The Secret Underground Pipeline Across Britain

  • Published on: 31 August 2015
  • - - On a windy day in Gloucestershire, I find one of the few parts of the once top-secret GPSS aviation fuel pipeline (now called CLH-PS after privatisation) that pokes above ground, and explore the balance between secrecy and safety.
  • Runtime : 2:42
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  • Tredz
    Tredz   4 days ago

    Always thought these were sewage pipes but now I look back they are in awkward places and hover high above the water and can never get to the end. We have bunkers and a rocket fuel place in my town, theve been here since ww1 I'm sure.

  • David Packer
    David Packer   6 days ago

    Just found one today by Hope in the Peak District and remembered this video

  • FreddyV
    FreddyV   1 weeks ago

    The NATO Pipelines on mainland Europe are way lager

  • zahir murji
    zahir murji   1 weeks ago

    In Canada we want to build a single pipeline. It's been 10 years and they don't have the balls to build one.

  • Basil
    Basil   1 weeks ago

    Tom, at least part of that pipeline was installed in the midlands near where I used to live in the 1960’s. It went across land that was owned by a friends parents and we kids saw it being done. I have also been inside one of the huge tanks they stored fuel in. During WW2 the tanks stored petrol, which was carried up the river Severn by tankers - but in the 60’s it was kerosene for jet engines. Needless to say the tanks had been cleaned out, I went inside one during 1980’s and it was absolutely enormous. You could easily have held a dance in it.

  • CraftyCorvid
    CraftyCorvid   2 weeks ago

    River Adur between Steyning and Bramber. Possibly feeding Shoreham airport

  • J Wick
    J Wick   2 weeks ago

    Hook to it and locate it

  • TwentySidedDie
    TwentySidedDie   2 weeks ago

    I know exactly where this pipe runs through Appleton Thorn, near Warrington. We had a powerfailure, and when the power company started digging, we got buzzed by a small Cessna aircraft, 10 minutes later the police arrived.

  • Steve Kelly
    Steve Kelly   2 weeks ago

    Heathrow does not use GPSS. There's a line from Fawley (Esso) and one from Buncefield (BPA). And how do I know? I effectively mapped all the oil pipelines in the UK. Walton on Thames is the closest connection, but that's two separate oil storage areas. There are two GPSS lines running through the garden next door. I know the precise route of them, where they are fed from and what airports they feed. Like hundreds of miles of precise routing, not just next door.

  • RPG GM
    RPG GM   2 weeks ago

    Fortunately, we can be absolutely sure that this knowledge wouldn't be useful to anyone for use against the UK who might want to disrupt air travel or other activities that require it. It's a good thing that you are so safe over there from any possible current or future threats that such maps and information can be disseminated over the internet. In fact, there should be more FOIA request along these lines. It just makes the intelligence gathering and collection all the more legal and convenient. And that is what we are all about, right?

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat   3 weeks ago

    Privatized??!! That affects national security!!

  • Rick Hibdon
    Rick Hibdon   3 weeks ago

    Few people realize that they also built pipelines at the bottom of the English Channel too. All these needed to be in place before the Normandy Invasion

  • Stephen Britton
    Stephen Britton   3 weeks ago

    When you call Digger’s Hotline and a mate from the MOD shows up to mark along with the other utilities! (Which leads to a question - is there a Diggers hotline in the UK? Or is it just a Yank thing?$

  • Ben Storm
    Ben Storm   3 weeks ago

    Well done now you have told all the future terrorists where to blow up the pipe !

  • Nihilistic Nut
    Nihilistic Nut   3 weeks ago

    Seen these a few places, usually going over canals.

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill   3 weeks ago

    This pipe runs through the sea in Dorset connected to Furzy Island

  • philip gorham
    philip gorham   1 months ago

    It runs past my house and under the new school just down the road from me

  • Redblade
    Redblade   1 months ago

    Unimportant and trivial, the point is the war changed nothing for the better - just plenty of suffering and lost lives for nothing...

  • Kerry Gibbs
    Kerry Gibbs   1 months ago

    Good story. Thank you for a great presentation. You didn’t use hype. You presented information clearly.

  • Passionate Patriot
    Passionate Patriot   1 months ago

    Similar to Calif's pipline running from Long Beach refineries to Miramar,SD Intl.and Brown Field. The buffer waste oil placed between different loads was scraped off and stored in tanks near SD Stadium. That is where WD40 comes from.

  • John Yates
    John Yates   1 months ago

    What the f*** is up with all the hand jive, maybe a little bit of speed going on or maybe the bubble

  • keith
    keith   1 months ago

    Your a liar not all airports are connected.

  • RB26 GTR
    RB26 GTR   1 months ago

    Thanks if I blitzkrieg britian any time soon ill know what to look for!

  • Patricia Stott
    Patricia Stott   1 months ago

    Yep I know about this these white mini styles are everywhere in Lincolnshire,,never could understand why recent folks have freaked about Russia to Germany pipeline,,maybe it’s not in my backyard kinda thing,now I live in Algarve Portugal,and at the end of the road Europe there are telecumincation pipes to America visible ,it’s not all cyberspace,,,it’s under the seas etc,why such surprise,,,it’s just wonderful really

  • Byron Addams
    Byron Addams   1 months ago

    im suprised people havent started drilling into it to get free fuel

  • Jake W
    Jake W   1 months ago

    Tom, You’ve just made all that up.

  • cBearTv
    cBearTv   1 months ago

    Um... Is a secret still a secret if you know most parts of that secret ⁉️.....(oh yikes yep I'm no Bertrand Russell but you get my drift!)

  • Matthew Griffiths
    Matthew Griffiths   1 months ago

    I live near there I've always walked over it with mates just thinking it was an old pipe

  • Rob Basque
    Rob Basque   1 months ago

    In my country they bury the high pressure gas pipelines then wait for ground movement to crack the joints & make a nice explosion 💥 All good

  • David of Yorkshire
    David of Yorkshire   1 months ago

    It was a secret until someone like you goes online and tells anyone and everyone, do you know what a secret is?

  • Toby Farman
    Toby Farman   1 months ago


  • Contessa Adella
    Contessa Adella   1 months ago

    OMG....I have seen those orange roofed posts locally.....I was told it was marking an underground gas, not far from the truth then! Wow, thank you.

  • Graeme Hill
    Graeme Hill   1 months ago

    When the Buncefield depot went up in flames it severely cut the fuel supplies to Heathrow. Aircraft had to land elsewhere in the UK to uplift enough fuel or fly in with their tanks as full as possible.