10 Disney Mistakes You Won't Believe You Missed | Find The Flaws

  • Published on: 31 July 2019
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    Can you spot these flaws? How about ours? Leave us a comment below if you spotted the 3 FBE flaws!

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    The Little Mermaid

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    Monster’s Inc



    Finding Nemo



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    10 Disney Mistakes You Won't Believe You Missed |
    Find The Flaws
  • Runtime : 14:48
  • Find the flaws Disney Disney edition 10 Disney Mistakes You Won't Believe You Missed movie mistakes react reaction thefinebros fine brothers fine brothers entertainment finebros fine bros fbe laugh challenge try not to laugh try to watch without laughing or grinning react gaming kids versus food staff reacts lyric breakdown poker face ONEOFF1924 the 10s guess that


    REACT   6 months ago

    There are 3 secret flaws in this video and we bet you can’t find them. If you do, make sure to comment the time + the flaw below. We’ll be snooping in the comments to see who gets it right. 👀 You could win official React merch!

  • Tucker Williams
    Tucker Williams   6 months ago

    And in the Nemo scene the blinds are 4 down and then they are up all the way

  • uwu bwii
    uwu bwii   6 months ago

    wait eric appeared wtf???

  • Caitlin Berisford
    Caitlin Berisford   6 months ago

    I feel like there was more than three1. Eric appeared2. Toms name said NAME3. Mikaelas hair was in a pony tail4. It said fbe -1 at the end

  • Magnolia Vargas
    Magnolia Vargas   6 months ago

    Her foot prints were missing when they showed moana from above

  • Diana Does Things Ok
    Diana Does Things Ok   6 months ago

    The Flaws I found: 1: In the intro where your introducing the cast and their names Toms “name” thingy said Name

  • Paige Alverson
    Paige Alverson   6 months ago

    The dudes name is NAME like what was hes parents thinking

  • Ash Is Mcr Trash
    Ash Is Mcr Trash   6 months ago

    in moana there are no foot print in scene one but in scene 2 there is foot steps

  • Kitten Anime
    Kitten Anime   6 months ago

    There was also another mistake on the Frozen clip. When Hans and Anna were dancing behind the sail, Anna's dress twirled, but she didn't.

  • Angela Hartley
    Angela Hartley   6 months ago

    Toms name says name.Mikaylas hair was down then up And eric is there instead of brandon

  • Brianna
    Brianna   6 months ago

    Eric is there instead of Brandon in a clip makaylas hair was down then up and Tom name said name

  • CC
    CC   6 months ago

    I got tangled jasmine Nemo and cinderella

  • OMGitsSeth
    OMGitsSeth   6 months ago

    0:30 It says Toms name is name8:52 Mikealas hair is up9:00 Eric is there instead of Brandon

  • Logan Snow
    Logan Snow   6 months ago

    Tom’s Name TagEric Is Randomly Just Like THERELove the new hair style Mikeala

  • Nat Crafts
    Nat Crafts   6 months ago

    In the second one Andy was written starting and ending in different places

  • Abraar Kandah
    Abraar Kandah   6 months ago

    7:47 the broken mirror is mirrored on both sides, that’s not normal with mirrors

  • Nat Crafts
    Nat Crafts   6 months ago

    In the first one the moon was also I different places

  • Artist Otaku
    Artist Otaku   6 months ago

    Reactors: i haVe GoOD VisIoN aNd I diDN'T See tHATMe: having good vision doesn't mean that you're observant 😒

  • luke gaming
    luke gaming   6 months ago

    1 the screen is moving 2 the jars switch 3 the tag

  • Daniel Casteel
    Daniel Casteel   6 months ago

    I love yalls videos but why so many commercials? How is gonna take me 38 minutes to watch a 15 minute video?

  • Desiree Bazan
    Desiree Bazan   6 months ago

    Tom has no name, Eric shows up and Michaela‘s hair was up

  • Wolfie_Leilani
    Wolfie_Leilani   6 months ago

    Tom's new name is Name,Alright!Oh hey Eric!didn't see you there!Mikalea Love you're Hair!

  • Hayley .Elr-
    Hayley .Elr-   6 months ago

    They added a hyena in 3 seconds so the girl got it right

  • x / Aésthetic / x
    x / Aésthetic / x   6 months ago

    -Tom's name/handle wasn't shown.-Eric randomly showed up.-Mikaela's hair was down, then put into a ponytail, then back down again.

  • Rachel Wilson
    Rachel Wilson   6 months ago

    0:29 - tom has no name tag or instagram handle.9:00 - eric is there8:52 - mikela's hair is up

  • Alisa Chung
    Alisa Chung   6 months ago

    I figured out the first oneAnd then the fourth oneI got the rapunzel oneGot the Cinderella one

  • Gabby Whitmore
    Gabby Whitmore   6 months ago

    -Tom’s name tag-Eric shows up-Mikaela’s hair keeps going from up to down

  • Amah Igwilo
    Amah Igwilo   6 months ago

    They a switch the person in Tom didn’t have a name tag They were black lines on one of the name tags