Is Flex Glue better than JB Weld, Gorilla & Loctite? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 24 December 2018
  • Flex Glue competes against JB Weld, Loctite, and Gorilla glue using wood, brick, PVC, and metal. Flex Glue and JB Weld are also used to glue an engine together. Will either product provide enough strength to allow the engine to run? Let's find out! I purchased all the products tested and I'm not sponsored by Flex, JB Weld, Loctite, Gorilla, or any other company or manufacturer. I do the best I can to provide unbiased and accurate testing. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.
  • Runtime : 16:10
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  • Chris Reyes
    Chris Reyes   9 hours ago

    Will flex seal in an engine crank case stop oil leaks? LOL

  • Ed D
    Ed D   10 hours ago

    Is glue vs epoxy an apples to apples test?

  • Jeremy Callaway
    Jeremy Callaway   17 hours ago

    I would love to see JB Weld vs PC-7 vs maybe a Loctite epoxy. I am a big fan of PC-7 epoxy.

  • derrick lewis
    derrick lewis   18 hours ago

    You should do a video on the extreme limitations of JB weld and see just how nice of a product it is? Also, any idea of toxicity after its cured?

  • derrick lewis
    derrick lewis   18 hours ago

    In the snap test from metal, you should hang something from the bolt straight up and down instead of sideways. Also, you should measure roughly how much of each glue you're using. Would be nice to see how economic they are, and also to be sure your not applying more product to one test subject, and not the other. Noticed in the wood test the glue coverage was not equal.

  • TGE
    TGE   18 hours ago

    Wonderin' how jb weld would work for a head gasket

  • c bass
    c bass   21 hours ago

    flex glue is the same as using silly putty it sux

  • Bonita Belcher
    Bonita Belcher   1 days ago

    Add water to gorilla glue or it will suck! My step dad said he threw a bottle away because it sucked. I asked if he added water to it and he looked at me like I was purple with pokie ADD WATER TO GORILLA GLUE OR IT WON'T WORK

  • james broomfield
    james broomfield   1 days ago

    Moral of the story do not ever ever ever ever buy Gorilla Glue

  • Wheelz Now
    Wheelz Now   1 days ago

    Awesome comparison. Thanks for video.

  • Hirsch nope
    Hirsch nope   1 days ago

    For an exhaust leak on the vehicle, furnace cement works a lot better than JB Weld. JB Weld burns at 300, furnace cement burns at 2100. Feather it over the hole in your exhaust, let it sit a hour then drive until it's warm, leak is fixed

  • Dino's Shed
    Dino's Shed   2 days ago

    Got an idea for you, testing ‘emergency leak repair tape’ on a pressurised cooling system or even a pvc setup with pressurised air and water in it. Probably done it already 😉

  • Adam Weaver
    Adam Weaver   3 days ago

    I was very surprised with the weight test and jb weld. Ill be looking to get a tube of that soon

  • Mark
    Mark   3 days ago

    So, Gorilla and Loctite is sold as what exactly? Gorilla and Loctite is no more than a BETA item to get the customer's money according to this video.

  • Robert Hoffman
    Robert Hoffman   3 days ago

    I really enjoy watching your test videos. I hope you can keep doing them for a long time. Your tests have saved me money several time over.

  • KingsKirch
    KingsKirch   3 days ago

    not really a fair test / no great surprise as JB Weld is two component and the other three Products are not. if the matching Products (aka 2C) from the other Companies were used this test would be much more valid.

  • Ohio Till I die
    Ohio Till I die   4 days ago

    Imagine seeing if flex glue commercials were real by sawing a small boat in half?

  • Noe Arias
    Noe Arias   4 days ago

    Thank you for your video ,that is exactly what I was looking for

  • Aaron
    Aaron   4 days ago

    For wood it should have been loctite construction adhesive and Gorilla wood glue.

  • Amaroq Starwind
    Amaroq Starwind   5 days ago

    Alright, so if I want to keep the race inspectors from reverse- engineering my engine, I know exactly what to use.JB Weld and proprietary screws~

  • Martin Peruski
    Martin Peruski   5 days ago

    J.B. Weld 4TW. It's what everyone trys to emulate.

  • Roberto Malatesta
    Roberto Malatesta   6 days ago

    Do you think JB Weld would be suitable to hold a chainsaw decompressor on a shallow hole bored on a motorcycle cilinder head?Thanks

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee   6 days ago

    Gorilla is sold everywhere and is heavily promoted with POP shelf space. I have never bought it ever.Thanks to this test I won't have to waste my time.

  • Mike CorLeoné
    Mike CorLeoné   1 weeks ago

    Jb weld works well for permanently gluing in spark plugs on a disposable bucket truck... 7 years later n it’s still running the farm

  • Wallace Grommet
    Wallace Grommet   1 weeks ago

    I always had great results with the loctite and you have confirmed my experience with product in many more ways than I ever have. Great work!

  • Oregon Farm
    Oregon Farm   1 weeks ago

    I was waiting for you to stand on the stack of weights there for a minute! JB Weld is crazy strong! Maybe they should make denture bond! HA!

  • Dan Thomas
    Dan Thomas   1 weeks ago

    I liked these tests, though the wrench drop test seems a little less scientific as you had two variables that were somewhat arbitrary... the drop height and the weight of the wrench change, so I don't know which is more of a contributing factor.Super great testing though!

  • Charlie Rothwill
    Charlie Rothwill   1 weeks ago

    I used JB to puzzle piece a crushed 1984 yz 80 case back together in 87 then sold it and it still runs today

  • steeltag
    steeltag   1 weeks ago

    very cool and informative!!!!!!

  • Tom Pozsonyi
    Tom Pozsonyi   1 weeks ago

    Can you do a video that test an underwater situation? Maybe some different epoxy to concrete and if it can set up and hold while wet . Thanks

  • Dux Calcifer
    Dux Calcifer   1 weeks ago

    basically jb weld is the best adhesive around

  • fullrom1
    fullrom1   1 weeks ago

    JB Weld is really impressive !!!!

  • konasteph
    konasteph   1 weeks ago

    AWESOME!!!! your testing hits the tinkerer's sleepless nights questions right on!