The Real Reason Why George Lucas Made the Fetts Fake Mandalorians

  • Published on: 22 November 2019




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  • imnotcreative 22
    imnotcreative 22   4 months ago

    "How he acquired that armor is beyond me." - Prime minister Almec to Obi Wan.

  • slimy jimmy
    slimy jimmy   14 hours ago

    lore star do your research, jango fett is a descendant of the mandalorian worrior and general cassus fett and since cassus was one of the highest ranking mandalorians of his era, and jango is his descendant,jango and by extension his son boba are mandalorians by blood. and their is actually a fett clan in star wars with the name fett roughly translating to farmer which as we know jango fetts family were farmers, so jango and boba by extension are mandalorians but boba was not a mandalorian by culture in that he never was acclaimed to be a mandalorian and as shown in the case of darth maul, the leader of mandalor does not have to be a mandalorian, also another note worthy fett is khomo fett who was a commander in the mandalorian army during the rise of the eternal empire, as such their are many note worthy mandalorians who come from the fett clan. so stop dissing the fetts and saying they fake mandalorians.

  • Spartan Fotus
    Spartan Fotus   19 hours ago

    The thing is that Jango Fett was strong enough to be a Mandalorian but he doesn't follow the code of honor

  • Mike Grana
    Mike Grana   1 days ago

    I read a book Tales of the Bounty Hunters back in the 90's. It said Boba was Jaster Meerel and was a cop. He was exiled for killing a co worker. He adapted the mandalorian armor and the name Boba Fett.

  • Jake Badger
    Jake Badger   2 days ago

    My personal head canon that I'll hold until a canon answer is established is that Jango was born on Concord Dawn (Like he said) but not to a Mandalorian family or perhaps a bastard to one and grew up being bullied and constantly reminded he wasn't really one of them so he left the planet to be a bounty hunter and copied their armour out of spite and loves proving that with his fake armour he's more Mandalorian than his tormentors would ever be.

  • el poncho man
    el poncho man   2 days ago

    “Here's why you can't exterminate us, aruetii. We're not huddled in one place—we span the galaxy. We need no lords or leaders—so you can't destroy our command. We can live without technology—so we can fight with our bare hands. We have no species or bloodline—so we can rebuild our ranks with others who want to join us. We're more than just a people or an army, aruetii. We're a culture. We're an idea. And you can't kill ideas—but we certainly can kill you.”—Mandalore the Destroyer

  • Charles Hodgdon
    Charles Hodgdon   3 days ago

    Didn't the Bounyhunters book state that Boba Fett killed a Mandolorian and took his armor?

  • Paul James
    Paul James   5 days ago

    I think this has to be among the stupidest things in Canon. First off, the idea that Mandalorians only wore Beskar is total crap. I can see it being the case for Mandalorians with the prestige and ties to get Beskar armor, especially by the times of the Clone Wars, but I do not see that as making his Mandalorian armor fake, at least by Legends standards. Hell, the fact that Din Djarin(Mando) from the Mandalorian himself doesn't wear a full set of Beskar, even at the very end of the first season because his greaves and vambraces still aren't Beskar, should be enough to disuade the idea that Beskar makes Mandalorian armor "real"Secondly, Mandalorians are very much a way of life, not a bloodline, at least in their true original sense, and the Mandalorian show blatantly states this so it's still a part of Canon. If we're going by Legends, he was born on Concord Dawn and was raised by Mandalorians just like Din Djarin. On top of that he KNEW Mandalorians and called them in to help training the clonetroopers so he had clan connections, this I'm still pretty sure is part of Canon. Hell he was the one who instilled Mandalorian values and culture into the damn clones, including knowing Mando'ade chants. Now maybe I can see the case for Boba because he wasn't raised in the clan structure like Jango, but seemingly Jango brought him up with Mandalorian up until he died.If Lucas really said Boba, and by extension Jango, aren't Mandalorians then he's either gone senile or he's blatantly retconning stuff which honestly I'm just going to end up blowing off because it makes no damn sense and is a stupid retconn that not only detracts from the charactes but honestly ruins the characters.

  • James Bidelspach
    James Bidelspach   1 weeks ago

    See what kills me is that the legend's stories where he is a Mandalorian make him becoming the Clone Template logical. He fought against Count Dooku when he was a Jedi and killed a Jedi with his bare hands. Then Dooku hired him to kill the dark sith who controlled the Bando Gora clan, proving again that he could kill force users.Why is that important? If the template could kill Jedi, then one could dictate that his exact copies could do the same, which in the end was their purpose. Idk. This makes it just seem like "oh, he's good at killing" not "OH. He can actually kill Jedi."

  • juan torres
    juan torres   1 weeks ago

    This bothers me when fans bring up the quote from the minister because he was obviously tryig to cover the fact that the violent past is making a come back and it's growing once more. Intent for the scene is ignored for lore.

  • Decanus Severus
    Decanus Severus   1 weeks ago

    Either way the Fett's are the most bad ass characters to ever don the armor. I don't care if they are Mandalorians, as long as they don't take the title of best bounty hunters in the Galaxy away it's all good.

  • The Light Of The Lantern

    I absolutely love how commenters below are arguing with George Lucas himself! That is a riot!!!! It also reeks of desperation.

  • Trevor Shanahan
    Trevor Shanahan   1 weeks ago

    FACT: George Lucas made Star Wars lore up as he went, by the seat of his pants. Boba's origin has changed at least 3 (if not 4) times that I can remember in the last 30 years. Lucas has never shown any indication that he exercised extensive forethought for long-term narratives. Boba WAS a Mandalorian until it didn't fit the new preferred "canon" of the day. When your canon is this "fluid," you've got issues.

  • Burger Fett
    Burger Fett   2 weeks ago

    I’m not a mandolorian I’m a cheese burger

  • JMan 127
    JMan 127   2 weeks ago

    The only piece I will add is that not every Mandalorian utilized Beskar steel because even by the Clone Wars Beskar steel was rare and not necessarily always available.

  • Mystery nerd
    Mystery nerd   2 weeks ago


  • Eva Del Cid
    Eva Del Cid   2 weeks ago

    Boba never took his helmet off soo ?

  • Caped Caper
    Caped Caper   3 weeks ago

    I like this video. It's thought provoking. George Lucas doesn't have any say in lore any more, and pre- Disney Jango Fett was Mandalorian as confirmed by the comics and the video games. Most notably Knights of the Old Republic (Bounty Hunter too). You run in to Cassus Fett at the beginning of KOTOR. As for the clip from The Clone Wars you showed, that was the main bad guy discrediting Jango so...he knows of him. As far as the armor goes none of the Mandalorians in The Mandalorian are true Mandalorians and none of them have beskar armor.. That's why the big dude tries fighting Mando for it. So since none of them are actual Mandalorians, I guess the guidelines of Mandalorian culture and society are two different things. The title of your video has created a paradox.

  • Noah Wilson
    Noah Wilson   3 weeks ago

    Mandalore isn’t a people it’s a culture so even if you weren’t born on mandalore you can still adopt the culture

  • tnt kff
    tnt kff   3 weeks ago

    Everyone: "Han shot first!"Lucas: "Wrong, it was Greedo. Han would never stoop that low."Everyone: "Jar-Jar is the worst character ever!"Lucas: "Wrong again, he's the most important one in the franchise."Everyone: "Boba Fett is the best Mandalorian bounty hunter!"Lucas: (cracks knuckles)....

  • CC- 2237
    CC- 2237   3 weeks ago

    The Fetts were one of many clans on Mandalore a Mandalorians last name signified what clan they were in. I’m not disputing that Jango and Boba were real Mandalorians or not I just wanted to say that the ‘Fetts’ not being Mandalorians is untrue

  • Calamity556
    Calamity556   3 weeks ago

    Maybe the Fetts weren't officially Mandolorian, but in spirit and heart, they most definitely were.

  • Justin Frazier
    Justin Frazier   3 weeks ago

    Dude this is political bullshit. Jango Fett was a renowned bounty hunter he also affiliated himself with the Seperatists before he was killed by Mace Wendu. Obviously the Mandalorian speaking to Kenobi who is representing the Jedi and the Republic didn't want to claim Jango was a member of their race. However Jango Fett was a member of the Deathwatch and all his squad was killed. During that fight Jango killed several Jedi with his bare hands. This display of combat is how he was chosen as the clone template. Read the comic about it. Boba is a direct copy of Jango without the aging inhibition of the standard clones hence the unaltered part. Thus they are both Mandalorians

    BRYAN BAUGH ART   3 weeks ago

    This is a perfect example of how the Expanded Universe stuff makes things confusing and unnecessarily convoluted. Boba Fett is the REASON the word Mandalorian was invented in the first place. When Boba was originally introduced, his backstory was mysterious with only vague suggestions of where he might have come from, but he was described as Mandalorian. Star Wars works best when the writers (including Uncle George) don't over-think it, and the concepts are kept simple and straightforward.

  • Taylor Williamson
    Taylor Williamson   3 weeks ago

    Jango Fett is of Mandalore bloodline. He just wasnt from Mandalore and didnt gain his armor honorably. Tired of this new shit going around saying they arent Mandalorians. Its a creed, yes, but they also inhabited a specific planet for thousands of years, breeding amongst themselves. By definition, Mandalore is a race of people, not just a group of fighters or a “creed”.

  • 2003 grievous
    2003 grievous   3 weeks ago

    I used to think that Jango Fett stole Beskar Armor as a slap in the face to the Mandalorian that he stole it from.

  • Mr. BeagleBum
    Mr. BeagleBum   3 weeks ago

    I haven’t watched the video yet but i know the real reason. Jango Fett was a mandalorian when he was young they were wiped out but he survived and kept the armour after becoming a bounty hunter. When he died boba Fett took his armour and painted it. Really surprised people don’t know this.

  • k varde
    k varde   3 weeks ago

    George Lucas: cursed to make awesome villains but hates to see them prosper.

  • FutureRefrence
    FutureRefrence   3 weeks ago

    Does no one remember the game Bounty Hunter? For game cube I believe? In which you take on the role of Jango Fett?

  • TheUsuallySilentOne
    TheUsuallySilentOne   3 weeks ago

    I'm still willing to bet that while Jango Fett was not a Mandalorian, he appears to at least been trained by one. In my headcanon I see Jango being trained by the equivalent of a Ronin in Mandalorian culture, I mean it would explain why he has the skills and uses the similar weapons and gadgets as Mandalorians warriors and while not having access to beskar steel, he still made his armor look mandalorian.

  • Artemis Jones
    Artemis Jones   3 weeks ago

    I'm convinced George Lucas did that just to be petty and make it harder for subsequent writers to incorporate certain story elements. There's absolutely no reason that boba and jango shouldn't be mandos other than Lucas just being a dick and not wanting them to alter his original formula to suit their needs.

  • Trinja
    Trinja   4 weeks ago

    I’m still hoping Jango Fett was a foundling, like in his EU origin story, and that he was disregarded by Mandalorians because he broke the creed by removing his helmet, and letting the Sith use his DNA to make the clone army. Otherwise, why wouldn’t Sidious and Tyranus seek a real Mando instead of just a common bounty hunter? Also, I’ve always wondered why Boba wore the Mythosaur if he wasn’t Mando. He doesn’t seem like the type of character who simply wore something because it looked cool...

  • Jordan Atkin
    Jordan Atkin   4 weeks ago

    Jango NEVER could have been a mandalorian, he was constantly taking his helmet off