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  • Published on: 01 December 2019
  • Runtime : 2:1
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  • Steven S
    Steven S   57 minuts ago

    PUKE 🥶 PUKE 🥶 PUKE 🥶

  • Cathy
    Cathy   9 hours ago

    Freedom of speech girl! Know your constitutional rights! Don’t be a sheep ❤️

  • Adrienne Jacobson
    Adrienne Jacobson   15 hours ago

    never in my life did i think i would see aunt becky in jail

  • Karen Peters
    Karen Peters   17 hours ago

    Olivia Jade is the poster child for White Privilege.

  • David
    David   1 days ago

    A spoilt privileged Bitch. Go work for free in Africa and actually help people. Playing with makeup with your elitist friends is not a sign of a true caring person.

  • Lisa 9
    Lisa 9   1 days ago

    I miss your videos so much

  • bobby fuller
    bobby fuller   2 days ago

    Olivia time's up babe. Go get a real job. And you've got ugly feet.

  • Tenaya Forster
    Tenaya Forster   2 days ago

    I'm reading through the comments and all I see is negativity. what she did was wrong but she deserves a second chance. think of what your words are doing to her mental health, especially if she really is sorry and has changed. just give the poor girl a chance to reset, change and learn from her mistakes, because this scandal has ruined her life purely because people are being horrible to her. I sincerely hop that she has changed and is doing better than she was before.

  • Johnny Doey
    Johnny Doey   2 days ago

    Your whole life will be about what your mother did and there’s nothing you can do about this fact

  • Jari Haukilahti
    Jari Haukilahti   2 days ago

    When the daughter fights with her mother to more beutiful or famous . Its not a good thing for a youth .Hope you get something to to -Why not gaming on Youtube - would be something and be prepared for abuse so you would need multiple copies of a game like in Overwatch and to get anywhere actually learn how to tweak a computer and game.

    DOGGYLOVER   2 days ago

    I am making a list of all her advertisers and making sure I NEVER purchase any product from them.

  • sRt n8
    sRt n8   2 days ago

    What a whiny whiny voice...good luck in life...YOUR GOING TO NEED IT

  • John Icicleboy
    John Icicleboy   2 days ago

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm satisfied with this response.

  • Crazy Marine
    Crazy Marine   2 days ago

    When you sat for taking fake pictures on the rowing machine what did you think mommy and daddy were doing? You were in on the scam.

  • Drive By Reviews
    Drive By Reviews   2 days ago

    Olivia, please turn back on the comments for all your videos ~ Cordially, Everyone on YouTube.

  • nyo mythe
    nyo mythe   2 days ago

    eat a burger, do a sit-up or two, accomplish something in life that's meaningful

  • JDM
    JDM   2 days ago

    No, there is no point in you coming back. Go away and stay away.

  • red venice
    red venice   2 days ago

    She reeks 'rich-white-privileged-brat'

  • netcalis
    netcalis   2 days ago

    It took a lot of guts not to disable the comments or like bar; and that says a lot about you. There is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel Olivia. Take care

  • mrFAHR3NH31T
    mrFAHR3NH31T   2 days ago

    Your mom is gorgeous, but you're just a turd floating around in your family's genetic gene pool.

  • Chelsea Phipps
    Chelsea Phipps   2 days ago

    Wow she didn’t even show any empathy towards the situation

  • GenreOnline
    GenreOnline   3 days ago

    You are a fraud. I am glad your parents are going to jail. You miss the attention and showing off your shallow, white privileged ,rich, entitled, fake, clueless, dumb girl lifestyle. You and your sister should help find the rowing students you took the spots fraudulently from and pay their four year education as a way for making amends for your part is the disgraceful actions of your parents. You want to pretend nothing ever happened. You want people to like you again. You want to be an influencer. Well nothing says “I’m sorry” like taking responsibility for your part in this fiasco. Apologize and seriously do something selfless for the community and do it with no cameras. No publicity. Prove you are not a fake, spoiled little rich girl. Prove you have more substance in your life than partying, buying clothes, makeup and pretending you are some cover girl model. Grow up.

  • Rebecca Owens
    Rebecca Owens   3 days ago

    who's watching this in 2021? lets have buttsex ;)

  • John Jones
    John Jones   3 days ago

    We shouldnt be bashing a young girl for something that wasnt her decision. She was a 17 year old kid when her parents made this mistake. Having adults bashing a girl on here for something that happened to her when she was a minor is pretty cruel. Speaking specifically about just the comments not saying anything that happened with her parents was right.

  • Zona 3141
    Zona 3141   3 days ago

    A disgusting family. The father even stole money from his own parents !

  • hairmaven L
    hairmaven L   4 days ago

    Now it all makes sense. She has intellect of the stuff they injected in her father's cheeks. Google his photo.

  • Dr. No
    Dr. No   4 days ago

    Stfu you cupid stunt!

  • Dora A
    Dora A   4 days ago

    Like just go away - like

  • Mike Nonya
    Mike Nonya   4 days ago

    Protest 7pm outside her house where her parents live.

  • K A
    K A   4 days ago

    Why don’t you people cancel this bitch?

  • Shaan Chaudhry
    Shaan Chaudhry   4 days ago

    I just came on here to read the comments and I listened to about 30 seconds of the video and you couldn’t sound any more cringeworthy, Jesus.

  • Francine Arcieri
    Francine Arcieri   4 days ago

    You are a wonderful young lady you could influence women about relationships and life you're an inspiration keep your head strong heart open enjoy your week

  • Patricia Young
    Patricia Young   5 days ago

    You knew of the whole scam, cause nobody can be that stupid. You should be going to jail with mom, dad, and sister.