The Origin of Consciousness – How Unaware Things Became Aware

  • Published on: 17 March 2019
  • Sources and link to book by Rupert Glasgow:

    Consciousness is perhaps the biggest riddle in nature. In the first part of this three part video series, we explore the origins of consciousness and take a closer look on how unaware things became aware.

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  • Runtime : 9:41
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  • zerocool1ist
    zerocool1ist   20 hours ago

    I was once looking at a lobster in a tank floating starring at me and i asked it, i wonder what it is you might think about are different worlds? The lobster took a moment and looked at me kinda sideways and said "Human beings are the only creatures on Earth "that claim a God."And the only living thing that behaves like it hasn't got one."Does the world belong to no one but you?"And when he said it, I was taken back. Not because of who was doing the talking, because I finally understood the connectionbetween children scavenging for food and shiny brass plates on the front doors of banks

  • Seikuo
    Seikuo   1 days ago

    Food:Humans: why are we, why do i exist?

  • Lubhomir
    Lubhomir   1 days ago

    The video is simplified for obvious reasons. but when you start abut what concrete things needed to be changed to move less conscious creature to the upper level, you ll see it is extremely complex. So complex that it cannot be explained by natural selection. The speed of development is way too fast, to not be intelligent. A rock is etiher not conscious => living objects are special kind => religion is true about humans, maybe not about animals. There is a border between them. Remember that viruses without hosts are rocks too. And rocks can be divided, so it can multiply. Or rocks are conscious, but we cannot see it because it will take many years for it to develop into conscious living object. In either case pure materialistic approach fails.

  • Christophe Breland
    Christophe Breland   1 days ago

    so no such thing as free will? Ive had this thought that things are just chemical reactions and we are just part of earths systems no different from weather and things just happen cause and effect and even if you think you are making a choice you were always going to make that choice and even tho things are going to happen you cannot truely predict the future.

  • Fan He
    Fan He   1 days ago

    It's obvious that conscious is a quantum process

  • PCpolice Liveleak
    PCpolice Liveleak   1 days ago

    This video doesn't explain the origin of consciousness, it presupposes it. In order for an organism to want to find food in order to survive it would already have to be conscious. Inanimate objects don't really seem to care about surviving as far as I can tell.

  • I saw you just
    I saw you just   2 days ago

    I like how everyone is tryna comment some sort of memes which I can never come up with

    SANKET BHANDARE   2 days ago

    Can make a video on god, what is it, can we become god if we reach a super conscious state.

  • Snap At A Chat
    Snap At A Chat   2 days ago

    Consciousness is far too complex to make any confident assertions on, but to me it seems like it's an awareness of our own awareness of our awareness. It enables us to desire to desire what we should desire, even when it goes against our desire to do things like live. It enables us to die for a noble cause despite extreme pain and temptation.

  • Marmalade Magnus
    Marmalade Magnus   2 days ago

    5:35 My last brain cells guiding me to eat shredded cheese at 3 AM.

  • Philip Nunn
    Philip Nunn   2 days ago

    The sort of shit you think of when you've smoked way to much weed

  • Red Dulge
    Red Dulge   2 days ago

    I'm more fascinated when people develop self-consciousness, thinking about their thoughts and actions; having to become existential, thinking deeply about the world and self, “How am I here? How did I get inside this body?” Until they stop to realize and accept the fact that they're to continue living in reality.

  • Mahfuz Luiser
    Mahfuz Luiser   3 days ago

    To me consciousness is like pre- experienced subjective phenomena.

  • Pseudo X
    Pseudo X   3 days ago

    consciousness is from the soul

  • Maitreya Buddha
    Maitreya Buddha   3 days ago

    Perhaps it is time for us to realize that consciousness is yet another super-natural that lives within us and that this the only alien who/which is not our enemy.Whether consciousness is a living thing or not, it is a matter of debate however, consciousness exists even after our death.Our soul may be life source according to our current level of understanding of human anatomy. Perhaps this is because we are only interested in medical sciences that deal with our body only and not with the other non-physical (by our current standards) beings that exist within us or perhaps around us.We can say that our consciousness does not manifest itself because of the internal and external deceptions from other human hosts who are under more severe control (of aliens).Perhaps another important purpose of life is to find your own consciousness. Perhaps that is why some gurus think of consciousness as a flying object or something. You know, this might be true as well. 🤔What is consciousness? There must be a definition before we can expand the details of this stuff.Let's say that our consciousness is the range of our enpicturement of our own existence. 🤔 Yup; that should suffice.

    JAYFUL FILMZ   3 days ago

    Every time people talk about something evolving such as the eye. They explain it in such a way that makes it seem like their is a goal! They’ll say something like “the eye evolved to see prey better” yea but why would it do that ? What would tell it to do that ? & how would it know over billions of years that it needs to get to that point ? Evolution is flawed & we don’t even know it!

  • Adam Newe
    Adam Newe   3 days ago

    No as apes we just ate lsd mushrooms and it changed our brain structure

  • Great Minecraft Projects & Tips

    I don’t think anyone figured out what is consciousness. I think being conscious means being aware of your surroundings which means feeling pain or seeing . That is processing information in your mind . So consciousness means processing impulses. You would be surprised if you know that I am only 10

  • Reyna Arawan
    Reyna Arawan   5 days ago

    So you must think there was something that decided to make it easier to find food. Interesting. Always looking for ways to catch an atheist slipping.

  • Alex Simeonov
    Alex Simeonov   5 days ago

    "The original function of consciousness was probably to direct a mobile self that was short of energy to a fresh supply of food" - this applies not only to animals but to all living beings! Bacteria, archaea and protists always move in one way or another towards their source of energy (chemical or electromagnetic), fungi always move their hyphae towards digestible organic matter (chemical energy), and plants always move their roots towards water and minerals and stems and leaves towards light (electromagnetic energy). Does this mean that all life is conscious? Well according to this statement - YES!

  • raw_beats
    raw_beats   5 days ago

    Maybe try looking at consciousness from a different perspective. We are aware of things that happen around us, but not that much of what happens inside of us. If a thought arises, most people are not really aware that this is a totally unconscious event. It is like a story that is told to you and it goes on and on and oh then the next thought arises and this goes on repeat all day. Most of the time you just think without actually realizing it. And most of the time the thoughts can be really negative towards other people, situations and even yourself.Try this next time you notice that you are thinking: just consciously watch your thoughts without adressing or judging them, you will see they already lose their power over you and even occur less from time to time, depending on how frequently you get aware of it. - that is consciousness, you can even be aware of your thoughts.Thinking is a part of consciousness, but you are not your thoughts. Almost every human thinks that what he is, are his thoughts. Guess who is telling you that? :D

  • Tooney Moo
    Tooney Moo   5 days ago

    what if the whole world is in your brain and conscience is a lie

  • Justin Baters
    Justin Baters   5 days ago

    There's a mistake at 2:40 I think it'd be a good idea to look over your vids multiple times looking for mistakes :)

  • tony stark
    tony stark   6 days ago

    Considering the fact that we are just a lot of atoms, how are we able to think while we are just atoms

  • Soulelo Lo
    Soulelo Lo   6 days ago

    To think about it, everything is in some form of conscious. F.E. when some atom or molecule comes closer to another it sort of becomes aware of it and merges together. Particles are aware of other particles. We don't call this consciousness but it is in some way. The universe is big and maybe someone is out there and don't think of us anything more than some particles moving through space and time.

  • Pendragon
    Pendragon   1 weeks ago

    consciousness is not an emergent property

  • ForcesNL
    ForcesNL   1 weeks ago

    Language is probably a key in this. Because it makes it alot easier to remember things and express them. You can write things down and explain those things to others which makes them able to relate.Awareness however, what I think. Mostly is beeing in control of your natural instincts. Awareness obviously develops later in life. Such as responsabilty and caring.

  • An Anime Weeb
    An Anime Weeb   1 weeks ago

    At 7:20, the thief bird was just like, “HEY! Get you tail feathers back here!”

  • Eric Ulric
    Eric Ulric   1 weeks ago

    You also can't say that no one has come close to the explanation because it's unlikely you've exhausted every analysis.

  • Eveo Airo
    Eveo Airo   1 weeks ago

    0:56 I am Danny and I am Drew and we are not the same person

  • Ubi Vermis Cerritulus

    A life form is just a absurdly complex machine made of matter so if conciousness originates from matter the matter must have an aspect of conciousness and if we are conciousness composed of numerous separate pieces of matter than there must be one conciousness which is separate by its ability to communicate with itself. We are all One my friends! One in the river we hear the Word, we lose ourselves but we find it all!