How long will a 3D printed cylinder head last? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 06 August 2018
  • Link to the 3D cylinder heads being made:
    How long will a 3D printed cylinder head last? In this video, I test both PLA and ABS plastic 3D printed cylinder heads (made by Terry from Southern Manitoba Canada--thank you Terry!). The cylinder heads and gaskets look amazing and they were designed with great precision. Thanks to all who recommended this video idea!
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  • Runtime : 9:7
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  • Hans Thurau
    Hans Thurau   2 days ago

    Since you are using solid pieces with no cooling fins... Why not try solid metal covers with no cooling fins and see how long they last

  • lulua mahalo
    lulua mahalo   4 days ago

    3D printing is fascinating. Even more so since I never expected potential uses in engines. Who knows what may come. Great video!

  • hydorah
    hydorah   4 days ago

    VW and BMW engineers are watching this video furiously making notes. The lack of durability of these plastic parts is particularly appealing to them

  • Jeremy Horne
    Jeremy Horne   1 weeks ago

    But, there will come a day - if not already here - where not only cylinder heads will be printed, but all engine components.

    VIRAL HOUSE   1 weeks ago

    The answer is - 3D print the part with "Carbon Fiber Nylon" filament material - it handles 350 degree heat and its stupid strong. I make car parts with it.

  • james conn
    james conn   1 weeks ago

    Need to try carbon fiber filament

  • the dude
    the dude   1 weeks ago

    Itd be cool if peter brown could make you some various epoxy parts. Possibly a clear intake to watch the fuel atomize

  • Joey white
    Joey white   1 weeks ago

    I could make those same cylinder head molds at home. Might have a hair or two in them but I could make em.

  • Noah Boyce
    Noah Boyce   1 weeks ago

    What does seafoam do to your engine when it cleans

  • MrJanml
    MrJanml   1 weeks ago

    Someone should provide you with thermosetting polymers or different types of glass, maybe they could last?

  • build it at home
    build it at home   1 weeks ago

    ⚠️Hey friends i made an video where i used sunflower oil as engine oil. Thank you for inspiration project farm❤❤💯

  • aidan lorente
    aidan lorente   1 weeks ago

    i don't know if this would work at all but you should try a 3d printed piston

  • Adji Saputra
    Adji Saputra   2 weeks ago

    I really want to know, how many spark plug did he used from all of his video

  • universecorrupted
    universecorrupted   2 weeks ago

    OMG. Just found this channel. I'm so going to troll all the videos. I wish you were my neighbor hahaha! I'd be testing with you every day.

  • IC Tan
    IC Tan   2 weeks ago

    should try PC or PEEK printing filament

  • a channel
    a channel   2 weeks ago

    try a cylinder head made from a rock

  • Ty Senpai
    Ty Senpai   2 weeks ago

    I swear you always have a vid that is always on my mind.

  • Eray Kepenek
    Eray Kepenek   2 weeks ago

    Why does he always look like he is about to start laughing but forcing it in

  • Kissalude
    Kissalude   2 weeks ago

    Hmm wonder how well 3d printed metal would do. But those are more expensive.

  • Lilia Chan
    Lilia Chan   2 weeks ago

    93% of the commentsThey molded testicles38% of the commentsThats alot of damage and also memes

  • No U
    No U   2 weeks ago

    ik this is old but they make metal 3d printing filaments Should try one of those out rather than plastic that isnt meant for high temperatures

  • mr._ Machanic
    mr._ Machanic   2 weeks ago

    I don’t have a 3D printer sry but you should find some one Who does have a 3-D printer and you should make a 3-D printed carburetor

  • Jaden Schalck
    Jaden Schalck   3 weeks ago

    I believe that you can 3D print metal now. That might last longer as a cylinder.

  • Dee Landers
    Dee Landers   3 weeks ago

    Just wondering which ink pen is best. I notice you rep that one like its sacred. Let's find out. This episode was great

  • Four Wolf
    Four Wolf   3 weeks ago

    is it just me or do cylinder heads look like ballsacks

  • Roc790
    Roc790   3 weeks ago

    Now make an engine with every part made of plastic then see how long it runs

  • CityBoi FPV
    CityBoi FPV   3 weeks ago

    Id like to get those files and print it out of a different type of plastic. Let me know. I'll print in in petg and nylon.Maybe even peek.

  • Pavel Vanek
    Pavel Vanek   3 weeks ago

    It might be just me, but I quite didnt get the reason. The head is made at 3d printer therefore from plastic easily melted by heat. So take it from there it is just no diferent whether the head last a minute or two.

  • Tom greene
    Tom greene   3 weeks ago

    6:21 Ford 5.4 liter heads do the exact same thing

  • Bill B
    Bill B   3 weeks ago

    What about metal 3d printers?

  • mxrius
    mxrius   4 weeks ago

    What about a resin print?

  • jean jacque
    jean jacque   1 months ago

    Almost 1 a.m. I have to be at work for 3 a.m. and I'm watching this