The Origin of Consciousness – How Unaware Things Became Aware

  • Published on: 17 March 2019
  • Sources and link to book by Rupert Glasgow:

    Consciousness is perhaps the biggest riddle in nature. In the first part of this three part video series, we explore the origins of consciousness and take a closer look on how unaware things became aware.

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  • Runtime : 9:41
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  • Friendly Metroid
    Friendly Metroid   1 days ago

    I could believe in a consciousness gradient that extended all the way down to rocks and beyond. The question then becomes though, what dictates the separation of each 'rock' consciousness. Is a mountain a single entity or does it split off into something new with each break? I think it's a universal entity with endless form of expression.

  • Ermes Liriano
    Ermes Liriano   2 days ago

    How is the title of the other 2 videos?They said there are 2 videos of the Big Questions of the Live and Universe.

  • Seaside Girl
    Seaside Girl   2 days ago

    What if consciousness is just us talking to ourselves but it’s normal so other people tune it out while the carry on with whatever their doing?

  • Irfan kapoor
    Irfan kapoor   3 days ago

    Consciousnes means aware of whole thing and none.None is meaningless without experinece.Thinking is a state of consciousness (Universe).The work of thinking is to be experienced, to who no law applies.Experience and experiencer are two different things.Time gender reality belief perceptions it all exists based on experience.Experiencer is thinking, state of consciousness.No Law applies to thinking.That is why experience format understand that I am experiencing myself

  • Cookie Kat
    Cookie Kat   3 days ago

    Before humans had consciousness: YAY FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!After humans had consciousness: Great. Now we have to do these things called "Taxes"

  • Monkeyojacko
    Monkeyojacko   4 days ago

    Ha jokes on you, I was unconscious during this whole video. It took me a while to wake up.

  • Synthius Deus
    Synthius Deus   4 days ago

    This video is full of logical fallacies and total bullshit. I can’t believe so many people just eat this shit up and think that they’re right, when they don’t understand how little they know.

  • Synthius Deus
    Synthius Deus   4 days ago

    This video is called “the origin of consciousness.” But doesn’t explain how or why or consciousness emerged. It jumps from speculation to speculation, and this video always uses the word “probably”, which is just another way of saying that these idiots have no fucking clue of how exactly consciousness emerged and how it evolves. Consciousness is a completely subjective, inner experience. These idiots are trying to explain a completely subjective experience objectively. They say that vision generates consciousness even though you can have vision and be completely unconscious (vegetative state.), and you can also be completely conscious without vision (blind people. They sleep and have dreams, and wake up. They can think and react consciously).

  • Synthius Deus
    Synthius Deus   4 days ago

    This delusional video is full of countless logical fallacies. “Things became conscious when they started moving.” How would someone know if a moving life form is conscious? Just because it is responsive does not imply that it is conscious. This materialist empiricist false paradigm is falling as we speak. Go follow Morgue Official on YouTube if you want a full explanation of consciousness without the bullshit.

  • Divyadeep Bansal
    Divyadeep Bansal   4 days ago

    in the yogic sciences , it is said everything is alive i.e. everything that one can perceive or not perceive, but there are different levels of inertia in various forms. Thousands of yogis in India have been aware of this. The science of yoga is basically aimed at enhancing our perceptions so that our awareness increases and we perceive things that are not in normal human experience. What you are referring to as the consciousness is not physical in nature hence it can't be perceived through the sense organs.But when a human being becomes aware of this consciousness, then in the yogic tradition, it is termed as 'enlightenment'.

  • InstiGator
    InstiGator   4 days ago

    I think that consciousness is just advanced memory. For example if a baby were to be born with short term memory loss it would never be able to develop consciousness.

  • sean1 the1
    sean1 the1   4 days ago

    Just by our level of "consciousness" you can infer that humans have lived in an especially hard world. We have had to know so much just to survive its truly astounding.

  • Beastly G
    Beastly G   5 days ago

    I love this channel it makes me feel like a kid learning again

  • AleXanDraPR369
    AleXanDraPR369   5 days ago

    Dude, I just came from the other video ‘why are we alive?’ Think I’m gonna have a life crisis now

  • Tynado
    Tynado   5 days ago

    Wait that entire thing was the intro

  • Tynado
    Tynado   5 days ago

    Philosophers and science struggle to define consciousness the state of being awake and aware of one's surroundings.Just google it dummies

  • Isabella Landa
    Isabella Landa   5 days ago

    what is each living organism is conscious and just exists in their own dimension kind of like ours but with time that moves faster for them than for us, like dog years.

  • Gauss
    Gauss   6 days ago

    I'm going to search my food now.

  • Kajal Singh
    Kajal Singh   6 days ago

    Am I the only one who creates crazy questions? like what if dogs evolved, what would they look like,what if they rule over humans in future and create their own theory..Ikr im weirdo

  • Dan Jacob
    Dan Jacob   6 days ago

    Not convincing. Good try tho.

  • Jacob 52
    Jacob 52   6 days ago

    What puzzles me the most is why I’m conscious in this body

  • justgivemethetruth
    justgivemethetruth   6 days ago

    a constantly changing predictive model of the universe, combined with computation of maximizing actions to staying alive and reproduce, and a virtualization of that process in different ways that are tested with reality.

    ZACHARY FRENCH   1 weeks ago

    Our consciousness intuitively knows that it exists but also can't understand what it isNature is messed up

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson   1 weeks ago

    This video is tryin real hard to elide the distinction between cognition and consciousness. An otherwise excellent video, but that's pretty intellectually dishonest.

  • DoodieSmoothie
    DoodieSmoothie   1 weeks ago

    5:35 That animation is hilarious. The animators did a good job!

  • Chaos Gamez
    Chaos Gamez   1 weeks ago

    I have a disorder that allows me to be conscious but yet I dont know who I am and all my memory's belong to someone else

  • Alex Coere
    Alex Coere   1 weeks ago

    Beautiful Channel. 👍 👍👍

  • Hyakkimaru
    Hyakkimaru   1 weeks ago

    Your brain is thinking about your brain, but the brain that is thought by your brain is thinking about your brain and that brain is thinking about your brain

  • Talloran
    Talloran   1 weeks ago

    Everbody: aKurzegzagt: Energy

  • r0nni3
    r0nni3   1 weeks ago

    LOL, right in the end of the video I was halfway thru a burger I ordered :))))