BEST FRIENDS BUY EACH OTHER DREAM GIFTS! Ft. James Charles & Emma Chamberlain

  • Published on: 25 December 2018
  • We buy each other our dream gifts! Things get **EMOTIONAL**
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! We just wanna give a special thanks to our best friends and all of you for making this year on YouTube so great for us!




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  • Runtime : 45:3
  • Dolan Twins Ethan Dolan Grayson Dolan James Charles Emma Chamberlain Dream Gifts best friends give each other dream gifts


  • sageybae
    sageybae   53 minuts ago

    Imagine Grayson's children looking at his collection a couple years from now

    ROBLOXPRANKZZZ !   2 hours ago

    plot twist there surprise for 2020 was for us was the CORONA VIRUS.

  • Aissa Guzman Coste
    Aissa Guzman Coste   3 hours ago

    For Emma’s present to James I’m just gonna say warning headphone user I had to learn that the hard way 😂

  • Ashlyn Oswald
    Ashlyn Oswald   3 hours ago

    James: “I’m really bad at giving gifts” Also James: “I bought you an entire editing kit to help you since you work so hard on your videos!” Emma: starts crying

  • Trinity Walcott
    Trinity Walcott   4 hours ago

    This video makes me so sad that they’re not friends anymore 😞

  • gina nguyen
    gina nguyen   4 hours ago

    i want that sister squad camping trip

  • bunbun
    bunbun   5 hours ago

    33:29 ngl that was good

  • Abdul Williams
    Abdul Williams   6 hours ago

    Man, flash back to the sister squad. I miss them so much. Genuine, wholesomeness. I love them as a group and they will be forever missed!

  • @wdlesliee
    @wdlesliee   7 hours ago

    Came back to watch the sister squad after seeing addison & the other dude. 👊🏽😔

  • White Night
    White Night   10 hours ago

    Why does James talk like that? It cracks me up 😂 I mean he talks so fast and barely breathes

  • Periodt LuvX
    Periodt LuvX   12 hours ago

    They all say I’m broke but they all have either more than 100,000 or millions wtf

  • chaya Hin
    chaya Hin   12 hours ago

    I cant stop laughing what Emma gave James as a fake gift

  • sean patrick
    sean patrick   13 hours ago

    sister squad has split up already and they haven't done a camp yet 😔

  • Emma T
    Emma T   15 hours ago

    james and emma walked so addison and larray could run.

  • tahlia
    tahlia   16 hours ago

    who’s here in may 2020? I miss them :(

  • Alex Rambus
    Alex Rambus   17 hours ago

    Y’all are waiting for the camping trip.... I’m waiting for the sister squad band 😂

  • Jasmine Carr
    Jasmine Carr   17 hours ago

    Do you think James and gra us in still dating...?

  • Lexi Mexi
    Lexi Mexi   17 hours ago

    I so which I became a famous YouTube just so I could be like James Charles Emma’s friend and the Dolan twins but they are way to nice to each other

  • catastr0fica
    catastr0fica   18 hours ago

    can someone gather this squad and play this video to them, so they can be friends again?:(

  • sta pauls
    sta pauls   20 hours ago

    She loves coffe so much🤣🤣

  • miranda 23
    miranda 23   21 hours ago

    36:36-36:52 why am I literally dying rn-

  • Koyo Matsui
    Koyo Matsui   1 days ago

    James: he is one of my best friends2 seconds later: close ur eyes bitch

  • Katherine .
    Katherine .   1 days ago

    me rewatching these bc i miss them:👁👄👁

  • lazaro reyes
    lazaro reyes   1 days ago

    the day that james bought emma presents it was on my 8th birth day

  • abby young
    abby young   1 days ago

    the camping trip never happened :(

  • braylee reedy
    braylee reedy   1 days ago

    Emma: I’m so happy(looks like she’s a psychopath that’s high on crack)

  • braylee reedy
    braylee reedy   1 days ago

    Has anyone ever noticed that in every sister squad video the couples are together 😉 ethma grethan? Anddd grames