Is Tire Slime the Best? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 05 August 2019
  • Is Tire Slime better the Fix-a-Flat, TireJect, and MultiSeal? Let's find out. TireSlime is compared to FixaFlat, Tire Ject, and Multi-Seal in several tests and we look inside the rim and tire after testing each product to look at the tire sealant and repaired area. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 16:24
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  • PeckerGaming
    PeckerGaming   6 months ago

    Did you upload the wrong video at first?

  • Phillip G
    Phillip G   3 hours ago

    Let me play some bongos for you: 11:03Not good enough? How about movie ready suppressed handgun sound effects?: 12:08

  • solo636
    solo636   8 hours ago

    Great video, well done mate.

  • Michael Puffenbarger
    Michael Puffenbarger   10 hours ago

    i have yet to see fix a flat work in any situation. i have used slime once in an emergency and was impressed. good info to know since most modern cars no longer carry a spare.

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith   16 hours ago

    Keep a quality plug kit in your vehicles and save things like these products for your ATVs, rock crawlers, tubeless lawn mowers, etc.

  • Darkness Nighthingale
    Darkness Nighthingale   17 hours ago

    The question is not what you should use. It's : How did a wrench get in there!!?! And Just how does a 50mm nail fit in a tire in the first place!!?!!!

  • Jeremiah Gimple
    Jeremiah Gimple   1 days ago

    I had no idea that any of these products actually worked. Thank you for the eye opener. I tried fix a flat many years ago and just ended up paying more to get it fixed. They said it was toxic and had to charge extra to clean up the mess.

  • natern
    natern   1 days ago

    Great video! I never trusted any of these products before, good to know that most of these are a viable fix in a pinch. Thanks so much

  • 100forks
    100forks   1 days ago

    To save weight and increase gas mileage I removed my spare and bought a can of fix a flat. If I am travelling more than 100 miles from home (my AAA tow distance), I put the spare back in. Thanks to your video, I am throwing away my can of "doesn't-fix-a-flat", putting my spare back in and getting an air pump. The only thing good about fix a flat is that it inflates the tire, hopefully letting you drive to a safe area.

  • transfactory
    transfactory   1 days ago

    using those tires on the road would not be legal as they have absoultley no tread

  • JON Gearhart
    JON Gearhart   2 days ago

    Fix a flat sucks green slime is probably the best product I've used for both on and off road tires kinda wonder if you can mix the green slime and multi seal

  • Addison Woolner
    Addison Woolner   3 days ago

    Don't use any of these products. Just go to discount tire or sometimes other tire shops they'll repair flats for free. Of course not taking into account unrepairable flats, which will not be helped by these products anyway. I've worked at a tire shop it's just a much simpler, cheaper solution.

  • stephen hunter
    stephen hunter   3 days ago

    I have had pretty good luck with rope plugs but there is a bit of a learning curve to get used to using it correctly.

  • jamoecw
    jamoecw   5 days ago

    i have used fix a flat a couple of times before and it worked fine. this was early 2000's and i left it in there for about a week the first time and for a few months the second time. people say it destroys the tire from the inside, and this might very well be true, but if the tire is fucked anyway what is the harm? as for it not working at all (it sure didn't look like it worked in the video) maybe the formula has changed to be more environmentally friendly or to reduce the damage to tires? maybe the cans are old and it has a short shelf life? generally i had to reinflate it when i got home, but it did tend to work for the long term (like i said i used it for well over the recommended time). i am not saying it is a great product, but something is up with it in the video.

  • Poppys Bench
    Poppys Bench   5 days ago

    Slime will rust a steel wheel,remember the tyre heats and cools with use and the moisture can't escape

  • Jtzkb
    Jtzkb   5 days ago

    Let me just take that fix a flat out of my Amazon cart before a place this order.

  • BillyBull
    BillyBull   6 days ago

    8:24 When you need to make that word count on your essay

  • Jarred Eckman
    Jarred Eckman   6 days ago

    I love that you have tires that are far worse than my tires. I keep mine till there is air poking out, and yours are worse. Great video.

  • Y O
    Y O   6 days ago

    Tire slime Not made for vehicles unless you want to have your tire bounce like a basketball on the highway lol not made to go over 45 mph ,it will throw your tire balance off

  • Nestor Barretpo
    Nestor Barretpo   1 weeks ago

    I disagree on fix a flat. I have used it before numerous times and it actually works. You did not follow instructions correctly. It's actually repaired flat tires/ rim on the road. Redo correctly.

  • Whispered Metsutan
    Whispered Metsutan   1 weeks ago

    I got a Slime air compressor. With Slime I didnt like the idea of taking the valve stem off to add slime but itll work great for bike tires. Nice to know Fix A Flat is worthless, wont buy another can again.

  • Graham Williams
    Graham Williams   1 weeks ago

    Also, a merchandise slogan idea: "Now that's a lot of damage!" One of my favorite parts about this show is you breaking things so I don't have to!

  • Graham Williams
    Graham Williams   1 weeks ago

    I had skipped this video when it came out because I had no interest, but now my tire has a small leak and I know I'll be using slime. Seriously the best channel on Youtube, keep up the great work.

  • Mr awesome
    Mr awesome   1 weeks ago

    Love your vids bud simple but useful

  • Ricky Mcgrath
    Ricky Mcgrath   1 weeks ago

    Your spikes and bolts are displacing the rubber which will rebound back to a much smaller diameter than the spike. A drill bit which will remove the material and leave a true size hole would be more appropriate for testing the size of hole the compounds will repair. Granted, not likely in driving conditions.

  • Jandaman Gaming
    Jandaman Gaming   1 weeks ago

    I work for advance auto parts and I always recommend tireslime over fix-a-flat. Fyi fit-a-flat will rust your rims over a long period.

  • Norman
    Norman   1 weeks ago

    I used SLIME in my lawn tractor tire. The SLIME worked it's way into the tire bead and acted as a lubricant which caused the tire to roll off the rim twice. Would I trust SLIME in a vehicle tire on the highway? NO, I wouldn't feel safe and I would always be concerned about the tire rolling off the rim while turning a corner. I suspect the same problem could occur with the others.Use the sealants for emergencies only and have a proper repair made as soon as possible.

  • Et tu, Brute?
    Et tu, Brute?   1 weeks ago

    I work with tires and its seriously just not worth your time buying and trying to use these products. If you're in the US then Discount Tire (America's Tire if you're in southern California) does flat repairs for free. Best advice is put air in your tire at the nearest location and then find the nearest Discount Tire or similar tire shop.Except Mavis. They'll do whatever they can to rip you off.

  • Gypsy Rose
    Gypsy Rose   1 weeks ago

    before i watch this video, since i work in a shop, i will tell you we DISLIKE Fix-a-Flat the most!! If there is any left in the tire, It's always a watery mess. (most of the time customers will use 2 can in a car to try and get it to seal up) And we do appreciate when a customer lets us know when they have used any type of tire sealant .So that's what the gray one could be,MultiSeal. Our shop has been seeing this one a bit more. i still dont think any of them of Sensor safe.

  • everydaycommuter
    everydaycommuter   1 weeks ago

    I’ve used Stan’s No Tubes for bicycle tires to fix bead leaks on my car. It is a latex formula. I heard about people making their own tire sealant to use on bicycle tires.

  • JoeStuffz
    JoeStuffz   1 weeks ago

    I used Fix-A-Flat before and it seems to work. I never removed the object from the tire, but usually I used Fix-A-Flat immediately before taking the car to a tire shop.

  • Andy A
    Andy A   1 weeks ago

    While mountain biking I hit a thorn that punctured my front tire. I pulled out the thorn and the leak was sealed. That was 6 months ago and never lost air thanks to Slime.