Immature Guys!

  • Published on: 04 May 2013
  • How to be mature.

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  • Runtime : 7:21
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  • Breadstick
    Breadstick   12 hours ago

    7:10 where is the gaming channel it has been 6-7 years

  • supercreeper82
    supercreeper82   2 days ago

    Who else is on a nigahiga marathon during coronavirus?

  • Random shorty
    Random shorty   1 weeks ago

    Nice guys now Immature guys wow..... OOF Edit: at 3:45 there’s copy righted music

  • Anime Uploader
    Anime Uploader   1 weeks ago

    Mature man masterbute.Immature man do it with their girl.

    KIRITO   1 weeks ago

    Lol did he really cut his nose!? That mark on his nose looks like a scar

  • kira 神
    kira 神   1 weeks ago

    0:27 so this is where the pou or poo refuses sound came from you know that game

  • Unseen
    Unseen   1 weeks ago

    I’m watching this in quarantine. I still and always will love your videos.

  • LoA
    LoA   1 weeks ago

    Can i make these laugh tracks stop too 1:06 be cause it's so annoying

  • Hossein Karimi
    Hossein Karimi   2 weeks ago

    nigahiga in 2013 : fart jokes are immature !nigahiga in 2015 : how to hide your farts !!

  • Potatoke07
    Potatoke07   2 weeks ago

    Woo! Ryan being me at 3:00. LOLOLOL

  • Namako
    Namako   2 weeks ago

    7 years ago? I thought it was just yesterday

  • Ian Viljehamn
    Ian Viljehamn   3 weeks ago

    Am..... Diet Pepsi have I never heard it before or does it not exist?

  • MS. DxiS
    MS. DxiS   3 weeks ago

    Me processing whether that was a samoan tat or not maybe idk

  • Max Jaimes
    Max Jaimes   3 weeks ago

    2020 and the ending is still funny

  • ritz
    ritz   4 weeks ago

    In 2023 im gonna reply to this comment

  • TGO Time
    TGO Time   4 weeks ago

    i thought this would be a parody of Nice Guys

    SWEET._. POTATO   1 months ago

    adults acting immature is annoying-BUT NOT WITH KPOP IDOLS

  • Dilly Mackey
    Dilly Mackey   1 months ago

    Music is not immature. Music is music. Seriously!

  • ytattacc ZR
    ytattacc ZR   1 months ago

    That’s my type of-oh wait that just me

  • Adam Jackal
    Adam Jackal   1 months ago

    6:02 I love how the green people are the only ones that never laugh throughout the whole video

  • JustANerd
    JustANerd   1 months ago

    ArE YoU CaLlInG NaRuTo A CaRtOoN???????Loud screaming