Jim Gaffigan Thinks Father's Day Is an Afterthought

  • Published on: 20 June 2015
  • Jim Gaffigan talks to Jimmy about how weird Father's Day is, right down to the silk nooses given as ties.

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    Jim Gaffigan Thinks Father's Day Is an Afterthought
  • Runtime : 2:43
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  • Kick a Poo
    Kick a Poo   3 months ago

    Obviously he hates his responsibility as a husband and father. Never heard him say anything positive about his family. Should've remained single without a woman writing his lines.

  • Tim Carter
    Tim Carter   4 months ago

    No Jim. Don't add to the negative stereotype of dads. There are some great dads out there. You're a funny guy, but dads get shit on way too much already.

  • Pizza For Breakfast
    Pizza For Breakfast   1 years ago

    Get your dad what he’s always wanted and might already own https://youtu.be/encNz6uJLA4

  • David Austin
    David Austin   1 years ago

    Disagree, dads do a lot. I am a father and I sacrifice a lot for my family.

  • Simply Visual
    Simply Visual   1 years ago

    My siblings and mother get my dad gifts like a new tools, lawn mower, snowblower, grill, etc., for Father's Day. Then sometimes we go out golfing with him. It's usually a nice holiday for him.

  • Mike1614b
    Mike1614b   1 years ago

    he's right compared to Mother's Day , its a joke, like the Pro Bowl

  • Jan fromOz
    Jan fromOz   1 years ago

    It amuses me that men think they get all the fun for 'the action' 🙃 women gets way more from the act than men do! The result goes to their toenails & eyelashes 🤤 . . If only men knew the details thongs would be so much more fun. 😉😄😃

  • bloodsling
    bloodsling   3 years ago

    every time Fallon fake laughs I die a little on the inside.

  • ransom
    ransom   3 years ago

    I used to love Jimmy fallon before this show. He so fake now.

  • Exayevie
    Exayevie   3 years ago

    How dare Jim Gaffigan talk about my daddy that way! Hmph!

  • So What
    So What   3 years ago

    this looks like a shitty louis ck clone

  • Chris Richter
    Chris Richter   3 years ago

    I don't get why fathers day seems to be taken less seriously then mothers day. At least in my case my father did most of the important parenting, worked his ass off to pay for everything and was always loving. My mother was a dead beat who never worked a day in her life and sure she did the dishes and the laundry but wasn't by any means a hard worker and wasted most the money my father earned on stupid shit like 50 pairs of shoes, a million out fits, jewelry, and redoing the kitchen 3 times.

  • Brea J House
    Brea J House   4 years ago

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    MiRANDOM   4 years ago

    This man is the child of Cam and Mitchell from Modern Family.

  • MOBmeOUT
    MOBmeOUT   4 years ago

    Subscribe !! I'll subscribe back :)

  • Sean Confer
    Sean Confer   4 years ago

    I wanted to take my dad to the strip club for father's day but he refused. So I changed the oil in his car for him and left a playboy on the seat when I was done :)My mother found it first :/I think she read it x.xI have a weird family :(

  • 69chantheman
    69chantheman   4 years ago

    Jim is wearing the exact same outfit as he did the last time he was in Fallon hahahah

  • LazerTRex
    LazerTRex   4 years ago

    I'll always remember him from That 70's Show. - Ryan

  • Benjamin Wurtz
    Benjamin Wurtz   4 years ago

    I've been calling a tie a silk noose for years then he says it on TV sounds better come out from him though.

  • shymickey6
    shymickey6   4 years ago

    LOVE Jim Gaffigan!  One of my FAVORITE comedians since I was a teen!

  • Mike D
    Mike D   4 years ago

    This must be his "Tonight Show interview shirt".

  • Tim Lazar
    Tim Lazar   4 years ago

    This is not an interview. This is just Gaffigan doing a bit. I'd rather just have him do stand-up.

  • Mark James
    Mark James   4 years ago

    I got a bbq and a day at the pool with my family, and something my daughter made for me. What more could a guy ask for?

  • Joey Medina
    Joey Medina   4 years ago

    He wore the same shirt in November when he was on. Hilarious.

  • Jered Morgan
    Jered Morgan   4 years ago

    Look I get it, it's a comedy bit, but It's become acceptable to run down fathers and belittle their contributions.

  • Tamra Armstrong
    Tamra Armstrong   4 years ago

    I knew when father's day was in like a month in advance. My only problem is that I don't have money to spend. But I didn't get anything for my mom either on mother's day. Both my parents just got a happy ______day from me. So I would say that's pretty equal consideration.

  • K imber
    K imber   4 years ago

    Must be great having him for a dad. Probably very patient and turns many things into jokes.

  • Johnny Prettyman
    Johnny Prettyman   4 years ago

    He is wearing the same shirt as the last time he was on the show.... Dude is hilarious though.