• Published on: 08 January 2017
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    Try Not To Cry Challenge reacted to by YouTubers! Original video linked below.
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    YouTubers attempt the Try Not To Cry Challenge. Watch to see their reactions!

    Videos Featured in this episode:
    EDEKA Weihnachtsclip - #heimkommen

    Soldier Surprises Son at Phoenix Suns Game

    My Father's A Liar ( Sad Commercial)

    Favorite Pixar's Up scene ever - Ellie and Carl's relationship through
    time, Sad scene

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    This episode features the following YouTubers:
    Brizzy Voices
    Brandon Rogers
    Julien Solomita
    King Bach
    Liza Koshy
    Craig Thompson
    Teala Dunn
    Thomas Sanders
    Alex Wassabi

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    YouTubers React #109 - YouTubers React to Try Not To Cry Challenge
  • Runtime : 10:59
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  • FBE
    FBE   3 years ago

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  • Tarantula Teen
    Tarantula Teen   49 minuts ago

    I didn’t cry, even at up because I have no soul

  • Alexander Pantoja
    Alexander Pantoja   8 hours ago

    What MatPat says is so true I relate to him and yeah the adventure is with the people you love

  •   10 hours ago

    On the last one mat pat made me cry 😭

  • IHaveNoName
    IHaveNoName   13 hours ago

    The “UP” scene immediately got to me. When it started I literally yelled out“F THIS”

    GE STUDIOS   14 hours ago

    Up made me cry but mattpats speech

  • AhhManHeGotMe
    AhhManHeGotMe   14 hours ago

    I did not cry at the end but matpat made me cry 😭

  • Banana nana Mia
    Banana nana Mia   18 hours ago

    Mat pat was spitting facts after the up scene and the end of the video

  • Leon
    Leon   1 days ago

    I think I have no feelinge :(

  • jpelc34
    jpelc34   1 days ago

    Didn’t cry once until god damn matpat no offense mat👍😭

  • erica de preter
    erica de preter   1 days ago

    Is it really wierd I didn't cry i have seen this scenes never even not the last one and I didn't cry I hate it 😐

  • Christopher Stevens
    Christopher Stevens   1 days ago

    I respect the f out of American military but why don't we ever see British soldiers homecoming videos

  • Pugman1811Gaming
    Pugman1811Gaming   1 days ago

    to be honest when I watched the sad up sence for the first time I did not cry :/

  • Erika Sweeney
    Erika Sweeney   1 days ago

    Me: plays alongAlso me: I got dis Also me:sees first 2 seconds of fourth videoAlso me: aw shit

  • Aryn Kriply
    Aryn Kriply   2 days ago

    I must be hallow af cuz my eyes didnt even water...time to find something to make me cry

  • Jennifer Pollanz
    Jennifer Pollanz   2 days ago

    I have no soul... I almost cried though when matpat gave that speech after up...

  • Samizdat Cat
    Samizdat Cat   2 days ago

    Everyone during up: That’s a solid 5/4Thomas: 6.....7

  • Kawaii Cat
    Kawaii Cat   2 days ago

    The dad one made me cry where the girl said “ But... daddy lies” and then it made me cry even more when she said the reasons why her dad lies

  • Scarlette Diever
    Scarlette Diever   2 days ago

    The "Up" scene really got me. I need some of those napkins

  • kayla
    kayla   2 days ago

    my reaction to all four 1: meh not that sad maybe a 2 or 3 2: aww that's sweet 3 or 4 3: solid 44: .....why must you hurt me this way