    12:05 - can we get an F for Marvin when Keobi denies his high five? xd

  • Justin Self
    Justin Self   3 days ago

    the mis marked the score on 10:20 they did two 20

  • Sydney Katz
    Sydney Katz   3 days ago

    hey team edge. you guys are the funniest people I think I have ever met and you guys are soooooo fun to watch and I have watched every sign one of your videos. bobby- you may be short, but you do have a lot of personality in your tiny body. bryan- I feel like you are the one who brings everything together. you're so nice and actually very athletic lol. joey- you're inanely hilarious and every time bryan makes a mistake and you correct him. it makes me die of laughter. kevin- even though you are not in the most videos, when you're in them you make them great to watch and put on replay. finally, marvin- you are so athletic and even though you are not in many videos just like kevin, you are very committed to the channel and I love you all so much. thank you guys for making me happy when watching your videos. they are all so great! love you all!

  • e g
    e g   3 days ago

    Anyone else hear Bobby say “f*ck” at 9:17 ?? 😂

  • Aray_RIZ
    Aray_RIZ   3 days ago

    i think Marvin weakness is LAUGHTER

  • J H
    J H   3 days ago

    Marry had 23 it counted 20 two times

  • Zion Trask
    Zion Trask   3 days ago

    It’s sad Bryan is the only OG in this video

  • Abigail TATUM
    Abigail TATUM   4 days ago

    My friend is a fan of you l and would love meet you all

  • Frances Smith
    Frances Smith   4 days ago

    Bryan looks like the guy off All American the Netflix show like no joke he looks like olivias twin

  • Onkar Virk
    Onkar Virk   4 days ago

    9:46 point's were 21 of kryan and then it on taking one point they got sent to 23 how ???

  • Jett Muller
    Jett Muller   4 days ago

    Your videos are the funniest videos I’ve ever seen

  • JW Plays
    JW Plays   4 days ago

    Does anyone else think that Kevin and Marvin look similar

  • Daniel Organ
    Daniel Organ   4 days ago

    9:47 they added two points to team Kryan, and at 10:10 they didn't add a point to team Marby. They should've tied.

  • Master Slice
    Master Slice   4 days ago

    3:01 pm anyone else get tanner fox, ninja, or king random video