The Origin of Consciousness – How Unaware Things Became Aware

  • Published on: 17 March 2019
  • Sources and link to book by Rupert Glasgow:

    Consciousness is perhaps the biggest riddle in nature. In the first part of this three part video series, we explore the origins of consciousness and take a closer look on how unaware things became aware.

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  • Runtime : 9:41
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  • needpit1
    needpit1   1 hours ago

    So your conclusion is that consciousness is originated by the necessity of food but you never gave some sort of definition of what consciousness is. How can you afirm that something originated in some way if you dont even know what "that" actually is or what properties it have??? Are you saying that the sense of needing food and reproducing are something separate that doesnt interact with consciousness because that sense is what cause consciousness to exist in the first place??? But then how does the living creature knows that is hungry ?? How can you even propose that just "living" things have consciousness if you dont develop an hypothesis of what being conscious means?? I get the idea that the more senses we have the more we are aware of the environment but your conclusion, your aseverations about the food driven origin of consciousness and your implicit but unexplained assumptions of what consciousness is make this video one of your worst videos, at leats for me. I don't blame you though, consciousness is a difficult topic. Still a huge fan of your work

  • rion herzog
    rion herzog   3 hours ago

    No. Yeah. Problem with it. History was erased. Are we becoming more or less reliant upon technology to give us answers? I can't take what the narrator says seriously. & the graphics are at 'best' ok. Conscious, in my opinion starts when something is born.

  • 天使
    天使   3 hours ago


  • general penguin
    general penguin   5 hours ago

    I don't know if anyone sees this comment, but I had this question for a while. The question is: Can we go beyond consciousness

  • Lax DC
    Lax DC   6 hours ago

    Man people will think of anything they possibly can to make sure that the answer to such complexity in the world and ourselves isn’t God. Of course animals had an ACciDenTal mutation that allowed for their simple consciousness right? Who’s to stay it couldn’t happen. Fucking hell such complexity because of MilLioNs of years of accidents. Right.

  • Victor
    Victor   20 hours ago

    Consciousness is the Consciousness that sees everything behind and before the eyes. you cannot define it because it cannot be seen, you are it, and you can only be it, but you can never find it as an object of perception

  • Dj Hudgins
    Dj Hudgins   1 days ago

    Bing bang lie, evolution lie, "what consciousness is" lie.

  • tony evans
    tony evans   2 days ago

    Flat earth is consciousness. This content is unconscious.

  • AVG x G4mer
    AVG x G4mer   2 days ago

    This video made me think about isekai anime.

  • gavin Frierson
    gavin Frierson   2 days ago

    We know what consciousness is but we still don’t know it’s origins

  • Randall
    Randall   2 days ago

    That’s why restaurants are op

  • Katie S
    Katie S   3 days ago

    I forgot how well funded this channel is, I expected that ending to transition into “this episode was sponsored by Doordash”

  • Let It Ride DH
    Let It Ride DH   3 days ago

    PLEASE READ :p You can't pinpoint consciousness because it is actually the totality of what we can perceive. Let me explain : we as humans are sensible to a very small fraction of all the spectrum, wich means in a way that our consciousness is the capability to "digest" information from a certain wavelength. We don't need to feel or to be aware of the magnetic field of the earth because we simply don't need this step of consciousness to evolve in our specie. So basically being FULLY conscious would mean that your biological system could interpret 100% of the information given to the universe and therefore know everything about it so : it would be able to view the future with 100% precision, wait wtf ?

  • Marqan
    Marqan   3 days ago

    If the way to become more intelligent is to look for food, then I'll be a genius in a few years!

  • katie sings
    katie sings   3 days ago

    bold of you to assume i enjoy consciousness

  • Cyril Peter
    Cyril Peter   3 days ago

    Am halfway through the video and somehow of all the videos I have seen of this guy , this is somewhat the worst it just lacks the point he is trying to make. He argues for a fact that living things exhibited consciousness when they started searching for food like how would they know they were hungry if they had not been conscious at the first place and moreover to be hungry there's a preceding action of consuming food and they couldn't have eaten unless they were conscious at all, they would have never blinked were they not conscious at all and this is the whole problem of evolution theory it can't explain consciousness. It asserts that consciousness has become complex but they just don't get the point its only the degree of being conscious that has changed. Consciousness is still the same as it was in the beginning and it is at now but the degree of being conscious is the one changing , all I can say is that consciousness preceded the formation of the first cellular life or if you have any thought just table it.

  • landofold
    landofold   3 days ago

    Tfw you're just a tiny worm known for your funny face.

  • MahdiYsondre
    MahdiYsondre   3 days ago

    All along the video, the notions of cognition and consciousness are confused. The video doesn't talk about consciousness at all. It's pitiful. The author has absolutely not understood the concept of consciousness, and claims to be able to explain it to others. The definition of consciousness is very clear. By the way, this is an entity which can't be observed. Each of us knows that he has consciousness, but we can't prove that the others have. It's just intuition. Consciousness is a metaphysical entity. Natural selection and adaptation have no reason to induce consciousness, and even they had, they couldn't do it, because it's metaphysical. Consciousness is the greatest mystery, with the origin of the world, but to understand what I'm saying, you have to understand the concept of consciousness, and it's not on PubMed (metaphysics is not about science), it is rather in the philosophical literature (Aristotle, St. Francis Aquinas,...). Scientific fanatisme is a barrier for the mind. I love Science, but everthing is not about science.

  • mythirdchannel
    mythirdchannel   4 days ago

    got a feeling I'll be having an existential crisis now everything I get hungry :P

  • Dillon White
    Dillon White   4 days ago

    Is it not just memory+the ability to speak ?

  • Ariful Arifin
    Ariful Arifin   4 days ago

    Evolution? Really? I thought you guys were smart..

  • Mr. sir
    Mr. sir   4 days ago

    Why are most of the people in these videos black?

  • Aravind M
    Aravind M   4 days ago

    Nice Video... Good concepts!...Keep Rocking...Looking forward for lot More interesting Video's...Much Love, Peace and Harmony...😇

  • cursed alien
    cursed alien   4 days ago

    So basically, food was the first thing anyone thought about.

  • • I am a Funny YouTuber lol

    The narrator said a living thing needs energy to survive then why does an cell which is unconscious even know thag it needs energy or wss just an freak coincidence that non living things turned into a liviing thing by adcident seems legit and jokes on u god😂.

  • Darketek
    Darketek   5 days ago

    1:30 - 1:37 enjoy is a strong word

  • Ben Gill
    Ben Gill   5 days ago

    Great video but still no explaination really... i really think it's outside of what we understand but I have no idea what or how, obviously.. I just hope I find out when I die haha

  • biiirca
    biiirca   6 days ago

    The mantle of responsibility