6 Straight Women vs 1 Secret Lesbian

  • Published on: 24 November 2019
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  • Runtime : 9:56
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  • Jubilee
    Jubilee   4 months ago

    Hello Goodhumans! With our newest collection of humangood apparel, we started the humangood fund! 10% of profits will go towards giving back to altruistic and inspirational Goodhumans from around the world. Help us find the best people to give back to by sharing your story or nominating people in your life who embody human good: https://airtable.com/shreYVDjbily9cx0E

  • Jay M
    Jay M   13 hours ago

    Well tbh all girls, be it straight or lesbian, it's kinda hard to figure out for me. My insta feed is filled with these girls giggling, hugging, kissing (on cheeks) and sleeping on each other's laps. I mean, if a guy does the same, wouldn't he be called gay?

  • Nick Petrella
    Nick Petrella   17 hours ago

    I knew the straightest looking girl would be it.

  • Trigger Flick
    Trigger Flick   20 hours ago

    me already knowing the answer because Haley is on FBE

  • Adnan Bashir Abdi
    Adnan Bashir Abdi   20 hours ago

    Danielle is straight cuz she said she was married in another episode

  • MakParis Supreme
    MakParis Supreme   1 days ago

    but they all voted the mole out first.. shouldn't they all get a prize?

  • Selah Morton
    Selah Morton   1 days ago

    “you cant have long nails if ur lesbian” Yes you can tf

  • Katherine Jeon
    Katherine Jeon   1 days ago

    Is Haley on REACT, I think I saw her there once talking about being lesbian which is why I suspected it was her.

  • Kylee Palmer
    Kylee Palmer   2 days ago

    I am 100% straight and I have short nails. So that is nothing to go off of. Long nails on myself give me anxiety I also have OCD about that stuff so.

  • Mason Henderson
    Mason Henderson   3 days ago

    1:10 what is that lady in the gree shirt doing with her head?? lol

  • Jujuscool
    Jujuscool   4 days ago

    I'm calling its either Maddy, Hailey, or Karissa

  • CloudySW -
    CloudySW -   4 days ago

    quarantine got me fucked up who got gabby's insta

  • ECW5320
    ECW5320   4 days ago

    I was having a conversation with a gay co-worker and he was like "Well you're a straight so of course you'd say that." Out of nowhere another co-worker looks at me and says "Wait you're straight???"I was dying laughing.

  • Ale M
    Ale M   4 days ago

    It was too obvious because she is completely the opposite of lesbian stereotypes 😅😅

  • Maelstrum yes
    Maelstrum yes   4 days ago

    No wonder they voted out the crop topI too do not know where the fuck that place is in Japan

  • Madison King
    Madison King   4 days ago

    Hailey reminds me of my aunt so much! Holy crap! My Aunt is lebian and works for Mary Kay and looks and dresses just like Hailey!

  • M
    M   4 days ago

    Karissa is prettty

  • C O C
    C O C   4 days ago

    My argarithom in every Jubilee video is that whoever sits in chair giving opinion is not a mole

  • Spookylil Bean
    Spookylil Bean   4 days ago

    Why did it matter if they were married ...cus lesbian women can’t be married are we in 2001 or something

  • Ryytime
    Ryytime   5 days ago

    wait did that girl say she went to Canada and had sex with 4 girls and expected to be considered straight? I’m very confused

  • KeT Bladerツ
    KeT Bladerツ   5 days ago

    i knew which one wasnt straight because of FBE

  • Lee-Ann Brown
    Lee-Ann Brown   5 days ago

    I knew which one was lesbian from the start because she was from FBE

  • Fan de ton pére
    Fan de ton pére   5 days ago

    Anybody please has Karrissa's instagram @ ? I find her very pretty

  • Maximuilis s
    Maximuilis s   5 days ago

    Just take there bra off and see if they look

  • Banana Beary
    Banana Beary   5 days ago

    HA jokes on you I KNEW Haley was it from the start bc I watch fbeeee