Ups & Downs From WWE Summerslam 2019

  • Published on: 12 August 2019
  • Simon Miller with all the ups and downs from last night's WWE Summerslam PPV.

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  • Runtime : 18:51


  • Some One
    Some One   3 months ago

    Edge would be on Undertaker levels of iconic if he hadnt gotten an injury so early into his career.

  • Omega 3370
    Omega 3370   3 months ago

    Simon are you okay? You sound like you’ve eaten sand paper

  • Jennifer Harrison
    Jennifer Harrison   3 months ago

    My buddy HATED the fact that "Seth should not be able to survive this match so well being hurt- he didn't 'sell' enough, it was not believable, etc" so much that he is DONE with WWE about this match.

  • Hellwyck
    Hellwyck   3 months ago

    Simon Miller having a go at how people talk? Fecking hell, the man doesn't need half the words he uses in a sentence.

  • David Morrison
    David Morrison   3 months ago

    "swung him like an airplane" idk why but i couldnt stop laughing, you are the best @simonmiller

  • Mike Cheri
    Mike Cheri   3 months ago

    And Trish is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Duecey Baby
    Duecey Baby   4 months ago

    5:23 Simon killed me 😂😂😂😂

  • Jarrett Burch
    Jarrett Burch   4 months ago

    It's not that Charlotte thought Trish Stratus was an imposter. Charlotte thought they were in Wakanda instead of Canada.

  • Bill Dwyer
    Bill Dwyer   4 months ago

    Bray was great but he needs to loose the lantern and his hanging upside down. Don’t use the old Bray at all. He is dead.

  • Arturo Castano
    Arturo Castano   4 months ago

    Lo que No me gusta de la Lucha libre es que ponen a estos tipos ablar mucho y se ve poca O casi ninguna acción hay veces la Lucha libre se convierte más en un circo barato y se da un espectáculo de poca calidad

  • Gon Killua
    Gon Killua   4 months ago

    All 4 Downs:New DayStreet ProfitsEmber MoonKofi KingstonHmmmm.....

  • Jackson Tyler
    Jackson Tyler   4 months ago

    THE most predictable results ever. If you didn't guess the winner of each match, you do not know a damn thing about wrestling. ZERO surprise. It's enough already with Kofi. It's just enough.

  • Shamma Alketbi
    Shamma Alketbi   4 months ago

    4:34 he look like show from the movie Hobbs and Shaw

  • JDeppFan2272
    JDeppFan2272   4 months ago

    The WWE can't possibly screw up Bray Wyatt/The Fiend... Right? Right guys? Guys?! Guys?!?!?!

  • Scott Beckett
    Scott Beckett   4 months ago

    The best Annunciation of butthole I've ever heard XD

  • Titan3487
    Titan3487   4 months ago

    Seth Rollins is terrible. His character is so wooden and unbelievable as the top guy.

  • Upol Alam
    Upol Alam   4 months ago

    The Fiend is the best thing in wrestling right now. WWE better not mess this up.

  • Anurag Kataria
    Anurag Kataria   4 months ago

    before watching the video i also thought that fiend must get the golden up

  • Huggo Weaver
    Huggo Weaver   4 months ago

    I don't like that Orton and Kofi ended that way.. I feel like those endings should be used for raw or smackdown or a b show pay per view.. when it's labelled as the 2nd biggest show of the year you would think they could give a legit ending? Even if you want Kofi holding onto the title for abit longer why not just give him a win over Orton? It won't hurt Orton he's solidified especially if they're gonna give him the title at the end of the feud, Kofi could've beaten Orton then Orton went for his kids after the match leading to a rematch lol don't see why it had to end in a BS ending especially if it's for your world title??

  • Huggo Weaver
    Huggo Weaver   4 months ago

    I never liked Bray Wyatt.. just never did it for me and I thought it'd take a miracle to change my mind well this has done it

  • drawnswords
    drawnswords   4 months ago

    The Golden Up looks SO much like the Brown Down 😂

  • Edgar Berlanga
    Edgar Berlanga   4 months ago

    How can you give the wacka wacka weewah a down!? Curse you, Simon Miller from WhatCulture! D:<

  • kris howard
    kris howard   4 months ago

    The thing versus finn Bálor was a great match. I think starting a rivalry between then and the fiend would be a good thing, but next time they meet I think I think it would be awesome to see bray “the fiend” Wyatt versus Finn “the demon” balor

  • Paul Mabley
    Paul Mabley   4 months ago

    I've just finished watching it and, dear me, didn't it stink the place up?

  • wheresgolberg
    wheresgolberg   4 months ago

    Poor Dolph, getting fed to legends for a cheap pop where he should be super kicking their heads off and building legitimacy.

  • Tom Haile
    Tom Haile   4 months ago

    WWE reporter? Is there anything johnny sins cant do?

  • Emerald Aly
    Emerald Aly   4 months ago

    It might be too late for the base game, but The Fiend HAS to be in 2K20 at least as DLC. Talk about "take my goddamn money."

    THISISNBME MUSIC   4 months ago

    Who else had to go back at 12:39 😂😂 “tope rope” Simon you legend 😎

  • werealldead_ _
    werealldead_ _   4 months ago

    The Fiend snapped that dudes neck and the rest of the match was actually in his head while he was being arrested for murder

  • fat matt
    fat matt   4 months ago

    Fake still sells $$$? Unreal....

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl   4 months ago

    soooooo 3 matches equal opening pyro in terms of ups?

  • engineer2001
    engineer2001   4 months ago

    I haven't watched professional wrestling since Goldberg was on top. I would watch WWE Spear (just him spearing ppl) too.