The Best Player In The NFL - Patrick Mahomes | 2019-20 Highlights ᴴᴰ

  • Published on: 03 February 2020
  • Music Outro: Travis Scott - Highest In The Room

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    *I do not own any of the footage or audio in this, it belongs to the NFL and the copyright owner of the song. I make the videos for entertainment purposes only*

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  • Runtime : 22:30
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  • Elton Dennie
    Elton Dennie   9 hours ago

    Im not a but admit hes good reminds me of joe montana lamar jackson is my quarter back.if the coaching staff wouldnt have kept lamar out 3 games with the addition my second favorite raven mark ingram who got injured and jinx my boy lamar would be enjoying the super bowl wsy in hell mahommes was better than my guy lamar jackson last season.things like that happens to the best in sports.frazier beat ali once.ali came back won twice.buster douglass lucked up beat tyson once.ali lost to leon spinx once came back won the title 3rd time.the ravens had the best team in 2019 since walter payton 1985 haters know ravens nation fans waiting on tommorow.lamar will slash some throats next year.if you going to be a winner must have the killer instincts like jordan.lamar evolve like jordan and turn into a beast your fans.will still love you because we know thayt what it takes to win.that what brady did he would cut his opponents throats.

  • Marcel West-Bailey
    Marcel West-Bailey   10 hours ago

    Mahomes is great but you know what's good if not better? That Oline and Andy Reid's coaching lol I take nothing away from Mahomes but the way some of these plays are schemed and how absolutely wide open people are is just crazy

  • Jake Wheelock
    Jake Wheelock   1 days ago

    5:56 that perfectly shows how fast Patrick really is and why he's not just scary in the passing game

  • GamingUnlimited _
    GamingUnlimited _   2 days ago

    When i’m like in my 20’s im gonna be the best QB in the history of the NFL. I can already throw a 50 yard dime to my dad when he’s running super fast.

  • Limah Lopez
    Limah Lopez   4 days ago

    Not to hate or anything...Patrick Mahomes had the worst mvp super bowl stats ever

  • Cue Ball
    Cue Ball   4 days ago

    His feet don’t even have to be set for him to throw bombs and they’re still perfectly placed spirals.

  • Proto Type
    Proto Type   1 weeks ago

    Kareem Hunt messed up big time. His mistake cost him a super bowl ring.

  • JzeroN
    JzeroN   2 weeks ago

    now imagine a chiefs team where robinson, pringle, watkins don't dissapear for two months after the indy game. and having darrel williams to complement damien. idk why shady was benched for the end of the season and post season.

  • Nico Medina
    Nico Medina   3 weeks ago

    Who else is a raiders fan but loves MahomesJust me ok

  • Henry Josue Sanchez Zelaya

    Man this team is crazy good and scary! Imagine if they decide they want to make history and play for the love of the game instead of money, they all take pay cuts and decide to make the money work for them to gain more money off the field and keep all this players for at least 5-7 years, they could demolish the league it would be a dictatorship

  • KLWeezy1
    KLWeezy1   4 weeks ago

    Well he finally knows how to read defenses now. Things just went from scary to downright terrifying. The NFL is in the palm of his hands.

    RTWOR LLC   1 months ago

    Kelce - White boi be ballin'

  • Timmy McDevitt
    Timmy McDevitt   1 months ago

    14:26 what is the point of this 2 point conversion?🤣

  • The Flying Cow
    The Flying Cow   1 months ago

    Can’t do nun of this in madden tho everything is a pick 6

  • MrCwhitt75
    MrCwhitt75   1 months ago

    The kid is special!! And to all of us die hard Chiefs fans, the ones that have been through a lot of heartaches...We Have The Best Ball Thrower in the History of the Game!! Can't nobody change my mind on that!

    ICT VINNY   1 months ago

    LEGION OF ZOOOOOOOM! "I like that! yeah I like that!"---Honey Badger

  • H.A. Hump
    H.A. Hump   1 months ago

    If he keeps on playing the way he is ...He will break every freaking record...Tom Brady is a pussy who is afraid of running or taking a hit....This man can take a hit, can throw side arm as well as he does regularly, and can do the no-look pass....I've NEVER seen a more athletic and talented quarterback in my lifetime! He's the future of the NFL and he's only 2.5 years in and 24 years old!

  • Froggy World
    Froggy World   1 months ago


  • Bank Robba
    Bank Robba   1 months ago

    As a niners fan Mahomes is the best player in the NFL and i really wish we had drafted him. Garappolo is great but Mahomes is the real deal

  • Blue Man
    Blue Man   1 months ago

    bruhh tyreek hill really doing the fortnite dance😂

  • Robby Flay
    Robby Flay   1 months ago

    Literally looks like how Madden 2100 will look like

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad   1 months ago

    Mahomes must have put ketchup on the madden curse and ate it

  • metalboxinc
    metalboxinc   1 months ago

    Honestly the Chiefs team is so fucking stacked it’s not fair

  • Nissan370Z
    Nissan370Z   1 months ago

    He played half the season with a bad ankle and somehow recovered from a dislocated kneecap!

  • Henry Reynen
    Henry Reynen   1 months ago

    0:34 he made that throw look effortless

  • Richard Sinclair
    Richard Sinclair   1 months ago

    I cracked up when the announcer said "THAT WAS SICK" at 5:52

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson   1 months ago

    I've seen the numbers but wasn't buying into the hype. After seeing some of these throws... wow. I'm officially certifying him as the Real Deal. The flexibility to make some of these throws, the zip he puts on the ball when necessary, the pin point accuracy, the composure under pressure in the pocket, the no look passes, the cross field throws across his body... I don't want to speculate and call him one of the goats just yet because he only been a starter for 2 years. I think you need longevity and a decent body of work to be in that conversation. But coming from a Dolphins fan, I'm excited to see how his career plays out. We could be watching something that future generations wish they could've been around to see...

  • Anthony Ware
    Anthony Ware   1 months ago

    The 49ers gave up only 8 passes all year in the regular season and post season where the ball was thown 20 yards or more in the air. Thats an 18 game stretch. But in the Super bowl the 49ers gave up 3 passes where the ball was thrown over 20 yards in the air and completed. Let that sink in on how good the chiefs passing game is.