The Secret Underground Pipeline Across Britain

  • Published on: 31 August 2015
  • - - On a windy day in Gloucestershire, I find one of the few parts of the once top-secret GPSS aviation fuel pipeline (now called CLH-PS after privatisation) that pokes above ground, and explore the balance between secrecy and safety.
  • Runtime : 2:42
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  • mkr10001
    mkr10001   12 hours ago

    Top secret pipeline of fuel....government won't tell you where it is for national security concerns....some bellends try and work it out and publish it anyway.You can't make up that kind of stupid

  • Justin Delacerda
    Justin Delacerda   1 days ago

    American here, watching that really does make Britian look tiny, 1500 miles is what average Americans will drive in under 2 months, it's what an over the road trucker here (well, anywhere really) can cover in 3 days

  • Bernardo Ravazzoni
    Bernardo Ravazzoni   1 days ago

    It was a secret.... until someone made a video about it that got 2 milion views on Youtube

  • Hairy Coo
    Hairy Coo   1 weeks ago

    I'm positive this is what I used to see crossing a river near Troon in Ayrshire when I used the train a lot. Would make sense with Prestwick airport nearby.

  • Tyler Costantini
    Tyler Costantini   1 weeks ago

    Now I’m going to have to spend 7 days and nights in google earth ! Thanks

  • shammus O’Malley
    shammus O’Malley   1 weeks ago

    If you really want to learn about things that you don’t know, go visit UAP Channel on YouTube and start from the beginning

  • Nekaa
    Nekaa   1 weeks ago

    I'm sure this video is gonna be really useful for some other army in the future

  • colin davis
    colin davis   1 weeks ago

    Whilst working for the government (DCLG), I used to receive the business rate payment for these pipelines. LA’s couldn’t really collect the rates because the pipes cross too many LA’s and it was too complex to go down that route

  • big zoinks
    big zoinks   2 weeks ago

    i’m watching this cus it’s 3:42 am

  • Peter Finney
    Peter Finney   2 weeks ago

    This isnt true, i work for a well know utility construction company and we have to check all our excavations at planning to make sure there not within the ZOI of various pipelines including the fuels pipelines. This infomation is available for obvious reasons. Yes we've made mistakes and yes people have turned up when we've been digging close by.

  • Ary
    Ary   2 weeks ago

    This is a 5G pipe!

  • San Diago
    San Diago   2 weeks ago

    “Secret underground pipeline” video starts above ground with a full exposed pipe

  • Yemach Shemo
    Yemach Shemo   2 weeks ago

    This was exposed by Mark Thomas on British telly about 20 years ago..

  • matthew booth
    matthew booth   2 weeks ago

    It’s secret for a reason!..... but now it’s on YouTube

  • Creamapera
    Creamapera   2 weeks ago

    Screw a tap into the side of it.

  • Mr Badger
    Mr Badger   3 weeks ago

    Cemex have an underground pipe running from Kensworth to Rugby carrying cement

  • Bill White
    Bill White   3 weeks ago

    That particular pipe is symbolic of the state of Great Britain.

  • ckwlwr
    ckwlwr   3 weeks ago

    Walked across this pipe many times . The loose cowlings are dented from jumping down off the concrete blocks.

  • SMPLfi
    SMPLfi   3 weeks ago

    thanks for using miles

  • Tyson Dundas
    Tyson Dundas   3 weeks ago

    These are National Fuel lines, its not just one type of fuel sent through them. Different grades are pumped through in "packets". The fuel that is mixed from the end of one grade to the start of the next is held in separate tanks and blended to fuels that can absorb it. Permission is required to dig anywhere near these lines & you must follow instructions given. There are trace wires over the top of some of these pipes so if you dig through / cut them they send an alarm and the resistance reading will pinpoint the location. These lines are still surveyed by air regularly. As others have said im not quite sure how they know but there is a high chance of a visit should you dig near one of these lines without getting permission. It could be the regual surveying or i do wonder if there was some sort of vibration monitor? The British are the best at national secrets and the German's and Russians used to know where to pinpoint their reconnaissance due to the blank spaces on British maps 🙈

  • Khaffit
    Khaffit   3 weeks ago

    it's not s secret if everybody knows about itif the government acknowledged that or not doesn't matternot confirming anything doesn't achieve much if anything at all

  • Wye Explorer
    Wye Explorer   3 weeks ago

    Very interesting to know it's still being used even. A legacy of war time. Mark

  • shammus O’Malley
    shammus O’Malley   3 weeks ago

    Why don’t you talk about the underground tunnels all over the world? Cause you’re what they call a gatekeeper

  • Gerry Murphy
    Gerry Murphy   3 weeks ago

    Theres a big network of these jet fuel pipelines in belgium, france and germany too.

  • Anton Ch
    Anton Ch   3 weeks ago

    Спасибо от КГБ за разведданные. Thanks for Intelligence from KGB.

  • Edward Davis
    Edward Davis   3 weeks ago

    NO WAY THAT PIPE YOU'RE STANDING NEXT TO IS BEING USED FOR ANYTHING! PERIOD. Unless your really standing next to a Somalian sewer line.

  • John Ventshop
    John Ventshop   3 weeks ago

    The sad thing is that if you can buy a map that the gov puts out about it what is the difference if it's secret or not. 50 people sit down and buy one then publish a copy... And then again someone who REALLY wants to damage it will buy the map and use that to do it.

  • Steve Blonde
    Steve Blonde   3 weeks ago


  • ExplodingBanana
    ExplodingBanana   3 weeks ago

    Those pipelines goes all around in western Europe...

  • Jim Head
    Jim Head   3 weeks ago

    what's stopping someone "tapping" the pipeline and getting free fuel?

  • Bernd Eckenfels
    Bernd Eckenfels   3 weeks ago

    I the segment you have shown still in service, looked partly corroded