Is Tire Slime the Best? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 05 August 2019
  • Is Tire Slime better the Fix-a-Flat, TireJect, and MultiSeal? Let's find out. TireSlime is compared to FixaFlat, Tire Ject, and Multi-Seal in several tests and we look inside the rim and tire after testing each product to look at the tire sealant and repaired area. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 16:24
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  • PeckerGaming
    PeckerGaming   1 months ago

    Did you upload the wrong video at first?

  • Jaime
    Jaime   8 hours ago

    Tell me about it, I was replacing old tires on my wheelchair today.. the inertube decided to get few wholes in. I had the patches but the glue was dry.. the new tubes won't arrive until Monday 😑

  • Randall Shular
    Randall Shular   10 hours ago

    Now folks don't need to feel DEFLATED about what product to use, because you showed the FLAT out truth on each one. Lol

  • Bent Nickel
    Bent Nickel   11 hours ago

    There's only 7500 comments so far, how come you don't respond to every one? :-D :-D :-D

  • Bent Nickel
    Bent Nickel   11 hours ago

    Project Farm goes the extra mile when it comes to testing produces !!!

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M   20 hours ago

    Very nice! New subscription from me and a thumbs up! Multi-seal and Tire Slime will be my gotos.

  • Otis Reading
    Otis Reading   1 days ago

    This video is trash and that is not offroading my man bahaha nice try

  • defunctusername
    defunctusername   1 days ago

    This guy is doing middle school experiments for adults. We need all the help we can get.

  • john K
    john K   1 days ago

    Thanks for this video. Any chance you can do one for tubed tires?😁

  • Jon Hohensee
    Jon Hohensee   1 days ago

    That's weird because.. I used Fix-A-Flat... and it worked fine for me. The tire didn't need inflation for months. By that time, I was ready for new tires anyway.

  • juanpereznet
    juanpereznet   1 days ago

    How about testing if any of these will damage the TPMS! Thanks for the great video.

  • Craig Alberhasky
    Craig Alberhasky   1 days ago

    I personally like plugging a flat and it always works. I've tried that fix a flat stuff but certainly will never buy it again after seeing your results. Thanks.

  • Carpe Diem Arts
    Carpe Diem Arts   2 days ago

    Road bicycle shops have a few brands of tire sealant other than the ones you showed. A couple of these brands are designed for the 110 psi of small bike tires where in my experience, slime worked poorly over 60 psi or required multiple air filling to seal.Goathead thorns are HORRIBLE

  • Ben Garrison
    Ben Garrison   2 days ago

    I wonder if jb weld would work lol, seems to work for everything else :P

  • medwardl
    medwardl   2 days ago

    The old version of fix a flat was alot better than the new stuff, but it also hardened into rubber and caused other issues, but at least it worked.

  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams   2 days ago

    That's one sticky situation there!How about different brands of vacuum cleaners. Which one sucks the most? (I think that's a good thing anyway...)

  • James Crabb
    James Crabb   2 days ago

    Hmmm, use tire sealant or start walking. I choose option one.

  • L LLatham
    L LLatham   2 days ago

    I used Slime on my kids bike and it was great. So I put 16 Oz in my Jaguar for preventative treatment. I couldn't drive afterwards because of severe balance issues I mean severe. Had to pay labor to get it removed. was very unhappy.

  • Elizabeth Avila
    Elizabeth Avila   3 days ago

    Wow thank u so much this is great information to know

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P   3 days ago

    Fix A Flat is a POS - always has been.

  • Joey Robles
    Joey Robles   4 days ago

    That's funny because all I have ever used is fix a flat, I've used it a few dozen times in all weather and many different tire sizes it's never failed me just used it 2 weeks ago on a rav 4, and it hasn't lost one psi of air

  • Micah Griffith
    Micah Griffith   4 days ago

    This is a GREAT change of pace vid. GREAT JOB!!!!

  • Biggils
    Biggils   4 days ago

    25 cent tire plug permanently fixed in 25 sec

  • NoBs
    NoBs   4 days ago

    Fix a flat is proven junk.... I too, gave it more than a fair shake. Failed every time, except if you want this stuff to gum up your valve stem. It does a fair to middling job on that.

  • Brandon Miles
    Brandon Miles   4 days ago

    You are dead right, when you say that flat tires really happen and the exact worst possible times. Last time I got a flat I was headed from NC to NJ for a very important job. I was already running behind, set to get to NJ about 2am on Sunday night. I got a flat with a big broken bolt in my tire about 30 minutes into Virgina, and being a Sunday evening, all garages had already closed. I ended up using Slime and it got me there with the exact pressure I had when I left Virginia (350 miles). The next morning, the tire was dead flat, but I got where I needed to be and had a ride from there. I had a can of slime fix a tire and rode on it nine months before I bought a new set. The Slime was pretty easy to use, parked right at the compressor. They've made it probably the easiest product to use now, as you can buy it already loaded into a portable compressor that you hook up and just hit the button, and the compressor is reusable.

  • I am Sancho
    I am Sancho   4 days ago

    Thanks a million for this review. I used the "slime" on my hand truck tubes instead of buying new tubes. Sealed the hole right up and still holds after a 500# load.

  • repairdrive
    repairdrive   5 days ago

    Always the best comparison videos. Quick, well produced and thorough!

  • RDLONG30
    RDLONG30   5 days ago


  • RDLONG30
    RDLONG30   5 days ago

    EXCELLENT VIDEO  NO doubts what to buy and NOT to buy. THANK YOU!!

  • W Winterheart
    W Winterheart   5 days ago

    I always had good results with slime, but found fix-a-flat to be a waste of money.

    IDABAYAREA650I   5 days ago

    As a Tire maintenance Technician, Please stay the fuck away from these things.......

  • Tim the gun guy
    Tim the gun guy   5 days ago

    Another great video. Who makes the tire mounting rig you were using?

  • ryan gibson
    ryan gibson   5 days ago

    The ones u put in the freezer might have just cured and became solid and not froze

  • Amaroq Starwind
    Amaroq Starwind   5 days ago

    I'm not surprised that Fix-a-Flat does the worst, being the oldest and most primitive formula.

  • vincent Knight
    vincent Knight   5 days ago

    Best to just not use these products. Fix a flat has a special place in hell slime and the like products serve there purpose in ATV tires garden tractors at things like that but keep them out of on road vehicle tires.