Is Tire Slime the Best? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 05 August 2019
  • Is Tire Slime better the Fix-a-Flat, TireJect, and MultiSeal? Let's find out. TireSlime is compared to FixaFlat, Tire Ject, and Multi-Seal in several tests and we look inside the rim and tire after testing each product to look at the tire sealant and repaired area. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 16:24
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  • PeckerGaming
    PeckerGaming   3 months ago

    Did you upload the wrong video at first?

  • Thomas Rogers
    Thomas Rogers   5 hours ago

    I recommend cold tire plug kit. 👍Reason: others make a mess for the repair shops as mentioned. 🤬

  • Dave O'Brien
    Dave O'Brien   7 hours ago

    Can confirm tire slime works well i had a small hole in the tube of my 18-4-34 tractor tire and it did the trick!! Still in use today 3 years later the hole was the side of the red Robertson deck screw head

  • Mr Ed
    Mr Ed   8 hours ago

    I just threw out the six (6) cans of Fix-A-Flat I had in our vehicles.Will purchase a product that actually works.Thank you!

  • Mister Right fix
    Mister Right fix   15 hours ago

    Please test car battery chargers! Thank you so much all you do for us@

  • Joseph Procopio
    Joseph Procopio   16 hours ago

    Hi Project Farm! I just love your video's and I am a Patreon donor to your channel so thank you for all that you do! You are like a mini consumer reports and I have certainly learned a lot from your tests! I would like to suggest that you do a video on Electric Power Washers and also on Microfiber drying Towels for drying off cars after washing. Which towels absorb the most water and dry the best?

  • Mike Hedrick
    Mike Hedrick   2 days ago

    Don’t use any of it. It will damage your tons sensor then you’ll have to pay $100 for a new one. And it also makes a huge mess when removing the tire.

  • 7316bobe
    7316bobe   2 days ago

    It is NO FUN having a puncture on a heavy cruiser type motorcycle way out where you can not get any help and you are a 66 year old man. It is SIMPLE use the Slime Product which I found to be the best to use, and if you do get a puncture then it will fix its self and you will get home again. The alternative is to leave your motorcycle by the side of the road and start walking, hoping some one will give you a lift to where you will have mobile phone coverage. You can then ring some one to help you. When you finally get back to where you left the motorcycle it will have been stolen by some red necks with a truck. Happy days.

  • Len Ward
    Len Ward   3 days ago

    I have seen tires opened and the TPMS pla stick is melted mess!!!great for farm,atv but not in autos with pressure sensors that plastic cases most are!!!great video,luv your in depth comparisons!

  • Bayer-Z28
    Bayer-Z28   3 days ago

    Too bad there wasn’t a way for you to test cold remedies and flu shots 🤣🤣🤣🤯🤯

  • Ineedmoney
    Ineedmoney   3 days ago

    That’s weird fix a flat didn’t work cause I know and helped people use it before and it worked on my friends tires every time he has used it before. It only ever used Fix a Flat. I didn’t cause I hear it messes up tire sensors.

  • Robert O
    Robert O   3 days ago

    Should also check how they hold for extreme heat or cold. I used a temp fix on my tire but the heat of Florida summer caused the adhesive to unbind and as I started rolling it just came back out and went flat on me again

  • Tom Ato
    Tom Ato   4 days ago

    Multiseal is impressive stuff, used all of these myself, Multiseal kills the competition. I have used multiseal on old tires that are wasted (badly dry rotted and cracking) and it has worked! None of the others would stop leaks on stuff that far gone. It is great on stuff that you don't plan on changing the tires on, otherwise it makes a mess when dismounted and is a pain to get off of everything. The key is to put it in and immediately drive it around enough to fill in all the problem areas.

  • Chris Lawson
    Chris Lawson   6 days ago

    The latex based formulas work by getting thick and gummy under shear, which happens where the air is leaking out or as you noticed by rubbing it. The extra rubber crumbs are there to help seal bigger holes. Slime, Stans No-Leak, and many other similar products are used in tubeless by the Mountain Bike tires to help initially seal at the bead, and stop future puncture leaks. The stuff is incredibly, and I've had multiple punctures in my tubeless setup that simply sealed themselves up and I never noticed until afterwards. The worst puncture was the large nail, which I pulled out, let the stuff seal the hole and put more air in and continue on my ride. You do periodically have to add some more as it will eventually dry up in the tire after a year or so.

  • gremy187
    gremy187   1 weeks ago

    Talk about dedication. Thank you for this video👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Cozy Kun
    Cozy Kun   1 weeks ago

    Don’t buy any of these honestly, just head to your local discount tire/ America’s tire, we’ll fix your flats for free. If there is not a discount tire near you, then go to a les schuab, though there patches are kinda crappy. :/

  • Evan
    Evan   1 weeks ago

    Never had issues with fix a flat but I always plug the hole first then use a can of fix a flat to get it up off the rim handy when you don't want to change the tire in middle of the woods

  • 7316bobe
    7316bobe   1 weeks ago

    Slime is the best and it is very good value as well. Slime inside a tyre is very easy to clean out just with the pressure of a garden hose. Take the tyre off and just spray it out. If you have tubes then it does not even get inside the tyre. I use Slime in my motorcycle tyre tubes.

  • Paul G
    Paul G   1 weeks ago

    He is the gift that keeps giving !!!

  • Kyle
    Kyle   1 weeks ago

    Changed tires for a number of years and man did we all hate breaking the beads of tires with a crap ton of slime in them. Total mess and smelled horrible 😂

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones   1 weeks ago

    fix-a-flat... seems like a complete fraud...should be a class action against these SOB's!

  • Sandy Kavor
    Sandy Kavor   1 weeks ago

    Awesome. I bet it take so much effort to do such testing. Thank you.

    ANDREAERDNA   1 weeks ago

    I'm going to try this on the pneumatic suspension on my Audi. The pneumatic spring, or air bag as you want to call it, has minor not visible air leaks. Any one else tried this?

  • Sae Kim
    Sae Kim   1 weeks ago

    Same thing happened to me with fix a flat... Did not work and smelled horrible

  • U1T1MATR1X
    U1T1MATR1X   1 weeks ago

    I carry fix a flat in my truck tool box after this I’m going to slime since it is at my local fleet farm! Will have to look for that multi seal stuff online. Thanks again!

  • Jimmy Santiago321
    Jimmy Santiago321   1 weeks ago

    I used 3 cans of fix a flat and did not work and then I bought the slime that was 2 weeks ago an no more flat ,,Slime all the way for me .,very good video thanx.

  • Mr. Garber
    Mr. Garber   1 weeks ago

    To sum it up, Fix-a-flat no longer works since they were forced to become water based. (Yes, in the 90s, a can of fix a flat was a permanent fix.) Reminds me of paint, where just about any oil paint was hard and would stick, in previous decades. While, even today, only a rare few brands can make a waterbased that can stick to glossy surfaces without sanding to flat. Also, there are Fix-a-Flat advocates, since a can of fix a flat might be useful to put a few psi in a tire with a slow 2 day leak..... The ironic thing is that new automakers are forgetting spare tires, instead, only a can of near worthless fix a flat in the spare's compartment!

  • Brandon Foss
    Brandon Foss   1 weeks ago

    Some vehicles have a tire mobility kit instead of a spare tire. The kit includes an air pump and a canister if tire sealant. Do you have experience with this type of sealant and/or would you show a comparison test?

  • kasb58
    kasb58   1 weeks ago

    Were you able to test with TPMs?

  • KingBrie
    KingBrie   1 weeks ago

    Sir you are out here doing Gods work 🙏🏽 ..the questions n myth's we have wondered about for decades and here you are answering them.

  • Jeremy Francis
    Jeremy Francis   1 weeks ago

    I work in a tire shop and I've never seen fix-a-flat work. And the smell is nauseating.

  • Reza B
    Reza B   2 weeks ago

    Fix a Flat ? more like "Fix and Flat"